13 of the Best Wordpress Blogging Tips of the Week

I just finished writing my UFC 107 Results and now it’s time for my weekly blog thing. Each week I post a recap of the excellent blogging tips and other great blog posts that I have collected during the course of the week and share it here on my blog, I also include links to my most popular posts over the last week as well.

I call this series the Sunday Smash, which is basically my version of a mashup for the week and it gives me a chance to spread some Do Follow link luv on to other blogs that I check out, in some cases those bloggers are nice enough to shoot me a few backlinks in return. I actively read over 100 various blogs during the course of the week on everything from business tips, SEO tips, blogging tips and of course some excellent blogs on mixed martial arts.

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Blogging Tips, SEO Tips and Business Tips

Other Cool Finds

Top Referring Blogs or Websites

These are the good folks that are nice enough to link back to the Extreme John blog with either a text link or the button below (you can hotlink it), send enough traffic to knock the last blog or website off the list and your there. Who knows you might even get some traffic back from being listed in this list, and if nothing else Extreme John.com is DO Follow. It took all of 17 referrals to get listed this week.

  1. Wassup Blog
  2. Tycoon Blogger
  3. MMA Punk
  4. iBlog Zone
  5. Fms SEO

Top Referring Search Engine’s and Social Media Sites

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Bing
  4. Blog Engage – please vote up
  5. Facebook Fan Page

Top Contributors

  1. eSINess – 38
  2. Keith from Best Norman Rockwell Art – 20
  3. Lee Ka Hoong from My Blog 2 Day – 11
  4. Michael R – 11
  5. Karen from Blazing Minds – 10

If you want to be featured in a Sunday Smash post in the future please consider taking the time to leave a comment so I know that you are a U Comment I Follow Blogger, if your not so concerned with networking through leaving comments try following me on Twitter @extremejohn or subscribe to my rss feed.

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13 of the Best WordPress Blogging Tips of the Week…

The best blogging tips from around the web for WordPress bloggers….

Hi John,

Both of us interested in martial arts. A few days ago, I attended wedding ceremony, and there are “Malay Silat” and “Siammse Tomoi” aka Thai kick boxing performance. I was really enjoyed watching it. Just want to share some of famous martial arst in asean country.

This is my first time to visit extremejohn Blog, but i found this blog very informative and useful (Specially for me it is worth reading Blog).
I would like to receive daily updates form extremejhone in my Mail Box.
Thank you for this useful Post.
.-= Bilal Ahma@Blogging Tips´s last blog ..Send Large Files With Encryption and Security-Stream File =-.

Hi John, many thanks for the linky love 😉 You just made it with the comments on my blog this week so I am proud to say that you made the #1 spot 😉
.-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Weekly Round Up – WordPress, Interviews, Skechers =-.

@Karen @ Blazing Minds, how sweet is that I didn’t expect to even show up and hooked up 1st place, saweet. Haha.

@Extreme John, It must have been that sudden blast of comment inspiration you had 😉
.-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Weekly Round Up – WordPress, Interviews, Skechers =-.

@Karen @ Blazing Minds, yeah and I still managed to not get through my entire reader. :(

Thanks for the link love, I have read most of the posts you listed. Heading over to read the others.
.-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..eBook – How To Make Your Mind A Money Magnet =-.

Thanks for the link love again John! Between, I’ll keep trying to write quality content in my blog to make it fit into the blogging tips section. Anyway, one of your post will be inserted into my Sunday Killer Link Love post this round. :)


@Lee Ka Hoong@How To Make Money Online, that’s excellent news I can’t wait to see it, and thank you in advance.

@Extreme John, check my latest post John, it’s up! 8)

@Lee Ka Hoong@How To Make Money Online, I will try to get over there in a bit I have some stuff for charity I need to get done first :)

I hate it when you include the list of blogging articles, always leads to me reading 500 other blogs and adding a bunch to my reader.
.-= Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee´s last blog ..Poll: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Flavor Latte? =-.

@Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee, sorry but lately I have been getting a lot of email requests for a post dedicated to blogging tips with great links. Here it is, haha.

Get to reading.

Side note: Can’t believe you didn’t include 7 Ways To Blog Your Way To A Thousand Visitors, by yours truly. http://www.davidrisley.com/2009/12/11/blog-thousand-visitors/
.-= Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee´s last blog ..Poll: What’s Your Favorite Holiday Flavor Latte? =-.

@Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee, bah… Why would I bother including that guest post when I have been waiting 73 years for one from you. Banned, fired, released.

@Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee, on a side note if you didn’t write such a great post I would have more negativity to spew at you. haha.

@Extreme John, lol! I wrote the rough draft of an article for this blog. Should be done sometime today…maybe. Depends how good the games are!
.-= Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee´s last blog ..Fresh Brews: Drink Coffee And Win A Noble Peace Prize =-.

haha, Sunday “smashing” activity!
I guess you can get smarter if you smash your head against the lamp post every sunday!
.-= scheng1´s last blog ..Reflection: Green project is expensive =-.

@scheng1, anything is possible if you work at it hard enough.

Oh shucks, did not make it in your list time:), but I am very glad that my blog was one of your top referrers this week. That is good to know. Awesome list of blog posts. Seen some already and off to check the other interesting ones..
.-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Google Zeitgeist 2009 – And The Winner Is? =-.

Another great Sunday Smash John. Thanks for the link luv, I do appreciate it. I’m always in great company on ExtremeJohn.com 😛
.-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Extreme Advertising By Reebok – Better Legs And A Better Butt With Every Step =-.

Thanks again John.

I feel about being so lame on returning comments and links and stuff. But here’s a proposal for you:

Is there anything technical in WordPress that confounds you, that you want to know more about? If so, let me know and I’ll crank out a “Sponsored Post” for you on WIAW. You’ve been really good about linking to my content, I’d really be delighted to unravel some of WordPress’s finer points for you.
.-= Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..WordPress Screencast – Practical WordPress Tip #1 Grabbing links fast =-.

@Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend, I appreciate that Dave, that’s pretty cool of you. I will be taking guest posts here shortly maybe something along those lines that way it benefits both of us.

@Extreme John,

Some of these articles take anywhere from 8 to 48 hours to write, and may be broken up over several weeks.
.-= Dave Doolin | Website In A Weekend´s last blog ..Blog World Recap: How to Attract a Large and Loyal Audience =-.

Another great Sunday Smash John. Thanks for the link luv, I’m always in good company here in ExtremeJohn.com
.-= Brian D. Hawkins´s last blog ..Extreme Advertising By Reebok – Better Legs And A Better Butt With Every Step =-.

Okay, I now have some extra reading to do. Thanks for mentioning us in your top referrers, now to make it to the number 1 spot. :)
.-= Karl Foxley@SEO Blog´s last blog ..Who Else Wants More RSS Subscribers? =-.

@Karl Foxley@SEO Blog, don’t thank me, I thank you for leaving comments :)

These are some really good WordPress related articles, I’m looking forward to reading more about it!
.-= Blogger Den´s last blog ..Ultimate Dofollow Social Bookmarking & Link Building List =-.

Those are some really useful finds there mate.. Thank you for sharing those links. I will go through them later today. :high:
.-= chakkravarthi@seo your blog´s last blog ..5 Tips On How To Decide On Your Blog’s Niche =-.

nice round up,
i liked the saving of the drafts most, it helps to maintain a schedule so that there is not much of a gap in posts :) i had published draft posts on days when i was sick or just lazy,

Look I made it to the 4th place :)
.-= MichaelR´s last blog ..Cut Your Toll-Free Service Expenses =-.

Hell John, I reckon I might have to start charging you for all the peeps I keep sending your way. :high:

Honestly though, you’ve come up with a nice set of links mate.
.-= Sire´s last blog ..Update On Probloggers And Commenting =-.

Hi John, I stumbled across your blog several weeks ago from Blog Engage. Almost every time I read a new post from you I end up adding more blogs to read! Thanks for the great content
.-= Element321´s last blog ..SEO for Multilingual Marketing [Search Marketing] =-.

Great roundup post! It’s such a great thing for more bloggers to share in the link love with other sites. It’s not only good for the linked bloggers, but also the readers who are gaining even more valuable information from your site.

~ Kristi
.-= Kikolani @ Blogging´s last blog ..Fetching Friday – Lots of Blogging & Social Media Resources =-.

More posts like this one John. People love this kind of resources.
.-= Car News and Reviews´s last blog ..New 2010 BMW 5 Series Sedan unveiled. First impressions =-.

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