22 Things About Me You May or May Not Know

As many of you that read my blog on a daily basis already know, besides being a small business and social media addict I also read and interact with various business owners and bloggers from around the web. Just recently I stopped by Nitty Gritty and came across Ingrid’s post, “17 Things About Me, If You’re Curious to Know“, the post also served as Ingrid’s birthday post. Happy Birthday Ingrid!

After reading Ingrid’s post I figured I would take a stab at a post just like it. Thanks for the idea Ingrid.

Things About Me You Might Know

1. Hockey

My all time favorite sport to play as a kid and I still love going to games now.

2. Cars

To say that I’m a car addict wouldn’t be giving it any justice. I’m going to name cars I’ve had until I can’t remember anymore, I didn’t write these down ahead of time. 71′ Chevy Nova, 70′ VW Beetle, 76′ Monarch, Escort (yr ?), red Mustang GT 5.0, yellow Mustang GT, Rousch Stage 3 Mustang 21 of 120, Probe GT, Escalade EXT, Escalade limo, H2 limo, Ford F-650 limo, Mercedes SL55, Mercedes SL63 AMG, GL550 AMG, Chevy Caprice, Ford Ranger, Mercedes C230, Acura Integra and Nissan Ultima.

Mercedes Benz

3. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

I’ve been watching since UFC 1 and wouldn’t miss a UFC event if you paid me to. OK, depends on how much your paying. Anyway, I post UFC predictions and have an MMA blog, MMA Punk.com

4. Video

I once filmed this dumb video series “A Day in the Life of Extreme John“, at one time I really thought it was pretty cool. Now that I look back on it, it’s once of the dumbest things ever.

5. Reality Shows

We had two very small chances to be on a reality show come our way over the last few years. We turned both down, I would prefer to see a true reality show on Extreme Tan and Smoothies and specific associates.

6. School

Eeek. I was terrible at every stage of school, elementary, middle, high school, night school, detention, suspension and any other part you can name. Insanity set in at some point and I enjoyed a short less than 10 week stint at Suffolk Community College in NY. I can’t remember attending any more then 5 classes the entire time I was on the books, as a matter of fact I think getting the paperwork done took longer than how long I lasted there.

P.s. My parents once went to Florida and left me in control of the house in my Junior year of high school. Can anyone guess what kind of a disaster that turned out to be?

7. Coming Up

I think I had something like 11 jobs by the time I finally settled into a long stint with Home Depot that lasted almost a solid 10 years. I did get recruited by Staples towards the end of my Home Depot career, while at Staples I ran the companies only multi level location at the time in Bayridge Brooklyn. I was asked to go to that location to “help”, I was there less then an hour when they asked me if I would run the location until they found a replacement. I said yes.

I commuted 1:45+ minutes each way to that Staples location.

8. Family

I love them to death, which is exactly why I limit how much I talk about them on my blog.

9. Crowds

There was a time that crowds never bothered me, over the last few years there’s nothing I hate more then crowds or being around large groups of people I don’t know. Especially if they seem to know me, it’s weird.

10. House Hermit

I’m not really sure why, but I pretty much never go to other people’s houses. I cant really remember when that started, but I know it started a long time ago.

11. Tunes

Everything I listen to now consists of Hip Hop or Rap, music I was turned on to thanks of LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” album. I think at that time I was the only kid on earth with walls plastered in Motley Crue posters and the LL Cool J album kickin’ in the background. I’m still a huge Crue fan even if I don’t listen to it now (still know the words).

12. Dancing

If I get smashed enough I’ll do it, I’m not good at it but I’m sure I act like I am while I throw the hand up for the fist pump. Something I was doing long before the Jersey Shore kids, just ask anyone from Suffolk County.

13. Computers

I’ve been addicted ever since the second I saw a Commodore 64. I use to run a BBS that would crank my parents phone bill into the range of $600, back when I was a kid (decades ago) that was a serious phone bill, and man did I catch shit for it. Little did my parents know, my addiction to computers would carry on well into adulthood and be my main source of income for many years.

14. Travel

I’m a weird guy to travel with, it’s always last minute and never well planned out. Once I arrive someplace like Las Vegas, Aruba, Chicago or wherever… I tend to stay there longer then I’m suppose to. I’ve been known to extend trips from 3 days to 17 days just because I hated the idea of flying home, I hate flying.

15. Entrepreneur

In addition to being the founder of Extreme Tan and Smoothies, Inc, Insane Limos, Inc., and recently Extreme Spray Tan, Inc., I am also the founder of businesses like MMA Cafe, Inc. and Creative Web Concepts, Inc. and own the Trademarks to multiple companies. As much as I would love the idea of sitting in a massive multi-million dollar house in Breckenridge Colorado spending time with the family and laughing over some good drinks, the fact is I would probably own 50 businesses if I could.

16. Internet Marketing

A lot of people that subscribe to my RSS feed think that I’m somewhat new at this internet thing. Fact is I have over 10 years of experience on the internet, those experiences range from basic web design to large scale affiliate programs, not one but two and at the same time.

17. Patience

I have none. On any given day around 7am you can see my patientless (that’s not a word) antics as I drive with Florida’s finest on my trek into the office.

18. Banged Up

I have this stupid ass ankle injury that seems to keep coming back, if you remember I recently gave it a little twist while taking a picture in Las Vegas. No, I wasn’t in the picture, I managed to sprain my dumb ankle while trying to get the perfect angle.

I once ended up getting stitches in my left hand thanks to the pretty sweet bone deep cut I received while reinacting a part from the Kiss movie. Some of you might remember that.

19. Condiments

I hate them. Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard… just typing the words makes me want to puke. Just for the record I don’t consider BBQ sauce or salt a condiment, and under no circumstance will I ever put hot wings near my trap.

20. Extreme John

The name was given to me by a few people I did business with back in the day when I started one of our first companies. The name was given due to the amount of Jager shots I would continue ti rifle at anyone willing to drink them with me. What up Romeo!

21. Insanity

By now there’s a good chance you noticed the picture in the header of me in a straight jacket. The picture is actually from the TV commercial I did for Insane Limos, a limousine company I founded a few years back. All though the straight jacket fits the “Insane” name very well, it also has a lot to do with the fact that I’m just a tad bit insane from time to time, or in some cases daily.

22. Florida

I’ll probably write a post one day sharing the 100 or so things I complain about in regards to Florida on a daily basis.

O.k this is starting to get old. Let’s hear something about you that we may or may not know, leave a comment with something you want to share.

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Although I am quite new into your blog, but I have had seen you many times in twitter and other blogs and finally few days back I jumped to your blog and like it.
It’s good to know more about you and it’s a good practice as a blogger to let your readers know more about you. This increases the trust and relationship with your loyal visitors.

Well thanks again for a great comment Das and it’s nice to see that you decided to come by and check the place out, hopefully you stick around a while :)

Starting to get to know you more now John!

I guess I should post some stuff about myself…

1. I was a big fan of the Power Rangers as a kid, when I grew up it was going to be my daily job being a Red Ranger.

2. As a kid I hated every aspect of School and people would say I would look back on my school life and say it was the best time of my life… I look back today and still say school sucked. Ha.

3. My favorite alchoholic drinks would be John Smiths, Boddingtons or Guiness… Im not much of a fan of Larger, and I hate cheap beers.

4. Im a online gamer addict.

5. I dont like to go out much, im not a person who goes out every weekend just to get wasted. If I wanna get wasted I will do it at home with some friends over watching movies or gaming.

5. I hate it when people stare at me when im out with my Wife (or whoever im with), children I dont mind, since its hard for them to understand im a dwarf, but adults sometimes I give them the finger that usualy makes them take their eyes off me.

6. Before I was married I used to love going to local bars back when I lived in the UK just to get attention from good looking ladies, we would sit down and just drink ourselfs stupid until I dont remember what happened at the end of those nights. *wink*

Hey Phil, awesome comment I really appreciate you taking the time to leave an awesome comment like that. Looks like this post served as a great way to introduce one another, I will have to thank Ingrid again for the idea.

Number 6 is pretty funny, hehe.

I’ve always wanted a reality show about managers at AT&T. The corporate politics that went on there would make The Prince weep with admiration…

I can only imagine, especially in tht Corporate of an environment.

Awesome stuff John!

I had no idea you were a Home Depot guy, let alone for 10yrs! I love HD, and used them for all my lumber when I had my fence contracting business, they just treated me better, and were all about solving my problems when they arose. Can’t seem to get that from Lowes!

Thanks Keith.

I would have to attribute a tremendous amount of my success and failure to my experience with Home Depot, truly had the chance to be surrounded by some of the most intelligent people in business. It was always about the customer service.

Man , you are a lucky guy , i would love to stay in that house of yours and drive those cars you know , but i guess you deserved it .

Lots of work ,huh ?

Thank you for commenting, yeah it def. took a little bit of work. 😆

How fun! This post gives me more reality on you.

The idea of owning 50 business scares the heck out of me. One big business is enough!

Home Depots customer service is the best. That is the reason I shop there. It is nice to learn from a great management team. Right now I belong to a business expansion group that is headed by a top entrepreneur, this has been one of my most successful actions.

That’s fantastic news, it has to be a great feeling to know that your in a comfortable position that’s moving forward. Thank you for taking the time to leave a great comment.

I liked the Day in the Life Videos! They were not dumb at all. 8)

Well thank you, I didn’t realize anyone actually watched those :)

I just laughed out loud with #3 and you are pretty weird dude!

Anyway, weird things about me are:

I like the smell of gasoline
I don’t go to movie theaters and I hate watching movie with someone, I watch alone
and when I cook, I don’t share, I eat it alone (lol)

You like the smell of gasoline and I’m the weird dude? Haha. I’m not gonna lie, I like the way gasoline smells every once in a while too.

Dude, I really enjoyed the “Day in the Life of Extreme John” series. It was cool. Don’t sweat it.

From my end, I collect celebrity autographs and have watched the UFC from day one as well.

I appreciate that, all though it just seems really weird and def cheesy as hell to me. It would be so different if I did it again today… so different.

I have a great passion for cars. I thought of me at number six.

What’s your favorite car Rogerio?

Hiya John,

First and foremost, thank you for the mention and credit. I’m really happy that you took a crack at this kind of post and even happier that I was some sort of inspiration to you :)). And of course, you are most welcome for the idea. We all get out article ideas from somewhere or someone after all! I was inspired to write mine after I read a few of them myself.

I can totally relate to your #14 – Travel. I do the whole last minute thing as well. And I can rarely recall a time when I flew back home on the day that my ticket was originally booked for. I tend to postpone 7 out of 10 times, not because I don’t like to fly, but because I’m usually happy where I am and prolong going back to real life as much as I can lol.

I also love cars and know quite a bit about them – for a girl, that is lol :). Nice collection you’ve gone through!

Great post, fun read! It’s nice getting to know a little more about you.
I hope that with this post here, you will have inspired even more people to write one that’s similar.

Thanks again for shout out! Much appreciated and very cool of you :)!
Cheers Mr. Extreme

My pleasure and thanks for stopping by to comment I appreciate it, and of course the idea to do the post :)

Who knows maybe you triggered a “Things You Don’t Know About Me” blogger chain.

One of my best favourite is also car and i love Mercedes as well. But i dont own any Mercedes car at the moment. I wish i just can have a half of your car collection.

Fantastic post.
In my life – before everything comes family. But, then….

2. point is the killer. I become extremely irrational when it comes to cars. In my life, I have had BMW M3 (I bought it brand new, and I set a speed record with it on a regular road 183 MPH). I had Porsche Cayenne S and Mercedes CLS 500. My next car will be Porsche Cayenne Turbo S… and of course Ferrari 599 GTB.

Those are some pretty incredible cars that’s for sure, wouldn’t mind playing with the Ferrari a little bit, never really been a Porsche guy.

You did not say how OLD you are John, or your Ethnic background ?
But judging from the Cars, you seem younger then me (age 56)
Like you, I do not suffer from Insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!
Thanks for the insight into you, I can surely relate.
In my mind, you are a cool dude, and I enjoy your Blog very much.

I appreciate that Chris and def appreciate anytime you stop by, you always get involved in the conversation and you’ve even managed to spark a few boring posts up and get some comments rolling 😉


EJ are you Fuckin with me?
This list hits so close to home it’s Insane.
4,5,16,19,21 don’t apply to me but the rest totally hit home.
Probe GT, Commodore 64, House Hermit, Crowds, Love hockey and now LOVE MMA since you n James got me hooked.
#18. Banged up, came to me VIA Andre, thanks for the stripper pole idea.
#14. Travel, I feel the same but can’t addord it.
#7. Coming up – I was inspired and gained alot of my drive and ideas from my former Employer also. Car Tunes (thanks Shawn n Darcy)
My listed would consist of:
1. I have never watched an episode of The Simpsons or any other animated TV show.
2. I hate Reality TV. TOTALLY HATE Them…
3. I hate Lima Beans.
4. I would live on a Cruise Ship the rest of my life if I could
(not Carnival, haha)
5. My brother is married to a dude and his name used to be John.

How can anyone not be inspired by Sean and Darcy and 25+ years of top notch business that earns nothing but long term customers and respect. I would love to get Sean and Darcy drunk one night and listen to them tell stories for a few hours, would be awesome.

Now on a side note. Stop stalking me.

Lets get’em liquored up for sure.
Darcy sure has some stories.

Every time talk to Darcy she has an awesome story. Sean’s a maniac.

Your weird that is why I like you :)
Nice to see so many people commenting
I need to get back into blogging
Hope you have an awesome weekend

Thanks John I hope you have a great weekend as well, it was nice seeing you come back through and take the time to leave a comment. I appreciate that.

P.s. If you think I’m weird…. *cough*

You and I have the sprained ankles in common. Sports and carrying laundry down the steps are the two most common… OH, and tripping into the street in downtown Mexico City, Mexico in what I think looked like a Shamu whale landing. Yep… hopeless me…lol

Insanity – I think people here in Southern IL have dubbed me very strange, and only because I have multiple piercings, 3 alone on my face…. rest ears and… well, leave it at that for now…lol.


Tunes – same if I get out to St. Louis. All the stations suck where I live. *le sigh*

Crue – Motley Crue? I believe Nikki Sixx has his own band and last time I heard, it was pretty good. You might laugh, but I went to a Kansas concert in October and felt pretty young. I loved it though as they are one of those bands that sound great live.

Oh wow you have to be careful falling down in Mexico, they’ll run you over, consider you a speed bump and keep on truckin. You should see what it’s like when I go to Mexico, my hair literrally causes places to empty out and cars to stop dead in the street to comment. It’s pretty weird. As for the ankle, once it’s done in… it seems to happen more frequently, I hate it.

Ahh insanity based on looks. I’m right there with you Nile, 3 in my face. Not to mention I have one of those new Dermal Piercing and that seems to weird people out in itself.

Nope, I won’t laugh about going to see Kansas, I’m willing to bet you appreciated seeing them way more then you would have had you seen them when you were much younger. As for Nikki, I believe your right. Someone also told me he has a reality show coming out, that might be crap but who knows.

Hi John. Woah, nice cars. I would love any AMG Merc. Insurance is just too expensive in England to afford one….boo. Closest thing to that sort of power is my Honda Hornet :(

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Honda Hornet, as for the insurance… it’s ridiculous, especially since there’s only one insurance company in Florida that will insure the Mercedes SL63.

John how is it possible to be good manager without patience. It is very good that you also know your weakness. I think to fly high in the sky ( Business ), develop an ingredient of patience.

I guess like every good manager, I have weaknesses . Mine being no patience. Welcome to the insane world of me.

@john Weakness is an entity that makes the professional successful ( if cured ) and I think you should take it seriously so that you can cash each and every dollar.

It’s probably important to note that my most impatient areas typically involve deliveries, orders, etc.

Hmmm, no. I’m really just not patient. I try, but the Italian and Spanish in me don’t allow for it I guess.

Great stuff here John, and you definitely have been around doing this type of thing for a long while. I’m not about to go through this process again, so I’ll stick with a post I wrote awhile ago on 7 things people don’t know about me.

Thanks for throwing a link in there Mitch.

I’ll def stop by and check out the 7 things I don’t know about you.

By the way, I wrote the comment about doing the 7 things; not sure why my name didn’t show.

Haha, you had a very nice car collection, John. What cars do you like the best? I bet that will be three Mercedes you have taken the picture, right? They’re totally awesome, John.

Hi Mike and thanks for taking the time to comment, I would have to say my favorite is the Mercedes SL63. So much fun to drive.

Just can’t stop blushing man! I guess you missed something out… which is how you flow with em pretty gals :D. Nice post man. just stumbled on your blog today..nice blog you have. keep up the good work.

Spray tanning bidness in Florida? I think I saw one of your customers on TV a while back. I think his name was Charlie Crist…

Yeah not one of my customers, not sure who’s doing that. As for a spray tan business in Florida, imagine that. Some people actually see the real dangers of over-exposure to the sun vs just buying the governments story that tanning beds cause all the damage, people here are getting smart to the constant sun burns.

Dude. I have very, very seldom come across someone who shares my views on sauces. I HATE mustard, mayonaise, and ketchup, but barbecue sauce is great. Wow. I’m glad we could share this.

Also, I think it’s hilarious that you hate Florida so much. Looking forward to that post :)

I would have to agree there’s not many people that share my same views on condiments.

I certainly don’t! lol Not only do I love condiments, but dude, you don’t get to take barbecue sauce away from condiments. Go to any grocery store and where will you find barbecue sauce? Right next to the ketchup! lol

I’ve already removed BBQ sauce from my mental condiments list sir.

So does that mean you like BBQ sauce, since you do not consider it a condiment?

hmm lets see thing people may not know about me
1. i’ve worked for john at extreme tan and smoothies since i was 15
turning 16 im now going to be 21 january 9th.most of the things he postedi already knew it was def. a fun read ( you should see his face if someone puts mayo on their sandwitch lol priceless! :)

2.i’ve only had 3 jobs in my life just for the fact that when i work some where i tend to stay for a while taking in and learning what i can from who i can unless i cant stand it (hated my 2nd job subway not because of the job itself but because of the enviroment, my boss never mind that i was doing her job until the owner noticed, then she couldnt stand me haha dont hate lady im tryin to move up in the world!)

3.my first job was at big lots working for my grandmother when i was 13 pricing cleaning exc. i’ve never complained about an honest days work honestly i enjoy it i cant stand playing house wife i prefer to juggle both

4. “i am a workaholic”
i strive for prefection though perfection is nearly impossible and though the end may not justify the means i set high standerds for my self and intend to always meet them.

5. if you bark at me i bite back grr haha:i fight for what/or who i believe in and i would never demand respect if i felt i didnt deserve it, dont demand something ask me and you’ll get what you ask for

6. i have a 2 year old mini me who is my everything (gosh im screwed) my mother always told me that if i had a daughter she hoped she would be just like me so i could get a taste of what i put her threw good thing i know myself pretty well and can handle my princess but still “thnakx for the curse ma!”

7 my favorite drink is a double red headed slut if you havent tried it order it next time you go to the bar!addicting…….

8.my favorite cars are mercedes (im in love with your car big dawg) and mustangs for the fact that i just look so good driving them

9. i love mayo sorry john i know your cringing right now i hate salt nd loooove pepper on everything

10. ive always wanted black hair love it i think its hot just think it would make me look meaner then i already do (not so good if you work in customer service)

11. i’ve had an obsession with vampires my whole life, not because of twilight! i thinks its for the fact that i their dark seductive and i wouldnt mind biting a few peoples heads of and spitting it back at them people who really know me think that a vampire is my alterego

12.i hated school! i knew it was important and it wasnt that i didnt like to learn, i made honor roll or straight A’s, won pride awards for writing i just didnt like the drama bull s**** and my teachers, besides a select few most didnt want me in their class they couldnt stand me. i was the bully who picked on bullies, never hung with clicks but ung with select people from every group which is why kids hated me. i went to five high schools and got my GED when i was 16

13. i love to spread positive energy i cant stand when poeple are upset,even if i’m not in the greatest mood i’ll be goofy until you smile!

12. i love art i’ve painted since i could remember but have never showed anyone my art work unless they stumbeled across it some how

alright im done off to work loved the post john hope to see you soon!

hi Melbbbbbbbaaaaa!!!!! For those of you that don’t know, Melba is a key player at Extreme Tan and Smoothies and that puts it lightly. Search “Melba” in the search box or look for the sexy vampire in the Halloween Costume contest pictures.

Wow Melba I had no idea that you liked art as much as you do, I knew the vampire bit and just about everything else with the exception of salt. How can you hate salt? Salt is special!!! Thank you so much for stopping by Melba and leaving such a kick ass “things we didn’t know” about you. You rock!

I lived in Seattle back in the early 80’s John, and used to drive up to Vancouver, BC for the weekends. You get very little Sun in The Northwest part of North America. in Vancouver, an OTC Product called Oro Bronze was sold. It contained Canthaxathin , hope I spelled it right ? You ate it, and it gave you a Suntan ! I bought some, took it back to Seattle, and had my Chemist knock it off. We made our own product (had it made down in Los Angeles), and sold it through ads in Playgirl magazine, among others. Made about 150,000 gross sales in 3 months before the FDA shut us down!

That sounds like a wild ride right there. The shut down had to bite, but you knew it was coming I guess right?

Love this! I actually just came across my post that I did a year or 2 ago about the 101 things about me (it was some thing going around on Facebook at that time and I turned it into a post) I think I only had like 60 something because I’m not sure there are 101 fascinating things about me :)

I totally have the same fear/dislike of crowds as you. I get ridiculously clausterphobic if there are lots of people around me.
But I’m a condiment-aholic. I love almost all of them. And you know I love wings :)

Holy crap, 101 things? I couldn’t even imagine reading 101 things never mind answering or writing 101 things. How long did that take?

How personal?

Okay, I won’t go there.

I think I’ve outgrown Atlanta and am ready to get out of here … I want to go out west and many have heard about my talk of Denver but now I’m not too certain about going that route. I’m one of the most flightiest people I know.

Oh yeah, I’d love to travel with you! I don’t mind flying but I like the idea of extending trips. :-)

I’m new to your site – but wanted to add that I totally get that commute you did. Once I lived in Fort Green, Brooklyn and commuted to the Bronx everyday by car for a job. Let’s just say I could sing every song on the radio in 3 days!


Thanks for stopping by Lisa. How long was your commute from Fort Green Brooklyn to the Bronx? Where I’m from in NY we call Brooklyn the Bronx :)

OMG, You’re multi-talent celebrity buddy :p How can you focus on so many things! You’re an excellent designer if you designed this blog too!

Hi Paven, thank you but no I didn’t do the design here. I wish.

Good read John, but some unanswered questions remain.
How OLD are u ?
Nationality Please ?
IS there a 560 hp CADILLAC in your future ?

Great car collection man, and I’m also a huge fan of hockey! Go wings.

Ahhh the Red Wings, not a bad call thats for sure. Thank you.

I did not know any of the 22 things you mentioned as I am new here. This is a nice way to introduce yourself to new blog readers!

Welcome to Extreme John.com Aaron and thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

Motley Crue, LL & Madonna were plastered on my walls.
Those were the days!
Madonna still looking pretty damn good @ 52 :)

Hey, came across your blog when searching for an extreme tan franchise. I currently tan (spray tan) @ your location in Pinellas park. I am intrested in openin opening a salon. W
hat are start up cost, and are you public?

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