14 Before and After Spray Tan Pictures of Cortnie

I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted before and after spray tan pictures that show the results achieved when getting a sunless tan at any of my Extreme Tan and Smoothies locations. In the before and after spray pictures below, Stephanie is using Extreme Tan and Smoothies exclusive 8% DHA airbrush solution in Cortnie’s spray tan application.

Before and After Spray Tan Pics

Spray tan Before Pic 1

Cortnie gets ready for her spray tanning session.

Spray tan Before Pic 2

Before spray tanning shows barely visible bikini tan lines.

Spray tan Before Pic 3

Barely any tan lines are visible on Cortnie’s hip line also.

Spray tan Before Pic 4

Spray tan Before Pic 5

Spray tan Before Pic 6

Spray tan Pic 7

Spray tan Pic 8

Next Bottle Model and Extreme Tan and Smoothies sunless technician Stephanie spray tans Cortnie with 8% DHA.

Spray tan After Pic 1

Next Bottle Model Cortnie 5 minutes after spray tanning.

Spray tan After Pic 2

Bikini strap tan line showing spray tanning results.

Spray tan After Pic

Dark tan results.

Spray tan After Picture

8% DHA airbrush solution used for this spray tan.

After Spray tan Pic

After sunless spray tanning results.

After Spray Tan Results Tantu

Results shown above with a heart Tantu. See Stephanie’s double heart Tantu picture.

Parting Shots

A few of you might recognize Cortnie from the Next Bottle Model shoot that I did a few months. Big thanks to her and Stephanie for making this spray tan photo shoot possible.

Your Thoughts

Feel free to leave a comment with any thoughts you might have.

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I am pretty amazed on how tan works out well. I never tried this, however i would try this son as i see the beauty on it.

I often wanted to get sprayed instead of going to the solarium.

Nice pictures…

Greetings from germany!


T fhslfsd fdnshslkfa. Sorry, I was having trouble typing there for a minute after looking at the hot Cortnie.

But seriously, that spray tan is an amazing product. We don’t see it a lot here in C-Town, but I have a feeling that will change.

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