12 Awesome Before and After Spray Tan Pictures

Since opening Florida’s first dedicated all sunless tanning salon Extreme Spray Tan I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post anything new from Extreme Spray Tan. While going through some of the picture collections on my desktop I came across these awesome before and after spray tan pictures, there’s even a few showing the spray tan process.

Extreme Spray Tan offers six levels of custom airbrush tanning, including Organic tanning solution for those who prefer to use Organic tanning products. In the before and after spray tanning pictures below Extreme Tan and Smoothies “Next Bottle Model” candidate Cortnie shows her before and after airbrush tan results when using our Level 2 #8 airbrush solution.

Before and After Spray Tan Pictures

Please note these pictures were taken with a basic Sony Cybershot camera.

Before Spray Tan Pictures

Before Spray Tan Pictures

Before Sunless Tan Picture

Before Airbrush Tan Picture

spray tanning

Spray Tanning

Tantu Picture

During Spray Tan Pictures

Stephanie applies our exclusive private label airbrush tanning solution. Stephanie is also a contestent for the Next Bottle Model contest. Check out Stephanie’s NBM photos or vote for Stephanie here.

During Spray tan Session pictures

Custom Airbrush Tanning

After Spray Tan Pictures

Spray Tanning Pictures

After Spray Tan Pictures

Spray tan Video

After Spray Tan Pictures

Parting Shots

I get countless emails and phone calls in regards to our airbrush tanning solution, especially when I write a post about the airbrush solution that we use. Those of you looking to purchase wholesale airbrush solution please check out Extreme Tanning Lotion.com.

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P.s. Please check out the Next Bottle Model contest and vote for Cortnie.

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The formula they use is totally awesome and state of the art.
My daughter who is white like Casper received a spray tan a few months back & it looked AMAZING. She has gone back for repeat spray tans and each time she looks amazing. Everyone needs to get on board and “spray for your health”, less sun more spray tans. I think i will patent that phrase “spray for your health” it sounds extremely marketable.

Trademark complete. You snoozed, haha. Thanks for the great feedback Dave and I’m happy to hear that your daughter has had great experiences spray tanning at the Largo Extreme Spray Tan.

I must say, that lady would look lovely even with green skin.

Punk it bro!!
you got some kool stuff going on inside init bro :)
Awesome work bro!

These pictures show the quality of your products.By introducing these pictures you have made the mind of many girls to go for tanning as quality and service is unique.

I have seen the effects of before and after the spray tan. You can see in the photo,how much the girl is feeling confidence after getting sprayed.

Getting a spray tan always seems to make everyone feel better about themselves, especially pregnant woman.

Cool! You just gave me a good idea – the heart mark. lol I think it would be an additional fun using the spray tan.

It is, the girls have been doing custom spray tan art with them and the customers LOVE it. I posted a picture last week of one of the girls with hearts down her entire side.

John the sticker heart is the best! LOL Really that’s a nice uniform looking tan. However, is there something going on with her mid-back? Was she pre-burned?

That spray tanning is awesome John! Now, if you could get access to a mailing list of people planning to visit Tampa, and slip in a spray tanning coupon, that might rock ?

Might be an idea worth looking in to :) Thank you Chris.

Great pics John. My ex used to spray tan, but the place she went sucks. Also, I run a New Jersey Marketing Company, so the tips on your blogs have really helped my own blogging in the past. I just thought I’d stop by and thank you. I love this website!


This is absolute quality! fantastic john. I wish there was high quality tanning like this where I lived.

Wow what a great idea. I like this spray idea.

She is an attractive lady. Nice pics though 😀

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