16 Reasons Commenting on Your Blog Sucks

Even though I am a blogging CEO I still try to find time to work leaving blog comments on the bloggers blogs that are nice enough to come through my blog and leave comments here, it’s a great way to build traffic and network with bloggers. Not to mention you would be surprised just what you can learn by visiting other blogs and leaving comments on them, I recommend Feedly for managing rss feeds and comment monitoring.

When you leave comments on blogs and specifically a lot of comments on blogs it should be no surprise that certain blogs will become annoying to leave comments on from time to time, I decided to put together a list of 16 reasons commenting on your blog might suck. I don’t expect that everyone will agree with me and the things that piss me off when leaving comments might be something you feel you need to have in place on your blog, or even something you get great results from. Don’t take it personally, it’s just my opinion and the things that I find annoying.

16 Reasons Commenting on Your Blog Sucks

Commenting on Your Blog Sucks

  1. Your Comment Luv plugin is not working or up to date
  2. You have Pre-Checked Notify by Email Subscriptions
  3. You have timed pop-up windows
  4. You have pre-checked Subscribe to Comments
  5. Your blog loads slow
  6. Your blog is not Do Follow
  7. Your blog is a blogger blog (I hate logging in)
  8. Your using a third party comment system that is not Do Follow (JSkit, Disqus)
  9. After submitting comment your blog returns a white page
  10. You use CAPTCHA as a way to stop spam
  11. You don’t use the Comment Luv WordPress Plugin
  12. Your spam filter plugin doesn’t allow my comment to post
  13. You need to approve comments because you fear spam
  14. All you blog about is making money online (it can get redundant)
  15. I have to search for a place to leave my comment
  16. People must leave a CAPTCHA after typing their comment

Those are just my personal views on what I find annoying when leaving comments on the various blogs that I visit and even blogs in my network, I personally believe that you should reward the people that are nice enough to leave a comment on your blog and I also believe it shouldn’t be like going through a rodeo circus. I hate receiving all kinds of BS email about comments or subscriptions I would never subscribe to on my own and I hate jumping through ropes just to leave a comment.

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The hassles of commenting on Blogger blogs is my largest pet peeve. Now that there are so many great CommentLuv dofollow blogs I’m starting to refine where I spend my time even more and seeking out only dofollow blogs using both CommentLuv and KeywordLuv.

One tip: I have recently come across a very popular blog with visible CommentLuv that has nofollowed all links in their comments. Most never verify whether a site really is dofollow or not which is why I prefer dofollow certified blogs now. One option is the one displayed in my blog and there are others.

I recommend using the free SEOBook Toolbar to instantly see what is dofollow and what isn’t (on most blogs – some block that ability). You don’t have to check all the time – just check to see where your comments provide the most value.

I have Twitter lists for KeywordLuv, dofollow, and Top Commentator anyone can use and follow (use TweepML to make it fast) and a very popular DoFollow Tools and Lists post. Anyone who is truly dofollow and uses those plugins and wants on those lists only has to ask me. (ExtremeJohn is already on them and will be included in all lists I create.)
.-= GrowMap @Internet Strategist´s last blog ..MEME: LinkLuv to My Fav Bloggers Favs =-.

I really hate to be the person defending blogger but you don’t HAVE to log in unless the owner of the blog clicks registered users only.

Most of them if you hit the drill down thing will give you the option of Name/URL.

I also will not comment if it is too complicated.

My pet peeve are the blogs that come up with a clever phrase and you have to figure out what it is so you know what to click. Instead of Click here to comment, which btw I don’t like doing either, it’ll be share you opinion or something even worse.
.-= dwippy@dofollow blog list´s last blog ..Finding DoFollow Blogs =-.

@dwippy@dofollow blog list,
“Click here to comment” would be fine but most blogs say “No Comments” until the first comment is posted. Those who are new to reading blogs may interpret that as, no comments allowed.

I edited my theme to make the commenting language clear.
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@dwippy@dofollow blog list, Far too many Blogger blogs don’t have that option enabled. If they have Twitter accounts I Tweet at them recommending they turn it on if they want more comments. If they have that option I may comment; if they don’t I rarely waste my time trying to get logged in.
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16 Reasons Commenting on Your Blog Sucks…

Sometimes knowing the downsides of your blog actually helps you to know where you stand and what mistakes you are doing, and if taken positively you can surely improve on the short comings and improve your blog.

Extreme John’s post about the 16 reaso…

User experience should always be prioritized although not all people realize that, this post serves as a guideline.
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Commenting on my blog sucks cos I removed CommentLuv which wasn’t compatible with my SEO Super Comments plug-in. The white page issue is one that affects a lot of blogs and though I’ve fixed it on mine it appears from time to time. Till date no one’s sure of how to fix it. What I now do is I type out and save my comments in NotePad should in case Mr. Blank Page decides to visit.
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UPDATE: Thanks for your post on dofollow plug-ins. I finally settled for Lucia Linky Love and fixed the compatibility issues between Commentluv and SEO Super Comments. All three plug-ins are now fully functional on my blog.
.-= Udegbunam Chukwudi´s last blog ..Apologies and Comments Policy Reviewed (Again)! =-.

I don’t completely hate Captcha or it’s variants — except those that are IMPOSSIBLE to read and type in correctly. Augh!

Great list.
.-= Alison Moore Smith@Custom Dream Home´s last blog ..French Drains Protect Basements =-.

Nice post. Why not reward those that take the time to make comments on your website it helps you and attracts more of an audience.

Very valid points. Took lots of notes on this one.

I am guilty of number 13. And possibly 5 – if you have a slow connection.

But, if I didn’t have 13, I would have had a really really nasty spam message that slipped through Akismet the other day. It was bad, the kind that made my mouth drop open and that doesn’t happen often.

Other than that, I’m with you on the list! I had captchas. And ads that drop down on the screen right where I’m trying to comment.

John, Let’s not forget those A-list bloggers that don’t even allow comments. I think that really sucks. Then there are the ones that have like 129 comments and if you read them it would take 2 hours. 😯

Great post.
.-= ileane´s last blog ..Tag Surfer – Blogger vs. WordPress.com =-.

@ileane, haha this post isn’t very far from being one of those crazy long comment posts.

[…] blog post was inspired by Extreme John’s 16 Reasons Commenting On Your Blog Sucks! As bloggers it’s imperative that we help out other bloggers with comments and the likes […]

Are you looking to collaborative blogging where people contribute posts OR are you looking to just inform people about creative writing? There are blog services more geared toward “team or group blogging” than others, like WordPress. 👿

@electric heating uk, not really sure what your getting at? Sorry it’s still early. haha.

Very valid points. Bookmarking this post 😀
.-= TechChunks@Technolgy Latest News Updates´s last blog ..The Great Firewall Strikes Again! After IMDb now China Blocks Wired.com =-.

After all that, it would draw a lot of traffic to your blog if you start rewarding readers who spend their precious time commenting on your blog. Also it would add fame to your blog.

Extreme John,
This is a great tip! I am just new to the blogosphere and I really find this helpful. Thanks!
.-= Arden´s last blog ..Blogosphere : What Is It? =-.

Good points overall, but personally I disagree with number 7 on Disqus.

First off, I *think* (I am not sure) that you can have Disqus and still DoFollow although it´s not default.

Second, as a commenter, I like Disqus too. If I see other commentators I find interesting (as commentators), I can very quickly check what else they have written on Disqus enabled blogs simply by checking their Disqus profile. Pretty nice eye-opener for new blogs acually

Hi John
Got to admit my biggest turn off is… Your blog is a blogger blog (I hate logging in)
Drives me crazy.
Having read the post and composed something interesting to say, I then find that there is another hoop to jump through.
No way! I just leave the site.

I like to see the little red heart of CommentLuv on sites that I comment on, KeywordLuv is a bonus.
.-= Keith Davis@public speaking´s last blog ..A helping hand… =-.

I use a Captcha but it’s only 4 letters or numbers in Captials so it’s quite easy to read.I took it off for a few Days and had way too many Comments to filter because I was using Entrecard and many of the Visitors from such sources are very link hungry.As for the Blogs going white that is one of the reasons before I post a comment I always copy it to my clipboard because if the comment does not post I will have a draft to make my own opinion on it.This is not the first time that I have read this post but there is anohter reason that people are afraid to comment on posts that are older than a few days i wonder if someone could make some kind of union of bloggers who display some kind of Badge to Claim that they do not care if you comment on older posts just as long as it is keeping with the Topic of the post
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Maybe its just me, but I personally don’t understand all the paranoia surrounding comment spam. Is it really that difficult to remove unwanted comments? It seems to me that making users jump through hoops to post a comment is totally unnecessary and only serves to discourage people from posting comments at all. Most people won’t want to take the time to write a comment if there’s any doubt that it’ll actually be posted. One of the many reasons I love sites that use KeywordLuv! :)

I would have to agree Martha, remove it and move on. Thank you for taking the tiem to leave a great comment.

I’ve found that at times when I want to comment on a blog, I’ll either have to sign-in to, or create an account with some online service I’d otherwise never use. :( Even those times I do happen to be a member of the service that their blog requires being signed into, I still find it annoying to have to do so.

I agree Beverly, I hate the third party stuff that requires logins, etc.

I would have to agree with every point on the list. The most annoying one I find is when people use keywordluv as a plugin then make the links nofollow. What’s the point? It is like false advertising. A good backlink is the incentive for a good and valuable comment.

I have to say as a commentor the worse thing for me would be a website which is uber slow.

However on the other side of the coin I am guilty of point number 13, I also fear without checking posts first I will get loads of spam.

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