15 Thanksgiving Thoughts

First off I want to start off by wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a great day with your family and travel safe along your way.

Now that we have the mushy stuff out of the way we can get down to my Thanksgiving Thoughts, last year I started off by addressing the fakes in my Happy Thanksgiving post. I really didn’t plan on writing a Thanksgiving post this year, than suddenly on my way home from work today I started to think about all of the things I am thankful for. Why not write a Thanksgiving Day post?

I am thankful for a lot of things, many of them are the obvious that most of you are thankful for as well and other things are more in a message form sent specifically for the people that the message is meant for. I couldn’t help but chuckle as I thought of some of the very truly funny things that I am thankful for, some of them just put an instant smile on my face.

Anyway here’s a few things I am thankful for….

  1. My family
  2. True friends
  3. Amazing dedicated associates
  4. The silent mentors in my life
  5. Our dedicated customers
  6. All of you for the success of my blog
  7. Success
  8. Self motivation
  9. The opportunities I have been given
  10. The Copycats that make me laugh everyday
  11. Facebook 5 Years Old’s that make themselves look dumbERRR daily (Big B-J you funny little bitches, as if you matter)
  12. Karma crushing Big T
  13. Being able to put the cherry on top
  14. Having the Last Laugh.. if you know me you know whats up.
  15. Great times

Leave a comment and let me know 3 things that your most thankful for, I even put a nice easy to copy numbered list below so you couldn’t be too lazy and avoid it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you or being part of the Extreme John community, I appreciate all of your input.

<<—-COPY BELOW—->>

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving


<<—–END COPY—–>>

P.s. Don’t forget to check out the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Video

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15 Thanksgiving Thoughts…

15 Thanksgiving Thoughtsthat some will like and others won’t…

Happy thanksgiving bro…I just read the Big T post, it made me cry laughing: “I hope you get the runs everyday for the next ten years” lol

@Alan @ Glass Pipes, yeah no need to have mercy for an asshole that has a business and doesn’t finish the job he was paid to do, than abandons the job. He’s a prick, I will be laughing and cursing at him for the rest of my life and I know he hangs on every word. Probably already read this.

Happy Thanksgiving Bro and thanks for reading Big T

Hey bro.

Wish you and family a happy and safe Thanksgiving.

I’ll celebrating Eid Adha tomorrow which is a kind of “thanksgiving” for the muslims :)
.-= Roseli A. Bakar´s last blog ..EzyBlogger Featured By Local Newspaper – New Straits Times =-.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. My work at home blog
2. My all blogger friend
3. Google, great
.-= chandan@work at home´s last blog ..New from google work at home affiliate network-November 25, 2009 =-.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. Thank God for all the care He showed me during the toughest moments of my life
2. Thank my parents for raising me and supporting me in achieving a proper education
3. Thank my wife for her endless patience with me and my passions (for example internet and blogging) and for giving me a wonderful child
4. Thank my friends who never turned their back on me and helped me when I was in trouble or needed an advice, who left their girlfriends or wives just to be able to be next to me when I needed them.
5. Thank all the people who proved their human qualities and showed me support even if I was just a stranger to them
6. Thank John for creating a small community around him and letting me be a small part of it & also for creating this page
7. Thank to all the people who in a way or the other contributed to the invention and development of the internet and blogging, without which this humble rows would not have been possible.
8. Thank to all of you who took the time to read what I’ve wrote.

Thank you.
.-= Car News and Reviews´s last blog ..Mercedes Benz S 400 HYBRID. Driving on the Road to the Future =-.

@Car News and Reviews, show off.

J/k I wish you and your family a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving, it sounds like you have a tremendous amount to be thankful for, it was nice of you to share it with all of us. Thank you.

Btw, your a big part of this community, hardly a small part 😉

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1.Having great friends like Extremejohn
2. my loyal english bulldog and sidekick King Abe
3 My second year as a non smoker
.-= MMApunk´s last blog ..UFC 107 Poll Frank Mir vs Chieck Kongo =-.

@MMApunk, hell yeah bro congratulations on the big 2 years, thats big!!

Thank you for the kind words bro and it’s 100% mutual, have a Happy Thanksgiving bro.

Hi John. Happy Thanksgiving to you too buddy! 3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving are:

1. My son Xayne, the love of my life
2. The fact that I’m an independent thinker
3. My freedom

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
.-= Jordasche Bledsoe´s last blog ..The Star Celeb Wake UP! Award December 2009 Nominee =-.

@Jordasche Bledsoe, I like the Freedom one see I never think of the cool stuff haha.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for coming by Jordasche.

Happy Thanksgiving – enjoy your holiday 8)

We don’t have Thanksgiving in my part of the world, so I guess I’m not thankful for anything :mrgreen:
.-= Klaus @ TechPatio´s last blog ..iPhone Free Week – Day 3: HTC Tattoo, Camera & Video Recording Quality =-.

@Klaus @ TechPatio, it saves you the time of having to think about it and go through it :)

Not celebrating Thanksgiving here in Israel, so just wishing you all Happy Thanksgiving!
.-= Anne @ b6s.net´s last blog ..Lists on Your Blog – Five Things to Consider =-.

@Anne @ b6s.net, thank you very much Anne. Have a great day than 😉

It’s 2 mins to 6am at 6 the cooking crew will be up so I wanted to stop by real quick and wish you and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving
1.Life: I could of been dead a few times :)
2.My children without them I would be dead or in prison
3.USA I’m Thankful that despite all our problems we’re still the luckiest people in the world.
Enjoy the day.I know I have much to be grateful for
.-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..The ideal you =-.

@John Sullivan, you sure as hell do bro your a great guy with a ton of things to offer and plenty to be thankful for. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving bro.

Thanks and wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving. I myself thankful to my family, my fiancee and my blog reader who don’t forget me after the change of my domain and who help me to complete my 1 year in blogging.
.-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Simple Trick To Test New Google Search Page =-.

@Arafat Hossain Piyada, all very good things to be thankful for, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. For family and friends. Lot’s of great friends. I was hoping to make it home to Chicago this year, but when that didn’t happen, four people opened up their doors for me this Thanksgiving. I wish I had a big enough stomach to make my way to all four tables.
2. While times might be a little tougher, I’m still fortunate enough to be employed, able to pay the bills and keep food on the table. I know that a lot of people aren’t that lucky.
3. Coffee
.-= Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee´s last blog ..Happy Thanksgiving =-.

@Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee, you know we love you baby. Right there with your crazy coffee addiction, I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving bro.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. My family and girlfriend of course, they supported me all the ways!
2. Friends around me, they took care of me!
3. My blog buddy, who supported and pushed me up!

Wish you have an awesome ThanksGiving John! All the best and keep it up, you’ve done a great job with your blog. I’ll be following you until to the end. :mrgreen:
.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..Make Money Blogging Guide For Beginners =-.

@Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online, thank you for the kind words Lee I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and as always I appreciate you coming through.

@Extreme John, You’re welcome John! I’m not very good though as I’m sick right now, but I’ve had a great meal with my girlfriend. :)
.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..10 Effectiveness Way To Drive Significant Traffic =-.

@Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online, I hope you feel better. At least you had a great time for a little while 😉

Hey Happy Thanksgiving bro! Big T was a good laugh! 😆
3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. My family who support me every time whenever I need them.
2. My dear friends.. they are very few in number but I’m happy because they really care for me
3. All my blogging buddies 😀
.-= Nehh´s last blog ..Adam Lambert on controversy AMA performance: “I don’t feel like I owe anyone an apology” =-.

@Nehh, Big T is always a good laugh just ask anyone thats ever had the pleasure of meeting him.

As for friends take it from someone that has learned, fewer is always better. Those extended “friends” typically become unappreciative, back stabbing, pieces of shit. I am very thankful for the REAL Friends that I spoke about in this post, the others can ride off into the sunset on a giant sworded dildo for all I care haha.

Always quality baby 😉 I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, mine was perfect.

Everyone have a Super Safari Turkey Day.

I am thankful to be able to provide a dinner for my family on Thanksgiving.
Many are struggling right now and can’t afford the luxuries of even a nice meal today. Lets all think of others this holiday season and help one another and make plans to help a family in need this Christmas.
Make this Holiday season a wonderful and Super Safari Holiday for ALL.
Later Bro

@SafariDave, all very good points Dave. This is a tough time of year for a lot of people, which is already following a tough year or two for a lot of people as well.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. My family and friends.
2. Google and Amazon.
3. My boss.

I am also thankful for cool blogger friends who have helped me in a lot of ways by the insights and information they selflessly offer in their blogs, thus helping me grow as a blogger myself.

I am addressing these reasons to be grateful for to the almighty creator who have made things better and better for me everyday.
.-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Open_Basedir Restriction In Effect =-.

@James Moralde, haha I never really thought anyone would list Google or Amazon as things to be thankful for, but I can see the reason why.

i am thankful for my amazing family who, even though they are far away, are always close at heart! my fabulous friends who have kept me grounded and are always there to lend me an ear, a shoulder to cry on, and too many laughs to count. the friends i have made since moving down here to florida who have welcomed me into their families, which helps me through the tough times when i can’t be with my “real” family. also to have not just one job, but two, to be able to keep a roof over my head and bills paid and to let me get those little things that make me smiles. the list goes on, but i’ll spare the emotional babble!

@calisun, all very good things to be thankful for, thank you for sharing :)

My all thanksgiving are

1. My parents
2. My almighty
3. My passion of work
.-= chandan@work at home´s last blog ..Twitter work at home program-Ad.ly [Digg] =-.

I m not that good giving these thoughts but till i would love to watch other people what they have to say. :mrgreen:

@Loan Modification, haha sounds good. Thank you for stopping by.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. My family of course
2. My job
3. My friends
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..What’s Hot on YouTube =-.

@ZXT, clean and simple Z. I like it. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. Heatlh
2. Family
3. Job
.-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..10 Quick Alexa Reviews for my Blog Buddies =-.

Just got finished reading the Big T article that I missed, That was some goood shit! :high:

3 things I am thankful for:
1. For the wonderful life that I have.
2. For the wonderful people I have in my life.
3. For the graceful possibility of being thankful.
Thank you for that!

Just got finished reading the Big T article that I missed, That was some goood shit! :high:

3 Things I am Thankful for on Thanksgiving

1. My family and friends
2.My health
3.My warm place to sleep at night and full belly

I am also thankful to live in a relatively free country. God Bless America. Stand beside her and please guide her.
.-= Keith@Norman Rockwell Art´s last blog ..Nov 29, Santa’s Workshop by Norman Rockwell from 12/14/1922 Clintonville Gazette =-.

Mainly i would like to describe thanksgiving on behalf of :

1) Obviously, Family comes first
2) My work
3) My friends

I am happy to see such kind of thoughts from all people come together here and this could be possible on only extremejohn.

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