10 Reasons You Suck at Twitter

Here are a few reasons I think you might suck at Twitter, I figured since the chances are that you have no idea exactly why no one follows you on Twitter or why you feel like your tweeting to yourself on Twitter I would tell you. You know, just trying to help new Twitter users to understand some of the things you can do so that you get whatever results you might be looking for from Twitter.

  1. You visit Twitter.com once a week
  2. You only tweet your agenda
  3. You never interact with others
  4. Your blog posts are the only thing that show in your feed
  5. You don’t even consider following people that follow you
  6. 98% of your tweets are “Get 400 Twitter followers a day!”
  7. The lingo you use requires 15 blows to the head from a baseball bat to understand
  8. Your updates come in bulk packs like Sams Club
  9. Your updates are all scheduled in Tweet Later
  10. You expect everyone to follow you because of the boob avatar you have

I can probably write another 100 things that might help someone figure out why they suck at Twitter, don’t get me wrong I understand that Twitter is a challenge and I understand that it takes patience to get people to follow you on Twitter. I think what is more important for people to realize when it comes to using Twitter is that you will get out of Twitter exactly what you put into Twitter, sometimes.

Not everyone is going to make money with Twitter, not everyone is going to have 10,000 twitter followers fast and not everyone that tries Twitter is going to like it. Twitter is not for everyone, you need to figure out what your going to do with Twitter and set a few goals in regards to your Twitter account and how you want to run it, especially if you don’t want to be one of the people asking why their Twitter sucks.

Do you have that Twitter user that just sucks and you feel like venting about it? Leave a comment and share your thoughts on what makes someone suck at Twitter.

Oh yeah before I get out of here you can follow me on Twitter @extremejohn please shoot me a quick tweet since I no longer use anything to auto-follow people back, I like to know the people I follow and the people nice enough to follow me are real. Now Im out, have a great day!

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Great post, seems like I never get tired of hearing about twitter bad practices.

You are right, most of them don’t work out well as they write as if they were speaking face to face !, this really makes the whole thing vague.Your points are worth a look,thanks

D***! I really suck on twitter… :(
.-= Sernan´s last blog ..2012 Predictions, Mayan Calendar and the Apocalypse =-.

[…] touch with people and business’s that I would have never known about, regardless of all the annoying things about Twitter this still makes Twitter an excellent social networking tool. Anyway, before I get on some crazy […]

Lol. You remind me of my old post why bloggers are twitter spammers.

I definitely suck at twitter. It takes to much of my time to tweet all day long, but I can see the benefits of it.

@safaridave, you need to find the tools that make it easy to tweet while on the go, depending on your cell phone there’s sure to be something out there. Even if there isn’t a convenient app out there for it you can Tweet from your cell phone without any app at all. You would be surprised how many thoughts you can tweet at a stop light or people you can retweet while your waiting for a commercial to end.

@Melanie, lately I do too. Well I guess I’m probably running at 50% on Twitter.

I suck at Twitter too! I need to plan/schedule some tweets, but also tweet on a more regular basis..

If I started to suck because I schedule tweets, how shall I live? Life on twitter would be impossible.

Anyway, enjoyed your post and learned what I should not do out there.

I don’t suck at Twitter! I talk to people and RT them.
I just like speaking my mind. Check it out! :)

follow me @Brenda_xD

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