20 Funny Google Plus vs Facebook Gifs and Pics

GooglePlus is all the rage on the internet these days. Either you have an exclusive invite in to the world of Google Plus or you sit oblivious to its existence because you haven’t left Facebook in over a year. Assuming that most of my readers consist of a mix of small business owners, young entrepreneurs, customers, bloggers and social media addicts like myself it’s safe to say you probably have some clue of Google Plus and it’s existence. Over 20,000,000 people already use Google Plus while it’s in the final testing stages before it’s scheduled public release at the end of the month. Not too shabby Google.

Anyway, my good friend Chris Davies the mastermind behind the custom Google Plus profile url shortener and network builder GPlus5 is all over GooglePlus like an anaconda on a goat. Here’s a collection of funny Google+ vs Facebook animated gifs and pictures that Chris was nice enough to send my way via Skype.

Funny Google+ vs Facebook Images

Angry Birds Google+ Version

Angry Birds Google Plus Edition. – Click to enlarge

Google+ Destroys Facebook

Google +1 takes out the Facebook “like” button.

Google Gets Bully Facebook Back

Google will no longer be bullied by Facebook.

Creative Google Circles

Click to enlarge creative GooglePlus Circles.

Funny GooglePlus Dodgeball Facebook

Twitter changes it’s mind about blasting Google+ with a dodgeball and nails Facebook, in the face.

Social Media Evolution

The evolution of social media.

Facebook Funeral

Google+ carrying the Facebook casket.

Google Flames Facebook

Google+ flames Facebook in the Face.

Google+ Social Media Game Over

Nuff’ said..

Google+ Growth

Google Plus growth vs Facebook and Twitter. – Click to enlarge

Google Plus eats Facebook

G+ eats Facebook up.

Plus vs Facebook and MS

The GooglePlus ship has arrived.

GPlus First Gen

Not really a blast on Facebook, just fact. Connect with me on Google Plus.

Hot Google Girl

Just a hot Google girl pic

Faceboook to GooglePlus Losers Circle

Facebook gets added to the Google Plus “Losers” Circle

+1 Button Hits Facebook

Google +1 blasts Facebook in the back of the head.

Resized Google

Google Plus rear ends Facebook and Twitter barely misses being taken out – @extremejohn on Twitter

GooglePlus Traffic Jam

Facebook watches as the traffic crowds to be part of GooglePlus.

Twitter Fail to GooglePlus

Twitter #fail? No problem go to Google Plus. – Click to enlarge

Valuation Comic

GooglePlus steals Facebook’s valuation thunder in this comic.

Parting Shots

Big thanks to Chris for sending over most of the collection of funny Google Plus vs Facebook beat down images. If you haven’t already grabbed your custom Google+ url I suggest checking out GPlus5 and grabbing them while they are hot, and free. not to mention GPlus doesn’t get all up in your personal business like a lot of the other custom Google+ url generators out there.

Spill the Beans

Which GooglePlus vs Facebook image is your favorite? Comment and share. If you would like a Google+ invite please send me your email address using my contact form, if you inclue one of your interests I’ll add you to one of my Google Circles that fits you’re interested in most.

P.s. Don’t forget to slam that sexy +1 button one time for me

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Thanks for the post John, all of these made me smile and some definitely got a laugh. It’s great to see such creative and positive support of Google+ but I think that Google needs to be opening the site up to more people in order for these “beating up Facebook” gifs to become reality.

It might be very popular amongst people who are already involved in social media, but I think for the vast majority of people Facebook is still their main idea of what is a “social network” and Google needs to market theirs substantially to get regular people to move across.

There’s no question about it Jon and I can see it in my GooglePlus feed daily. I’ve invited every friend, every business contact, and everyone else I know yet my GooglePlus Bloggers Circle and my Social Networking Circles are my largest and busiest contributors to GPlus. I am starting to see more friends using it, still nothing on the family front except for my immediate family.

Aha, these are funny pics, WOW wonderful, I love G+ and still love FB too, 😀

Haha glad you like them Trung.

lol John, it’s really interesting how people reacted with Google plus, I think we needed a fresh blood and a change, the world is looking forward to the next revolution!

love these funny pics. after rivals such things will occur again and again.but i am sure Google+ and Facebook both will go on for a long period of time and no one knows that who will wins the race.

haha, happy you enjoyed the Google+ vs Facebook images.

I couldn’t help but watch the +1 hit facebook on the head over and over lol. They were all great and I got another laugh at the end when facebook says, ” They made a movie about me.” and the other guy says , “Dude sell before it’s too late “

Haha there’s a funny Tom from MySpace meets Mark from Facebook parody video out there, has them meeting in a bar. I’ll have to try and find it and get it posted.

I really LOL-ed at some of the pics!Haha. Let’s see whether Google+ will eat up Facebook or not in 1 year time.

Time will tell, once the Google+ flood gates open and the opportunity is there for everyone and anyone to be on Google+ that’s when we will see if everyday Facebook users are willing to vacate and head towards Google+.

definately I wanna see it?

Ha Ha, great collection of images John. although i must say I do like the Google +1 blasts Facebook in the back of the head and the hot google girl pic. Nice post

Haha I love the blasting in the back of the head gif too, haha. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and please don’t hesitate to send the Google girl this way :)

LMFAO!!! I love the pics man.

Glad you like them bro, thanks for reading and retweeting I appreciate it.

You welcome, you got the coolest post ideas. How can I not share them? lol

Haha I wouldn’t go that far, but thank you. It’s appreciated.

:) I like the pic with the two nerds and the hot blonde in the middle…On a more serious note, I don’t thing the G+ means the end for facebook or twitter. Please remember that to much power can turn a good company evil.

LOL nice pictures, i believe Google + going to destroy Facebook in the coming years. I am still us FB but a new social media always be well received.

Thanks. Google+ has a long way to go before it’s at the Facebook level of social media. One thing is very clear about G+… The techies, bloggers, Googlers and social networking people dominate the current 20+ million GooglePlus users, where-as family, friends and co-workers seem to care less about being invited and seem to generally show no interest in G+. That’s for now, time will tell as more blogs, more hype and more users begin to use Plus.

John you have posted very interesting and funny images.I think these days Google + is King in Social Media.

Happy you enjoyed the images Nawaz, I think Google Plus has a little ways to go before it’s a social media king.

Haha. Very nice animations. Angry birds is my favorite game so that is the best. That graph is amazing how fast it has grown but it’s really interestig to see how the graph is going to continue when the service going to open to everyone.

Time will be the ultimate tell all for this GooglePlus v Facebook battle. I like the Angry Birds one also, it cracks me up.

What a great selection of images John!

My favourite? Well, it’s a tricky one…

It’s got to be between:
The evolution of social media.
Google Plus growth vs Facebook and Twitter.
Google Plus rear ends Facebook and Twitter barely misses being taken out. Facebook watches as the traffic crowds to be part of GooglePlus.

I feel sorry for Twitter in all this, as in the “Google Plus rear ends Facebook and Twitter barely misses being taken out.” – Twitter is for microbloggers, Facebook is for… well social networkers?

Twitter is a whole different ball game – in my opinion.

I had a discussion with one of my Twitter followers yesterday in regards to my “7 Reasons I Prefer Google+ Over Facebook”, he was very upset I didn’t include Twitter in the mix. I tried to explain to him that MY usage of the various social networks doesn’t have me place Twitter in the same category of Facebook and GPlus, it took a little discussion but he realized why I didn’t include Twitter at the end. So, I agree Christopher. Thanks for ready and commenting.

Good stuff, thanks for the laugh today John! I really liked the Google+1 subway eating the Facebookers.

Lol nerd humour when its at its best 😀

How are the gifs holding up? lol
Didnt quite work out?

Awww how cute, a web troll.

Didn’t work out why? Because your head is still up Facebook’s ever failing ass?

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