10 Facts About the Extreme John Blog in 2010

I have a little extra time tonight and figured that I might as well try to knock out a few posts in regards to 2010 around this place, it seems customary to close out the year with useless information about the previous year. OK, maybe I’m being a little hard on things by saying all information from 2010 is useless, the info below is definitely useless but there’s some other quality 2010 posts out there… I’m sure of it.

Now, with that being said let’s see how many posts about 2010 that I can crank out before I get bored with it. At one point earlier in the week I actually started writing a post about reasons I would NOT be doing a 2010 recap series or post like I did last year. Fact is, I just couldn’t come up with a decent reason that would have made the post any decent.

2010 Blog Recap

Hence the “10 facts About This Blog in 2010″ post.

Facts About This Blog in 2010

  1. 333, 107 unique visitors have stopped by Extreme John.com as of December 21, 2010.
  2. The average visitor checks out 4 pages while they are here.
  3. 1.1 million pages have been viewed as of December 21st.
  4. 75% of the traffic on this blog comes from search engines like Google and Bing.
  5. Google dominates all traffic sources with over 61% of the visitors coming from the search giant.
  6. As awesome as social media is, Facebook is ranked 8th amongst traffic sources.
  7. All though only ranking 8th in traffic sources Facebook visitors click an average of 1 page more then other visitors.
  8. Twitter is not in the top 10 traffic sources for 2010 on my blog.
  9. All though not in the top 10 traffic sources, Twitter visitors click .75 more pages then non Facebook visitors.
  10. The dominating keyword for this blog is… “droid apps“.

Parting Shots

I wish I would have installed Google Analytics on the blog earlier in 2009 so I would have had some decent information to compare between both 2009 and 2010. So all you newbie bloggers out there, get your Google Analytics code and get it installed on your personal or business blog now so you don’t regret it later like me :)

Outside of that all I really have to say is that I’m surprised that “droid apps” is the most popular keyword for this blog, it kind of pisses me off but I guess that’s the way it goes. Maybe in 2011 I can work a little more into trapping a little more business and entrepreneur related traffic, you can add social media and social media marketing to the list too.

Your Turn

Do you currently use Google Analytics on your blog or website? Leave a comment and share a crazy keyword or something odd about your traffic stats for 2010, imagine the excitement around here if everyone shared :)

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Wow, since when do you have extra time? 😉

This is a really great post. A lot of bloggers really have no benchmarks for blogging success, and this can really be helpful. It’s funny that your keyword for the year is Droid Apps, as I just checked mine out, and it’s “Cool iPhone Apps”. Sometimes I’m not sure exactly how this is determined, since I really don’t have THAT much iPhone stuff on my site…

Anyhow, all facts aside, did you set any blogging goals for 2010? If so, did the analytics show any of these being met? And what will you do differently in 2011, based on these figures?

Haha not sure where this extra time thing came from, but I know I wouldn’t mind having more of it.

Cell phones are massive business so even the random blog post about smart phone apps, iPhone apps etc generate celebrity’esque (??) traffic. As for setting goals, the only goal I really had was hitting 1 million visitors and 1000 posts, I keep my bars set low so I don’t feel like I hit the pavement too hard when the time comes, haha.

In 2011 I would honestly like to continue to build relationships here that run over into the Intense Business.com project I will be releasing early in 2011. Outside of that, my biggest goal for the blog this year will be no stress, wide open and fun.

Hi John! Droid apps???? Hmm, interesting. What would be your #1 target keyword or phrase?

I have to say my coolest keyword visit came from “fish for dogs”. Top searches are for finding a mentor — not my number choice, but hey it’s somewhat on the right track since my blog is a platform for my coaching services :)

Thanks for this post, I love the way think John. It was fun to see what stats jumped out for you. Congrats btw on some awesome numbers!

Happy Holidays, wishing you a rockin’ New year!


Tanning King!

Haha, just kidding. I guess I would prefer something more business or social media oriented, the Droid apps and stuff are cool but in all honesty anyone can search and try various apps. Posting them makes it easier for those searching for apps, but as a whole eh.

The mentor niche is a great niche, not a bad word to get on accident 😉 Have a Happy and Safe New Year Theresa!

When I just did a quick check it looks like you get a ton of traffic from your UFC related posts. Doesn’t seem that adsense likes those keyword much though :(

Either way, 1.1 million pageviews in a year… nice work!

At most in 2010 I’ve probably written about 10-12 UFC related posts this year, it made up a fair amount of the traffic but a lot more traffic came through for the blogging, social media and Android related stuff.

Hi John! It struck me that this post was effective in its presentation – posting the information for your site first before telling us that it’s from Google Analytics. I would try this too in some of my future blogs.

Give it a shot, usually I don’t like posting usual monthly blog stats and stuff here.

Hi John,
Wow, you have 1.1 million pageviews for the year 2010? Congratulations! I’ve just only been starting out and my blog will only be a month old in the first week of January 2011, but I already have Google Analytics installed in my blog. The dominating keyword so far is “dual sim” which isn’t what I expected. I was expecting words related to cats or dogs, but oh well, it’s great nonetheless.
Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays Joahanna, it can get pretty interesting when you use Analytics, you see some creative in traffic from time to time that’s for sure.

Wow John, 300,000+ unique visitors a year, so about a thousand a day, that’s insane! I guess the more content you put out there, with each blog post, the more long tail key terms you start ranking for over time, keep it up in 2011!

Hey John, those are some awesome stats – but I’m not surprised :)

The keywords sending visitors to my blog are pretty boring and no surprises there – basic blog tips, blog tips, commentluv – that sort of thing. But what I’m most proud about is my bounce rate which is just under 2%. I know that it can’t stay that way forever, but I feel pretty good that people find what they’re looking for when they visit my place.

Best wishes for a wonder 2011!!

If you keep doing great screencasts and tutorials you will continue to have great success with your bounce rate, your content is earning it Ileane. Keep it up!

That’s a great statistic on search traffic. Next year, I’m aiming for 75% from search engines, too. Right now, much of the traffic comes from referring sites; that’s okay but I’d definitely prefer the search engine traffic.

One lesson learned for me was NOT to use the words sex, videotape, and spam in a post title. lol Holy cow you would be amazed at some of the search terms that have resulted in (obviously unwanted) traffic to my blog.

I can imagine and see it happen here as well, I like flirting with trouble so… I’ve used them all in titles here, but that’s me. haha

My site is a Red Headed Step Child currently,
I will strive to build it bigger, better and stronger when I relaunch under my other domain RaysNews.com
This will replace the KeepCarl.com site that has gone to the shitter because Carl Crawford left the Rays for the Boston Red Sux.
I hope to challenge the efforts at ExtremeJohn.com in 2011 with my new site :)
So get out your A Game and lets Crank it out in 2011

Figures you’re going to pick on me when I’m weak. I look forward to seeing you drive a nail through it this coming baseball season sir, you still need a personal blog.

Yeah, Im one of those guys that thinks everyone should have one.

333,000 visitors in one year is impressive. Why do you think Twitter is not your leading traffic source? Your Twitter visits do seem to interact more with your site.

Hey Chris, thanks for coming by.

I would imagine that the lack of Twitter traffic is probably due to my inconsistency with the social network.

I love google analytics! It really helps break things down and see what is working and not working for your site.
I like to see what people are searching for to find me. It also helps give me additional topics to write about.
Thanks for the idea for a good 2010 recap post, I was struggling to come up with things!

Oooh nice, glad to see I could help out a little bit. I hope you had a Merry Christmas Jen!

Great stats you’ve got there John!
FB also brings me much more quality visitors, with more page views, and much more average time on the website than Google & Twitter

Any plans to post a 2010 revenue report ? 😀

Facebook def adds a new level to the game, thank you for commenting Amr and welcome to the blog.

As for the revenue report for 2010 it will most likely be for my brick and mortar business, Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc.

I don’t currently use my blog for selling marketing space or banner advertising so posting my income report for blogging would be easy, unless you consider the sales generated to the Extreme Tan and Smoothies tanning lotion store. Even that’s new, maybe $3,000 at best for the year 2010 online lotion sales if I had to take a guess, but it’s only been open since about August I think.

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