12 Search Engine Optimization Tips

I was recently speaking with someone I do business with that I also consider a friend who recently started a blog and has been working on trying to increase search engine traffic for his specific niche. I decided to copy most of the contents of the email that I sent over to him in order to help him achieve some of the results he is looking for, some of you might find the information for increasing search engine results, Google Page Rank and Alexa ratings somewhat useful.

Please keep in mind that the information I sent over was specific to that person  and their project, certain things below will be completley useless to some of you or simply not what your looking for, an example of that would be #1 in the list below.

1. Make sure you have an accurate listing with Google Local http://local.google.com

2. Install the “Alexa Toolbar” on any of your office computers, ask friends and family that visit your site to install it to (I should really do this). Visits from computers that have the Alexa Toolbar installed will increase your Alexa Ranking, it will of course show you your Alexa ranking in the bottom right of your browser as well so you can track that growth or at least know where it is at on a continuous basis.


3. Have friends and family visit Alexa.com and write a review for your site, I did one to give you an idea. Also make sure they rate their comment submission as well.
http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/extremejohn.com *Please note I put my site in place of his for posting here.

4. Developer Hut “Ping Tool” submit your site with the quick tool on the right of this page

5. Developer Hut “Directory Submissions“, this service costs around $45 and will cover a tremendous amount of ground pretty quick. Purchasing this service submits your website to 300 directories, this creates “Backlinks“, backlinks are a big piece of the pie and extremely important in regards to influencing your Google Page Rank.

6. In every post that you write make sure that you have a link back to your main website (index page) in the article, if you say something like “I really enjoy mixed martial arts and love to write articles about MMA” link the “articles about MMA” to your main page. *This text is different and as you can see is based on a website that deals with mixed martial arts.

7. Google likes blogs that share, or that link within their own website. Keep that in mind when writing your posts, link to your other articles within your site.

8. Write short post titles that are directed at the keywords your looking to snatch up

9. This tool can help you see what everyone typically searches for when searching for something on the internet, it shows local search volume as well as how much competition there is for that specific keyword, I use it constantly and recommend others to do the same. https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

10. From time to time make certain keywords within your post or on your site BOLD

11. On articles that will be detailed and long make a series of articles and be sure to link each of them together as a new one is released instead of having one huge post

12. Currently your posts are not placed in any categories, instead they are “uncategorized” this hurts search results, create a limited amount of categories that are specific and no more than two words. Doing so will increase your keyword density throughout your site and it gives the curious more to look at increasing someone’s time on your site.

That stuff is all a good start, I will shoot you another email in a few days with some plugins (assuming your blog is a WordPress blog) that can be installed, once installed these plugins will increase your search engine rankings as well as search term pop. If you have any questions or you need any help let me know.

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I totally agree with directory submission, I tried it and got good results. Good tips for SEO.
.-= Ruchi´s last blog ..Tips to brand your blog =-.

Hey John, you missed the most important one, the one where it pays to leave quality comments on blogs that are in the same niche, preferably on dofollow blogs. And if you don’t have a particular niche, then you can go comment crazy, like I do sometimes, just make sure the comments are of good quality because the comment itself can lead to traffic.
.-= Sire´s last blog ..September Contest Update =-.

@Sire, I didn’t really miss it I just knew that the person I was writing this email for would never leave a comment on a blog or any other website so I didn’t bother addressing it.

But you are correct, commenting on Do Follow blogs is a massive part to it.

@Extreme John, yeah, some people just don’t realize the importance of the ‘commenting effect’

Say mate, I noticed how your page doesn’t reload after leaving a comment. What plugin do you use to do that?
.-= Sire´s last blog ..Sometimes It just Doesn’t Pay Being Jack =-.

@Sire, You Bloody Beauty!!! Thanks John, that worked a treat. You can expect some luvin for that tip mate.
.-= Sire´s last blog ..Sire’s Tale Of Johann Herbig The Man Who Lived In A Tree =-.


Yes 100 percent agree. Most if not all of our blog referral traffic aer coming from my commenting to other blogs. Comment traffic contributed to about 15 percent increase in traffic in our blog.
.-= MichaelR@VoIP tips and tricks´s last blog ..All About the V Thing =-.

Hey John,you had written Good tips on optimizing a blog to search engines.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks John for the words of wisdom 😉 I think I’ve done most of these except for #1 and #5, I also agree with Sire that commenting is also a must 😉
.-= Karen@Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Blazing Minds Weekly Round Up – Keyword Tool, Skechers =-.

Thought I’ll know most of these by now but I found your tips very useful and will have to try them out. Thanks a lot.

Very helpful tips John. I don’t or haven’t done most of these so I better get a move on. I just submitted my site to developer hut’s ping tool so im excited to see what kind of results that will return if any.

I have wondered is bolding your keywords in posts made an SEO difference but I’ll have to try that and I really should plan a series of posts.

Great tips again John
.-= Blaine Bullman´s last blog ..Social Media Blues: The Times They Are A Changin =-.

I am not certain I undertand the importance of using the bold tag. John, can you, or anybody else, elaborate on that?
.-= Keith@Canadian Prescriptions´s last blog ..Aug 12, Canadian Online Prescription -Boniva Price Comparison From Canadian Pharmacies =-.

@Keith@Canadian Prescriptions, it just feels right, like Nike “Just Do it” haha.

@Keith@Canadian Prescriptions, They reckon that the bold tells the bots those words hold more significance.
.-= Sire´s last blog ..Sire’s Tale Of Johann Herbig The Man Who Lived In A Tree =-.

@Sire, thank you Sire for picking up my slack, been crazy the last two days.

@Extreme John, Not a problem John, I know you would do the same for me. That’s what being part of the blogging community is all about, helping each other out.
.-= Sire´s last blog ..Sire’s Tale Of Johann Herbig The Man Who Lived In A Tree =-.

Thanks for those. I’d just add two more – permalink structure and sitemaps. If I could only do two things to SEO my blog, that would be it.
.-= Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee´s last blog ..Fresh Brews: Drink Coffee And Lose Weight Or Your Clothes =-.

@Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee, very good points and a perfect round two for this particular individual. :)

I get a good amount of traffic from search engines. I use image search optimization check this http://www.google.co.in/search?q=twitter+icons my blog has a ranking of 3. Plus i agree keywords are very important.

Search engine traffic works even if you are not blogging for some time.

I like the tools you have shared, thanks John
.-= gautam hans´s last blog ..Win 100$ by leaving comments at TechZoomIn =-.

hei john, i want to ask why directory submission can be so important?Is the directories give dofollow backlinks?

Great checklist John. I especially like point #2, and how often we share tips that we haven’t implemented on our own sites yet. We all have room to grow.

Even following your progress is very important;you get what you inspect, not what you expect.

Going bold is great for keywords, but don’t over do it. Bold makes your keywords stand out, but too many encourages the reader to only read the bold and skip the content of your post.
.-= Mark Smith´s last blog ..Subscriber Contest Winner – Free Custom Logo =-.

As usual, great tips. I got slated on my blog by a couple of people for “encouraging” people who write for search engines, but it’s a bit silly to neglect this important source of traffic. Also, keep an eye on your stats… see which keywords are being used the most… and write more content on the same theme!
.-= Paul Hancox@copywriting blog´s last blog ..How To Tell The Perfect Story =-.

Great advice for a beginner or even advanced blogger. I like the “bold” idea, I do not see many bloggers using this.
.-= Tycoon Blogger@Promote your blog´s last blog ..Sunday’s Best – week ending 9/20/09 =-.

As always… great information! I really like the fact that you helped your buddy out with a nice detailed email to get him started on the right path. Very cool!
.-= Doug Dillard´s last blog ..Guest Blogging on Making Money Online =-.

@Doug Dillard, yeah man you have to scratch some backs if you ever have the day come where you might need yours scratched.

Now this is something different, and that is what I like most about your blog, it is never boring..

Very helpful SEO tips. Needless to say that with the exception of #3, I have done almost all of your suggestions here and they do work. Hopefully your friend will act on it and if he does, will certainly see good results.

BTW, love the response on why bold – “Just DO It”, haha
.-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Ad Intelligence: Advanced Keyword Research Tool =-.

@DiTesco, why ask why? Just kidding I just didn’t have time to get into why, but Sire was nice enough to give up the answer a few responses later :)

Without a doubt if he does what I suggested he will in fact see an increase and somewhat quickly as well.

I dont do half of these tips. Time to get going. Thanks John for the tips.
.-= MichaelR@VoIP tips and tricks´s last blog ..All About the V Thing =-.

I just posted a review on Alexa. I tried to avoid sounding like a commercial for ExtremeJohn, but it’s hard not to. I hope you can’t get penalized for having too many fans. You have a lot of 5 star reviews!

Keep on keeping us posted about what works!

@Keith@Norman Rockwell Art, well thank you and as for my 5 star reviews even if I get penalized for it I don’t care, it is what it is and I appreciate everyone taking the time to even write one.

I will be reviewing each and every one of the sites that showed me love, assuming they are all by owners and I actually read them :)

There is something new for me in this 12 seo tips, and I find #11 is a very interesting way. I’ve seen many people doing this but I’ve yet to write series post in my blog. Perhaps I should try in my blog. Anyway, nice post as always John!


@Lee Ka Hoong, series posts are great because it allows you to spread out your content, work less and deliver more understandable information to your readers. Keep in mind the average person only retains about 11% of what they hear.

Thank you for the top tips for ranking, my site is not doing too good in google atm.

12 Search Engine Optimization Tips…

Twelve very simple ways to optimize for search engines and get the most out of your search engine traffic….

Really good article, I learned 2 things from this article. 1 Never read before to create link backs to your own index page from each post, and 2 the article submission site (ping) you listed.
.-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..Dragon Blogger Review of Heroes Season 4 Redemption – Episodes 1 and 2 =-.

In addition to bold, using the strong tag works well. Thanks for the tip on the $45 directory submission, I might just have to do that.

Also, it’s probably debatable but, linking out to authority sites on your subject matter could potentially help you. I’ve been experimenting with this on various blogs and websites … and have had mixed results.

I really can’t say that linking out works for sure … but even over at seomoz.org they seem to have similar suspicions.
.-= Matt@Search Engine Ranking´s last blog ..Get Rich With A Top Ranking In Search Engines =-.

I never heard some of these tips. I will try them all. Thanks John.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..You’ve got to see this =-.

I never gave thought to alexa rankings.. 😀 I think it’s something most of the SEO consultants never tell.

But yes at the end of the day a quality post is what matters the most. Not only it helps to get visitors come back to your site, but it is also the best food for web spiders!
.-= Gautam@oes tsetnoc´s last blog ..Oes Tsetnoc Video =-.

Thank you for these tips – came in via Kikolani’s Fetching Friday, looking for advice that I can easily implement, and wasn’t disappointed. I think I’ll get to fixing those “uncategorized” posts of mine very soon, and installing an alexa toolbar shouldn’t be a problem.

Thank you again!
.-= ashok´s last blog ..On Socrates, Dancing and Philosophy: Xenophon, Symposium II 15-20 =-.

I’m curious as to why you would put emphasis on increasing Alexa rankings? What does this do for traffic?
.-= Donnie@Chattanooga Web Design´s last blog ..How to Avoid the Scam & Pick the Right SEO Company =-.

@Donnie@Chattanooga Web Design, It probably does as much for traffic as PR, and yet everyone wants it. personally I believe that the only good one can find in either of those is that it can be used as a benchmark as to the importance or popularity of the blog/website.
.-= Sire´s last blog ..The Reason Behind Your MLM Failure =-.

Nice tips.. though I’ve got to ask you personally, what’s your experience with directories? do you think they’re worth the time or not?
.-= Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

[…] “alt tags” and a few other areas of SEO to generate better results for the various keywords we are currently looking to […]

Thanks again for some good tips John…I was under the impression that Google did not favor directory submissions as they are viewed as “shortcuts?”
I have been using the bold suggestion you made for quite some time but am careful to bold just keywords or things I want to emphasize. When I first started out I would bold the first three words of each post as sort of a writers signature but i soon learned that bolding words like It, to, be, Or, etc was hurting me with Google.
One question? with what you know about the value of commenting and the fact that your friend enlists your help, why, in your words ” I just knew that the person I was writing this email for would never leave a comment on a blog or any other website” would he have this attitude?
.-= Dick@pargazer.com´s last blog ..This Halloween Trick Or Treat In Your RV =-.

These tips are good and useful.

Nice tips. looking forward to see more tips
.-= Noah Group´s last blog ..Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 – Main Event =-.

Thanks for the helpful post. I have been doing a handful of the things suggested. The others I had never heard of so thank you for the additional information.

Two questions I have:

1) Is there a FireFox plugin or some other tool to help you easily identify sites that have dofollow?

2) I’m hoping you will be writing a blog post about the WordPress plug-ins? I’d love to compare it to my list (I also use Comment Luv) – def one of my favorites.


Well, I think Alexa ranking really don’t give any benefit. So Don’t bother to increase it. However Alexa ranking is good to show off that our blog/site have high traffic.

If you want to increase Alexa ranking, just join traffic exchange. When I first jump into online business I join traffic exchange and my Alexa ranking improve 300%.
.-= Ruri @ Free article submission´s last blog ..A Simple Toy Box To Make Yourself =-.

Typical great stuff from EJ. Good job!
.-= Alison Moore Smith@Mortgage-Free Home´s last blog ..Decorate Your Walls =-.

I do about half of these tips but I’m not that big on article submissions or directory submissions. Most of the directories I find are filled with random spammy type sites that have used automated tools for directory submission. Even though these directories sometimes have PR, I find it hard to believe that Google puts much value on links from those sites. Have you seen real benefits that you could attribute to directory submissions?
.-= Mike@Fort Lauderdale Movers´s last blog ..Atlanta Movers =-.

How does BOLDING key words help out ? Is there certain keywords that are better to bold or is it just prevalent to your site/blog?

@safaridave, it’s old school and a lot like everything else in blogging or SEO, there are people that will tell you that it means nothing and there are people that will tell you that it’s a piece of the pie. Bold Keywords that you use in your Title, also try to hyperlink that same keyword somewhere in your post and leave it with no hyperlink. All parts of the pie.

nice post 😀
.-= aatif´s last blog ..some changes in my blog =-.

Sire is correct: the comments are the most important

Great post! Definitely some solid tips are covered. The idea of installing the Alexa Toolbar in order to increase rankings seems interesting as well. Will try to find where I can add some inbound links.

Thank you Daniel and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment I appreciate it.

Do think intalling Alexa Toolbar will really works for ranking? If so, what about adding Alexa Ranking Banner to our sites??

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