12 Projects in a Week from an Entrepreneurs Life

I hope your week has been nothing short of miraculous. I myself am having a pretty hectic, but extremely productive week. Typically my favorite kind of week to have. 😉 After writing my “8 Ways to Fail in a Leadership Role” article yesterday, I figured I might as well go with something a little more thin to consume.

One way to step away from the crazy world of writing business and entrepreneurship is to share some information about what’s currently going on in  my week of startup building, internet, and of course, the indoor tanning business. I posted much of the information you will see, throughout the week on Instagram and Twitter. Easily my two preferred social networking destinations.

Enough of the rambling, let’s see what a few of the things I’ve been up to this week.

A Recap in the Week of an Entrepreneur


Bar Critic

I recently had the chance to pick up the domain Bar Critic from my good friend Lace @LaceRocks. If you happen to check out the domain, you’ll see that there’s already a design in place for this website. The current design you see is the original design that’s been in place for a while now. My intention over the next few months will be to re-design, and begin the branding phase for BarCritic.com.

Bar Critic Bar Reviews


If you connect with me on Twitter, there’s a good chance you already know that I’ve been keeping my eye on various forms of #Crypto currencies. Bitcoins are the most well known form of Crypto coin, but there are many others that are worthy of keeping an eye on. #Dogecoin is one of my favorites to watch. I mentioned Lace earlier, he’s been in the process of mining #Doge coins for a little over a month now, unlike Lace, I’m not mining digital currencies, instead I’m investing in small purchases to build my personal digital currency collection.



Heading into the new year I really wanted to focus energy on getting rid of the things in my life that I don’t ever use, especially if it’s taking money off the bottom line. I’m not sure for how long now, but I’ve had a storage unit that holds a countless amount of holiday, and special event decorations as well as computers, parts, airbrush equipment, etc. The reality though is that I rarely ever get anything of value out of the storage unit, instead I pick it up elsewhere and get the project done. I guess if the storage unit was closer to my salon locations it would impact this, but currently it’s too far out of the way to be efficient.

After gutting the storage unit, and a few of the storage rooms located in each of my salons, I now have plenty of room to kill out the storage unit all together. Not to mention, everything will be right where I need it. Close by and efficient.

Intense Business

One of my projects that fell by the waste side when I jumped into this web development project was my Intense Business community. I’m having this site re-designed, and at some point in the next few months will work to turn this into an informational hub for young entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Business Owner Community


As the indoor tanning season gets ready to kick off in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, it means it’s time for my average inventory volumes to swell. Often to 4x what is stocked at each of my locations during the slower, non-seasonal months. In order to make room for fresh, new 2014 tanning lotions, skin care, and sunless tanning products


Mixed Martial Arts

It’s no secret… I’m an MMA addict, specifically any Ultimate Fighting Championships event. I’ve been a fan of the UFC since UFC 1, and my passion for the sport only continues to grow. Now that my web development project is easing to a closure, it’s given me some free time to do more of the things that I enjoy. Talking MMA is definitely something I enjoy.

I was able to get a few MMA news articles posted on my MMA blog, MMA Punk. I even managed to squeak out predictions for the Barao vs Faber PPV that just took place.

MMA Fan Blog

Online Marketing

This is pretty much a no-brainer. If you own, or operate a small business in today’s day and age, you know you need to get your brand on social media. That of course is just one of the many ways that one can market their business online. This week my marketing efforts were focused on Extreme Tan and Smoothies website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Marketing SMB Online

Private Labeling

A few years back I started my own private label indoor tanning lotion, and sunless tanning product line. Whenever this time of year rolls around, I’m typically tackling a new product design. This year is no different from previous years, with the exception being that I don’t create nearly as many new private label products as I did back then. The product I intend to add to the PL line is, Diamond Rush.

Diamond Rush is a product that I teamed up with my daughter to design. After I got her approval on the design concept, and properties, we were on to picking out a name. The new product has already been tested, and approved by my Extreme Tan and Smoothies team. Next stop is printing, then bottling.

Diamond Rush Tanning Lotion


Tis’ the tanning season, which means it’s time to re-bulb tanning beds and ensure that our equipment is delivering the best results possible. Earlier this week I nailed out the third bed to be done, and later today I’ll be working on another.


After 10,000 custom sunless tanning sessions the time has come to remodel my Clearwater location’s airbrush tanning room. This project got started on Monday with the floor being removed, and ultimately replaced with a non-slip ceramic tile. Next step is a fresh new coat of paint (pun intended).

Seasonal Planning

The indoor tanning season in Florida is short as I’m sure you can imagine. In order to truly maximize sales potential and profits during the seasonal months, everything has to be on point. Everything from internet marketing and promotions, to staffing and merchandising. One of the major tasks surrounding seasonal planning for a tanning business is the staffing. It reminds me of when I worked for Home Depot back in the day, out of season we typically have anywhere between 15-20 team members, this number will swell to 30 or so within a couple of weeks.

Can you say training nightmare? :)


I hinted at it above, but training definitely deserves it’s own mention. Staffing up, and failing to train properly, always ends in disaster for the business and the customers.

On the Way Out

I should probably wrap this up now, or I won’t get on to the rest of my hit list for the week. Leave a comment, and share something you accomplished this week.

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What would we do? if we didn’t have a full schedule of things to do in a small business every single day.
Way to clean out that storage unit EJ.

Isn’t that the truth big Dave. I hope you keep the projects rolling bro, here’s to a great weekend.

Wow.. thats really great and nice post about your commitment for your work. This post of yours really inspired me to as much work as possible. Thanks for sharing this. 😀

Thank you :) Happy it served as a motivator.

Thanks for information, Your’e activity very positive. Happy weekend

Anyone can sit around and be negative 😉

Keep up the good work John! A great blog with a difference.

Thank you for taking the time read, and comment.

hi thanks for this wonderful post about any circumstances in the life of an entrepreneur some of the points were quite compulsive i thought

This is really awesome for the person who dont know abou this.

Hopefully someone finds some use out of it :)

Awesome stuff bro! Glad to see this site back under your pen! Looking forward to BarCritic, especially if you get a mobile app of the ground. My current fav is @Untappd which you review beers. It’s a great app that allows you to tie in Twitter and FB as well as upload pics of beers you are trying. Since I am recently becoming a craft beer lover, it makes it even more fun!

Hey Keith, thank you for stopping by bro, I appreciate it.

I’ve heard of that app before, definitely intend to check out some of the apps that are out there. My main goal with that site would be to develop an app. At least that’s what my vision is for Bar Critic, I guess time will tell. Kinda pissed I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet.

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