10 Most Wanted Wordpress Plugins

Everyone that has been reading my posts for a while knows that I am always busy doing something, in addition to constantly being busy I am also one of the worlds laziest bloggers. All though some bloggers think that I am a pro blogger I am really far from it, I might write a tremendous amount of blog posts for my various network of Do Follow blogs but I honestly am a newbie blogger with a lot to learn.

Many of you also know that even though I might be a newbie blogger I still love to screw around with and test various WordPress Plugins, to be completley honest I am addicted to them. Every week I look forward to George Serradinho’s New WordPress Plugins post each week to see what I might want to try.

Even though there are thousands and thousands of WordPress Plugins in the WordPress plugin database I seem to always want something a little different or something that offers more customization options for WordPress. I decided to put together a list of my most requested WordPress plugins that I would like to see a custom WordPress plugin designer create, I know there are plugin designers for hire but never really looked into it before. Anyway, here’s my list of 10 Most Wanted WordPress Plugins.

10 Most Wanted WordPress Plugins

  1. User profiles plugin – Allow users to have additional profile data, plugin should include extended data in comment fields. Extended data should include Facebook, Twitter, Messaging and picture upload options as well as display join date and total comments.
  2. Display User Comment Count – Simple plugin displays each specific users total comment count in comment field.
  3. Auto User Link Luv Post – Plugin posts a weekly link luv article to a selected number of top commentators based on information in their user profile.
  4. User Loyalty Plugin – Reward users with a widget that displays Top 10 Contributors based on visits to the blog as well as their activity on the blog.
  5. Custom User Tagline – Allow users to input a tagline that would be displayed under their username in comments, it gives each user more personality.
  6. Simple Navigation Plugin – Allow bloggers to manage navigation menus, options to place multiple menus up top, below and above header or even add an optional navbar to the bottom of the site for convenient homepage navigation.
  7. Interactive Arcade Plugin – If someone can make ibPro Arcade for vBulletin forums than why can’t someone make a plugin like this or WordPress. Ability to automatically post congratulations posts when a user beats another users high score, a “Champions” page with all the best scores for each game. Users earn credits by posting comments and winning championships, credits can be used towards playing games or in the reward store.
  8. Display User Rankings – Display user rankings based on comment count criteria set by the webmaster in WordPress admin, should be able to display rankings in profile pages, comment author area and in a widget that displays the highest ranked users.
  9. Comment Manager Pro – For blogs with a ton of comments or bloggers that just want to stay on top of their comments, this plugin uses Ajax in order to make replying to comments fast and includes the @ reply link. This plugin also allows webmasters to select how many comments they want to show per page, has an option to “reply to all” that easily opens each comment with the @ reply already in place making replying to all comments quick and easy.
  10. Review Manager Plugin – This plugin allows webmasters to create various review forms for users to review a specific product or service, in addition this plugin should make it easy for the webmaster to create review templates making it easy to write their own product and service reviews.

I did some pretty decent searching on Google and Bing and have been searching for plugins like the one’s listed above for a while now, pretty much anything that I found was out dated or didn’t make it real clear if the plugin was compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

As you can tell by my list of WordPress plugins that I would like to see made I am really into the user interaction and increasing user interaction, being a Do Follow and U Comment I Follow blog is one thing but plugins like the ones listed above will certainly take any blogging experience to a new level. As a newbie blogger or blogging CEO I have learned the importance of interacting with my blogs visitors and sharing some link juice from time to time as a show of appreciation, I recently did it with my 25 Blogs, Bloggers and Blogging Tips post.

Anyway that’s my dream list of WordPress plugins, I am constantly thinking of new plugins that I would like to see someone design and who knows maybe making a post like this will motivate someone to create a few of the plugins listed above, I would certainly review them here.

If you have a WordPress blog or a network of WordPress blogs take a moment to leave a comment and let us know what WordPress plugin requests you have and how you think the plugin would benefit your blog and other bloggers.

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10 Most Wanted WordPress Plugins…

A list of my 10 most wanted WordPress plugins…

Out of interest, doesn’t Potpolitics have a “display user comment count plugin”?Or is his not exactly what you’re looking for?
.-= Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

@Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge, I could have sworn I responded to you, hmm.

Hmm John might, I need to ask him now.

These plug ins are all new to me. I’ll check them out.
.-= MichaelR´s last blog ..OneSuite Has Canada Covered! Up to 50% Cheaper =-.

@MichaelR, ummm I don’t want to be rude but did you even read the post?

@Extreme John, Hehe … good one, I don’t think he did, or he just didn’t understand it :)

By the way – is it just me or is the font size of this comment-box huuuuuge?
.-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..iJustine Shows How To Shoot A Video (1 Chick, Lots Of Tips!) =-.

@Klaus @ TechPatio, haha yeah for some reason when it goes more than one reply deep the font gets massive. It’s on my list, just not high on my list. haha.

Thanks for sharing these ones with us; you definitely are quite active with this wordpress thing; I’m sure your readers will appreciate it; I do. Keep up the good work.

This is one off-topic comment; I checked your sitemap and it displays an error; as far as I know there is a wp plugin that does that automatically. You can check at my place for details; I won’t say more I am sure you can handle it by yourself. I did not know where to contact you so I left this comment here; You can delete it after you read it. There’s no problem with that.

@Car News and Reviews, thank you for the heads up I will see what the deal is.

Would really like too see some of the plugins you have listed, created by any coder. The 3 main of these should be:

*Display User Comment Count
It would really help the administrator as well as other commentators to see how that commentator has been doing on the blog.

*User Loyalty Plugin
It’s simply a great idea to mix top commentators plugin with something which will also track who surfs the most.

I think the programmer can take help of stats from StatPress plugin based on ip’s and could do some coding dish-dhash.. πŸ’‘

*Interactive Arcade Plugin
I really wanted such kind of plugin when I started on wordpress as I was always crazy about such kind of scripts which I saw on IPB andVbulletin forums and really wanted to have it on my blog so that I could make money with mochiads, could have some contests etc.
.-= Typhoon´s last blog ..Human vs. Search Engines: Striking A Balance =-.

@Typhoon, I’m telling you there is so much opportunity for general blog growth just in a reader loyalty plugin alone. Blogs everywhere can benefit from it and with all of the coders out there for vB you would think there would be just as many plugins geared towards optimizing user experience and interaction.

Honestly it’s silly that there aren’t any, if I only had the skillz. haha.

Most of them are new to me, User Loyalty Plugin seems a good one. I’ll try that plugin. Thanks
.-= Nehh´s last blog ..New Moon madness takes over Battersea Revolution =-.

@Nehh, noooooo. Another non reader of posts.. :roll:

@Extreme John, Maybe you should have specified: THESE PLUGINS DO NOT YET EXIST! Who knows? Maybe somebody would have seen that. πŸ˜†

@Car News and Reviews, Yeah but if you read the post I think it’s pretty clear what’s going on, especially the ending where it says “Anyway that’s my dream list of WordPress plugins,”

But, okay, if they’re not the best English readers they might not have understood the point in this post.
.-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..iJustine Shows How To Shoot A Video (1 Chick, Lots Of Tips!) =-.

@Car News and Reviews, I think even more of a hint than that could be the fact that NONE of them are linked to a plugin. How can you check them out if there’s no links πŸ˜‰

There is no SomeBody! I have already seen some of this plugins…. and when I make a small error reading english…I get a reply “READ THIS POST!!” …no offences meant..
.-= Rohit@Tech-Freak Stuff´s last blog ..5 Most Popular Myths regarding Alexa Rank =-.

@Rohit@Tech-Freak Stuff, no offense meant from my side either, hopefully you can understand how you might be annoyed with that as well.

SOrry for the misunderstanding.

@Extreme John, Thats absolutely fine…After all , it is a small mistake from my side that I missed the fine-prints of the article.
.-= Rohit@Tech-Freak Stuff´s last blog ..5 Most Popular Myths regarding Alexa Rank =-.

@Extreme John, Oh sorry John, I didn’t realize these plugins are not there, my bad πŸ˜₯ . I didn’t read carefully. That’s why there were no links!!!
.-= Nehh´s last blog ..Blake Lively Upskirt Pictures! =-.

I do like your idea of a user profile plugin. I think that would show a little extra “luv” for your users. Maybe even a way to only display the additional items after a certain time or number of comments.

.-= Jim Clary´s last blog ..A History Of Web Directories =-.

@Jim Clary, sure something simple to start with than build on.

Hi John,

I see some commentators did not read the post, but just left a comment. Poor guys 😳

I really liked this post as you did not just list what would be nice, but also had a small description. That helps out everyone. You never know when a plugin developer will come across this post, maybe today, tomorrow, next week, etc.

BTW, thanks for mentioning my blog. I did not post newest plugins this week as I have other ideas which I can use in connection with new plugins.
.-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..WordPress 2.8.6 Release – 2 Security Fixes =-.

@George Serradinho, Usually plugin coders make a plugin for themselves in the first place or to compete with another one; they don’t really care if a couple of guys would like certain features for their blog. Charity is just a waste of time according to some people…

I do not know if you noticed but there are thousands of useless plugins, and more than that there are people using them. Can you believe that?

@Car News and Reviews, the plugin database is massive and full of useless crap thats for sure.

I do think however that the more a post like this is shared or the increased demand for the plugin might make someone want to step up and make it happen.

Who says it has to be free, if I could purchase some of those plugins I would. πŸ˜‰

@George Serradinho, the more that this post gets shared the better of a chance there is that a programmer with their own blog will see it and decide to create the plugin. Who knows, hopefully sooner than later.

I would of course update this post with the news that one of these plugins became available and give props to the plugin developer as well in a review and follow up post.

@Extreme John, I think it would be awesome if some developer actually read this post. If you personally know of one, then ping them to read this post.

When replying here for this comment, the font is huge. Seems you are getting some feedback from users, which is good in a way.
.-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..WordPress 2.8.6 Release – 2 Security Fixes =-.

@George Serradinho, hopefully your right George. I think a few of the plugins would be more my own preference but there are a few in there that any blogger would want to take advantage of.

@George Serradinho,

Yeah … these are all those outsourced guys from overseas :(

LOL, john i stumbled on your site. I really like the concept and find it really interesting.

Keep posting good stuff mate!

Yeah that’s the problem with having a (great might I add) Do-follow blog…. you get a lot of idiots that don’t read and submit comments just to get backlinks. BUT that is a whole other rant I wont go on. Those people ruin it for everyone else.. 😐
EVEN if they scanned the post they would’ve seen,
“I decided to put together a list of MY most requested WordPress plugins that I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A CUSTOM WordPress plugin designer create, I know there are plugin designers for hire but never really looked into it before.”
Anyways, you say that you are a lazy blogger but I would say you are far from it.. When browsing the blogosphere there are so many people that don’t put posts up for weeks, even weeks. At least you are active, cant say if you are a problogger or not though..http://www.extremejohn.com/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_confused.gif
Your wanted plug-ins are interesting and would probably be good use for someone else as well. Now someone just needs to make it happen! I also like how you not only listed the things you want but gave a mini-description..very useful. =]

@Thomas@2010 Hyundai Dealer Bakersfield, I did that mini-description to…. maybe… just maybe… help motivate someone to do them :mrgreen: Haha wishful thinking I’m sure.

I like your passion about the Do Follow commentator problems, I have my fun with it though trust me :)

Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate it :)

“Display User Comment Count”

Not sure if I would want it to display the count in the comment field – there’s already CommentLuv link in there so it might get a bit crowded. But maybe a “(42 posts)” text in smaller font size next/below the name, that would be great.

Oh – what I wrote earlier about the font size of the comment box being huge, it seems it’s only when replying to othe comments – not when leaving a new comment down at the bottom.
.-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..iJustine Shows How To Shoot A Video (1 Chick, Lots Of Tips!) =-.

@Klaus @ TechPatio, I think I envision a nested contributor box that contains more optional information fields.

Instead of Klaus from Tech Patio with a Gravatar maybe:

Kluas from Tech Patio
Gravatar Image
Join Date:
User Ranking:

Something silly like that would increase the amount of new contributors you get as well as increase existing user interaction.

Nice small size font or whatever the webmaster decides and done. Now that I just wrote that out I need to play with custom user fields I bet it’s simple enough to do without a plugin, minus the User Ranking.

@Extreme John, yes, I see – I surely wouldn’t mind giving that plugin a try.. where can I get it?

(Just kidding πŸ˜€ – but let me know if one should ever get created)
.-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..YouTube Opening Up for 1080p HD Video Next Week =-.

@Klaus @ TechPatio, it took me an extra second :high: before I realized what you said.. I was thinking, “OMFG Are you kidding me!!” haha

I personally want to shift to wordpress, just because there is no top commentators plugin for blogger, but i hope one day i get one or else i will shift to wordpress.
.-= gautam hans´s last blog ..How to Make your Contest a Success! =-.

@gautam hans, I can’t wait for your switch to WordPress, you seem super creative I can’t imagine what else you would be able to do with your blog.

Review plugin: Yeah, I can write this. First pass is a couple of weeks full time effort to get it right. It will be a fork off of the hRecipe plugin and it will incorporate existing hReview microformatting specs. (The current hReview plugin is grossly out of date. Use it at your own risk.)

How bad do you want it?

When do you want it?

What’s in it for me?
.-= Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..News of the New – Another WIAW Week in Review =-.

I love wordpress and I thank you for making this list it always good to know what is new out there.
.-= BunnygotBlog´s last blog ..Child Of The Cold War =-.

Commenting plugins: If you were to pay me my going consulting rate (which is a lot of money), I would advise you to wait a year and watch how the current arms race in commenting technology plays out. I’m sure anything you can dream of has likely been floated by every one of the developers of CommentLuv, Intense Debate, JS-Kit and Disqus. If not, that’s the first place to start: send in those feature requests.

Personally, I think Andy Bailey of CommentLuv is the most responsive. He also “gets” making money and marketing, while building effective communities.

The commenting space really is evolving very rapidly. No way I would touch any coding project in this space right now, nothing that would be more than a temporary hack at any rate.
.-= Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..News of the New – Another WIAW Week in Review =-.

John I thought you’re going to share wordpress plugins like All-In-One SEO pack or something like this again. Between, all these plugins are totally new to me, I’m going to take a look on all of them. Shame… 😳
.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..Free Blog Contest Giveaways In WeBuildYourBlog =-.

@Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online, nah I have one of those posts coming up in the next couple of days :)

I didn’t realize your blog had all these special user functions and content options.

@Steve, ouch… Should have read the post.

Comment Manager Pro is a great plugin. I will be using this on a couple of sites. I have one question though which was not clear (or I could just be slow πŸ˜‰ ). Does this plugin automatically notify the person via email that there is a reply or do they have to check that box for followup?


@Phillip Defreitas, you do know that the plugin doesn’t exist right?

you would think that the most popular plugin would be comment luv or keyword luv. however my faviourit is who sees ads.

Hey John, if your interested I can send you to a blogger who has been known to make some bloggers plugin dreams come true.
.-= Sire@WassupBlog´s last blog ..The Myth That DoFollow Leaches Your PR =-.

@Sire@WassupBlog, yeah why not. I am never against a conversation :)

@Extreme John, The guy’s name is Stratos and this link is to a PR Checker plugin he devised, one of many.
.-= Sire@WassupBlog´s last blog ..The Myth That DoFollow Leaches Your PR =-.

@Sire, No worries mate. Don’t forget to tell him that Sire sent you. I get 99.9% commission :mrgreen: :laughat:
.-= Sire@WassupBlog´s last blog ..Comments, The Lifeblood Of A Blog =-.

I’m thinkin the tagline plugin could be created by one of the twitter link comment plugins…they already know how to work with the comment section.
.-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..He/She Has Unsubscribed – Should You Ask Why? =-.

OK exactly how did Sire and I join? LOL
.-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..He/She Has Unsubscribed – Should You Ask Why? =-.

Hey John,
I think these plugins can be made very easily but have not been out together as many people just use some code to get them done vs sowing down the blog. I think I like the profile one the most. I would use it in a heart beat.
.-= shaunjudy´s last blog ..BeachBody Opportunity Video =-.

@shaunjudy, it seems like thats everyone’s favorite, it wouldn’t be that bad to see one come out.

[…] watch the movie; shit some people don’t even read the post, but don’t worry, unlike Extreme John I’ll just delete your […]

Wow..thank for the great sharing..recently have no idea what Plug-in to add to my blog..have idea now.. :mrgreen:

Thanks for this list! I need to update my blog with some of them..
.-= Rohit@Tech-Freak Stuff´s last blog ..Do you feel that your Internet Access Speed is Slow? Google to your Rescue! =-.

@Extreme John, Don’t you just love them John? It’s also obvious they’re not reading comments, otherwise they would see that your getting pissed off.

No worries mate, at least you can go to the salon and wind down as your peruse all the hot gals you have working for you. πŸ‘Ώ
.-= Sire@WassupBlog´s last blog ..Comments, The Lifeblood Of A Blog =-.

I wish I can help you out but I can’t code to save my life. I am hoping someone takes you up on this as you have some great ideas.
.-= Tycoon Blogger@promote your blog´s last blog ..Blogging for a cause – Fight SMA =-.

@Tycoon Blogger@promote your blog, who knows Dan maybe a Plugin fairy will show up and get it done.

Either that or maybe I will pay someone to code it for me and turn around and sell it :)

great list of plug-ins you want, but i think some of theme are already out there like Display User Comment Count, i think ther is a plugin for that, not sure of the name of it. hopfully someone will see this and create all of them.
.-= satrap @ make money online´s last blog ..How To Make Money Online Without A Website Or Money? =-.

No, I guess you’re not one of the worlds laziest bloggers. Lazy blogger won’t write a good and inspiring article like this, and have active blog like this. Hey, you got them. This is unusual list. But, satrap is right, I see some plugins regarding *Display User Comment Count* various in names.

Great listing thanks a lot for the share. some good stuff is here in your blog.
.-= Jayadev cochin´s last blog ..Post Your Classifieds Ads Free =-.

I’ve found something similar to User profiles plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-users/
It shows picture/avatar, join date, bio, latest pots, latest comments. I ended up writing my own code to display a users Social Networking profile (w/ icons) using Cimy User Extra Fields (http://www.marcocimmino.net/cimy-wordpress-plugins/cimy-user-extra-fields/) and tweaked the WordPress Users Plugin. It seems to work but I’m still using WP 2.8. I dunno if it works under 2.9.

The User Loyalty Plugin would be great to have! I’m sure that with some DB work you could retrieve which contributor has the most posts, most views, most comments and best ratings with some assigned weights. We’ll see.

@Blackgossbo, oh wow this might be a nice find I’ll head over there in a little bit and check it out. THANK YOU!

Hi John, good list. I’d love a decent User Lotalty plugin as well. I’ve been searching for a good one for a while now. When I find a good one I’ll let you know.

PS: Some of these comments on your site are spam comments (watch the dodgy names :))

Good tips on blog plug in which is more importance for ranking the keywords.

There are a few plugins here I’d like but there are a few I’d add to the list.

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