10 Hot Picture Posts of 2009

I currently have over 15,000 pictures here on Extreme John.com, it would be a shame if we didn’t take a look back at the Best Pictures Posts of 2009. In addition to people coming to my blog for business tips, blogging tips and product reviews there are also a few that come through just to check out the pictures around here, especially the pictures in the sidebar. Everyone seems to comment on the pictures in the sidebar… especially that crazy Safari Dave guy that comments on here from time to time.

Anyway enjoy my best pictures posts from 2009 and don’t forget to check out my 10 Best Rants of 2009 and my 20 Best Blogging Tips of 2009.

Spray Tan Lines

Extreme Tan and Smoothies Spray Tanning Results

Hot Pictures from 2009

1. Pictures of the Girls in the Monster Limo

2. Picture Tribute to Stripper Poles in Limos

3. Christmas Party Pictures Part 5

4. Extreme Tan and Smoothies Pool Party Waterslide Pictures

5. Pictures of Girls in Limos

6. Mobile Airbrush Tanning Pictures

7. Bangin Butts

8. Butt It’s Friday

9. Spray Tan Lines

10. Bikini Beer Pong Pictures

Black Thong Panties

This butt made a lot of cameo appearances in 2009. Can you guess who it belongs to?
Leave a comment and tell us who’s butt you think it is.

As I get closer and closer to being done with these year ending recap posts I get more and more bored with doing them, there’s a good chance that as I finish these things off I will start to slack off at some point.

Which one of the picture sets from above were your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know.

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Stripper poll pics are my fav. Not sure who’s butt that is but I likey.
.-= Tycoon blogger @promote your blog´s last blog ..Sunday’s Best – Top Blog Post Series (12.27.09) =-.

@Tycoon blogger @promote your blog, I’m sure that plenty of people understand why you “likey”.

@Extreme John, The second one seems really hot! 😀
.-= Kevin S @Free Vector Graphics´s last blog ..Orkut users beware!!! =-.

yes,second one looks hot and has a bigger a**

15,000 pictures 😯 Blimey that’s a bucket load, how the heck do your sort through them all?
.-= Karen @ BlazingMinds´s last blog ..Poetry – Become One With Me =-.

@Karen @ BlazingMinds, NexGen silly :)

I have a process from the minute pictures leave any of my cameras they begin the process, from the resize phase it’s time for the Apple TV in my home to being cataloged in iPhoto to being tagged and uploaded than categorized on the blog.

Basically it’s a lot of fn work. haha.

Hey, I’ll be back with more “encouragement” but I gotta go catch some waves right now… surf’s up!
.-= Dave Doolin @ Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..Google AdSense: text vs. image ads, which is best? =-.

Damn man, how did you collect all those pics – 15,000!!!

You must have a camera underneath your desk!

@Cash for Surveys, there are years of pictures there, they aren’t all from 2009. All of the one’s linked in this post are.

😯 :( 😯 .

So how long does spray tanning last?
.-= Ms. Freeman@Baby Steps of an Internet Entreprenuer´s last blog ..5 Entrepreneurial Goals for 2010 =-.

@Ms. Freeman@Baby Steps of an Internet Entreprenuer, 10-14 days depending on how it’s taken care of by the person that was spray tanned. Moisturizing is a key factor or grabbing an Extender and using it will make a big difference.


I must say your simply becoming my favor blogger. How many blog post did you publish today. Nice work really enjoy visiting your site.
.-= Jared P Little´s last blog ..My 1st Guest Post on Blog Engage =-.

@Jared P Little, thank you Jared I appreciate the kind words. Thank you as always for stopping by.

Florida has the #1 Butts !!!!!!!!!!!!! :laughat: ((

oh man! 15000 pics.. Thats huge! With your busy sched in your business and blogging how did you find the time scanning through all those pics… You are amazing!
.-= sernan´s last blog ..What type of worst "Boss" are you? =-.

@sernan, your giving me way too much credit. The photos have been added over the last couple of years, a little here and a little there until I was caught up for the years I didn’t have a blog. Now it’s just adding whatever else comes in.

I’ve always been a sucker for dimples. The pictures are nice Jb:).

@esiness, thumb holsters are always hot. I would have to agree.

Definitely some hot pics in this group! I missed some along the way. Thanks for reposting.

There was one picture at the Mansion that has a very nice tight rump.
.-= Steve @ Acai Berry Trials´s last blog ..Acai Ignite, Fat Burning Power =-.

Feels like summer here in your blog John…way too hot!
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..Best of 2009 from Nothing But Random =-.

15.000 pics! are you on a dedicated server or what? Now that’s what I call a passion for photography and visual arts.
.-= Car News and Reviews´s last blog ..New BMW 5 Series Sedan Design Review =-.

That’s a great list! You know I’ve read all your hot picture posts throughout this few months, I enjoyed all of them and awaiting for the hot picture posts in 2010! :high:

.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Blogging´s last blog ..Happy New Year 2010! =-.

Those are one hot compilation. Your girls are lovely and sexy.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..2010 is Year of the Tiger =-.

These are some great fun photo pictures. Man what a lifestyle you seem to have, I’m soooo envious. Maybe in my next life.
.-= Brent @ WiFi Digital Picture Frame´s last blog ..10.4 Digital Picture Frame =-.

You even work hard when you are playing. Thanks for sharing.
.-= Keith@Norman Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Dec 30, Breaking Home Ties, Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Cover from 9/25/1954 =-.

I know whose ass that isssssssss


It’s nice to have somewhere to go and just be myself… A dirty old man 😉
.-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Who Wants To Run HotBlogTips.com? =-.

I only know whose butt that wasn’t – my wife’s!

Really hot pics. Thanks for the share John. You are really a cute playboy.

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