25 Wordpress Plugins You Might Dig

It’s been a hot minute since I posted a big list of WordPress plugins that I recommend for new bloggers or just about any blogger from new blog to old. If I remember correctly my last list of WordPress plugins post was “10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Newbie Bloggers“, I would explain what it’s about but the title pretty much says it all.

I honestly have no idea how long this post is going to take, I am going to assume it will be a while before I get it done especially with the all of the exciting interruptions that typically occur on any given night in our house. It’s now 5:58pm and I don’t plan on stopping until this post is done, at the end of it I will close the post out with what the current time is.

Anyway, the list of plugins below is about 1/2 of the plugins I currently use here on Extreme John at any given point in time, these were the plugins that I felt would be decent to share with you. Who knows you might find something in my list of WordPress plugins that you want to use on your blog, I tried to put them into some kind of category as well. Why? I have no idea, anyway enjoy.

25 WordPress Plugins You Might Dig

1. Akismet 2.2.6

If your looking to staop spam on your WordPress blog this is the bad boy that will get the job done and stop dumb spam comments.

2. aLinks 1.0rc2

If you really want to ace deep linking on your blog this plugin can make it easier, choose specific keywords and slap your target link in place. Depending on your settings aLinks will automatically link your keywords to a link of your choice. Example: The first time I have the text “backlinks” it automatically links it to the post that it corresponds with, pretty sexy plugin huh? Better yet my settings won’t do it again, see… backlinks. Told ya.

3. All in One SEO Pack

I no longer have a need for this plugin due to the fact that  I use Thesis Theme here on EJ and it has plenty of SEO friendly options and optimization abilities, however not everyone has Thesis. If your not running Thesis Theme on your WordPress blog, I highly recommend getting this installed right away if you plan on generating any serious search engine traffic.

4. CommentLuv

You can see this kick ass plugin in use here on Extreme John just check out the comments for this post below. I like this plugin so much I did a CommentLuv Project, truly a brilliant way to expose your articles to others.

5. Custom Smilies 2.8 beta


This plugin really seems like it might serve no real purpose, however look at any of the comments on my blog and you will see that it increases interaction and certainly adds to the personality of a comment. See 💡

6. DoFollow 4.0

Reward or better yet encourage people to leave a comment with this plugin, it will reward your blog contributors with some backlink luv.

7. Instant Weekly RoundUp

This plugin takes the hard work out of doing a weekly blog recap, I wrote a post titled “10 Reasons You Should Do a Weekly Recap on Your Blog” that you should probably check out. Right about now I wish there was a WordPress plugin recap that I could slap in here.

8. KeywordLuv 1.03

Reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords, in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text. Look through the comments here and you will see an example of this plugin in action.

9. My Top Commentators


Shows some appreciation to the people that make your blog interactive and add to your blogging community by displaying their name in your sidebar, look in my sidebar you will see my the 10 Big Mouths here.

10. NexGen Gallery

A pretty sweet photo album plugin and manager for your WordPress blog, you can even slap some rotating pictures in your sidebar for everyone to check out. Look in my sidebar and you will see the random pictures from my various picture albums.

11. No Self Pings 0.2

Nothing pisses me off more than when I link to a blog post within my own site and it shows up as a trackback in my comments section, by far one of the dumbest WordPress things in my opinion. This stops that crap from happening.

12. Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu 3.3.4


A pimp is a pimp, pimp out your WordPress dashboard with this plugin that changes the navigation in the admin area from the left to the top, and it handles sub categories with a nice clean drop down menu display. You can even change the colors of your navbar while your at it.

13. Post Template 3.4.0

A plugin that allows you to create post templates in order to save time writing posts having the same structure.

14. Subscribe to Comments

I’m not really sure why I use this plugin, I guess I use it because I like to think we have interesting topics here that people might want to follow the comment field of, but seriously who am I kidding? Anyway, this makes it a snap for your guests to subscribe to the comments for a specific post.

15. Thank Me Later

Setup and automatically send a custom thank you message to a first time commenter on your blog, it’s a great way of showing your appreciation to someone that leaves a comment.

16. Tweetmeme Retweet Plugin

Makes it simple for others to share your content and blog posts on the popular social networking and micro-blogging site Twitter, that is of course assuming you write things that people want to share 😉

17. Twitter for WordPress

A lot of people write me and ask me how I display my Twitter messages in the sidebar of my WordPress blog, this plugin makes it all possible and is VERY simple to implement. Within a few short minutes your Twitter messages will be displayed for your readers in your sidebar.

18. Twittify

This plugin is a lot like the aLinks plugin at the top of this list, the only difference is that it doesn’t require any action on your part once you install this plugin. This plugin will automatically link Twitter usernames and Twitter #hashtags, it automatically links @extremejohn and connects it to my Twitter account.

19. WordPress Popular Posts


You know you want a chance to show off, this is your chance to do it. Show off your most popular posts in the sidebar of your blog, you can see it here under Hot Topics.

20. WordPress Threaded Comments

Make it easy for your guests and contributors to interact with each other with a convenient “reply” button under each comment. The reply button keeps your response right under the person you were replying to. Sweet interaction.

21. WP-Polls

This makes it easy for you to get feedback from your readers with a simple voting poll style system. This plugin slows my blog down considerably so I no longer use it in my sidebar (you can), I also prefer for my readers to leave comments instead of clicking a poll button.

22. Post Views WordPress Plugin


This plugin limits how often I check stats on Google Analytics, it gives me a quick snapshot of how many views each post has right in the post view as well as on the main page of my blog. My settings only display to registers users and admin here on ExtremeJohn.com

23. WordPress Thumbie


Scroll down and you will see that I manually places Thumbie into the footer of each of my single post view pages, you can also place Thumbie in your sidebar or just about anywhere else.

24. WP Greet Box Plugin

If you came here from Google, Bing or just about any other sharing or bookmarking site this plugin probably displayed a welcome message to you, along with some information about how to subscribe to my rss feed.

25. WP Twitip ID

This plugin give your guests the option of sharing their Twitter username in their comment field when they comment on a post, not really sure how useful this plugin really is but my addiction makes me keep it installed.

I hope you found this list of plugins somewhat useful or at least found something in this pile that you were able to use or learn from, if you have a WordPress plugin that you like and didn’t see on the list please leave a comment and share a link to the plugin so we can check it out.

Oh yeah, closing this bad boy out it’s now 8:06pm and this post is a wrap.

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A lot of those I knew about, but excited to see some that I didn’t know about! Might have to test a few of them out.
.-= Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee´s last blog ..Barista On Duty Coffee Giveway =-.

@Mike from Daily Shot Of Coffee, be sure to stop back and let everyone know which ones you liked and why :)

Thanks for the list bro, I’m gonna give the SEO pack and the threaded comments a try…is it just me or is the BE not setup for this article? (tried to vote but nothing shows up)

@Alan @ Glass Pipes, the best part about Threaded Comments plugin is being able to reply directly in the admin.

Wow I can’t found the alink plugin on the net and now you share it, thanks a lot John! Between, do you link to the right source? I couldn’t found the download link or the plugin in the site (semperfiwebdesign.com).

And I’m curious why my blog couldn’t be a dofollow blog even though I’ve installed and activated the DoFollow plugin, did I miss out any step?

.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..Make Money Blogging Guide For Beginners =-.

Holy hell! I had no idea you had so many plugins running on this site :) I guess lookng around properly I would have been able to guess, but at first glance it doesn’t seem true heh heh
.-= Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

@Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge, I typically fluctuate. I did find that installing the Thesis Theme allowed me to get rid of like 10 plugins, that was nice.

25 WordPress Plugins You Might Dig…

25 Very helpful plugins for WordPress Bloggers…

A nice of plugins you have listed.

I’m using a few of them, but not all. I do my best to minimize my plugins. At one stage it was under 20, but now it’s just under 30.

I would suggest TwitterLink plugin and maybe remove All in One SEO as thesis has all that info already. This post is definitely going on next weeks roundup 😉
.-= George Serradinho´s last blog ..Enhance Your Featured Posts using Smooth Slider WordPress Plugin =-.

@George Serradinho, I have a few of my blogs that only have a select few plugins, I find that it depends on what I am trying to do with a blog that dictates what plugins I need or want.

Wow almost 2 hrs to complete this post…It’s a long list over here. Some of them I don’t use..it would be great to try some of these, especially the Custom Smilies and aLinks plugin will surely help me. Unfortunately I removed Comment luv plugin it didn’t worked though Andy helped me a lot, anyways I don’t want to keep bragging about it, atleast I tried fixing it :)
.-= Nehh´s last blog ..Jennifer Lopez fall down on her ass during AMA performance =-.

@Nehh, I plan on doing a tutorial on really customizing your smilies I just have yet to get down to it.

Thanks for this impressive list of wordpress plugins John. Some of them I already use, some I might try in the future.

One thing I don’t like about plugins generally is that when a new plugin update is available, sometimes, you have to reconfigure it to work properly. Some of the plugins have their own “mind” and they “decide” not to work sometimes. Upgrading a plugin might be a pain in the @** sometimes since it could reset all your previous settings.

There are some plugins that are necessary for any serious blog like navigation plugins or categories plugins. Even if they work, sometimes they don’t work the way you’d like, and it sometimes happen for a plugin upgrade to remove some of the functionality it had previously.

But you can not have them all it seems.

Overall I find your list well balanced and usefull for any serious blogger wanabe. Thanks for sharing.
.-= Car News and Reviews´s last blog ..Mercedes Benz S 400 HYBRID. Driving on the Road to the Future =-.

@Car News and Reviews, your exactly right. As much fun as WordPress Plugins might be they still can cause some headaches, I have learned my fair share thats for sure.

Cool list john, discovered some new stuff here! This post is retweeted and blogengaged by the rules of Texas :)
.-= Hesham @FamousBloggers´s last blog ..55 Famous Bloggers Interviews in one Place Between your Hands =-.

@Hesham @FamousBloggers, haha I appreciate it by the rules of Texas or anywhere else. Thank you.

John, good list and good post. I like me a good plugin post! Using about 80% of the ones you mentioned. Will rake a look at slinks , looks like a good one.
.-= Tycoon blogger @promote your blog´s last blog ..5 things Adam Lambert could teach you about blogging =-.

@Tycoon blogger @promote your blog, aLinks is very helpful bro I think you’ll like it.

Great list you got to love wordpress so many plug-in and most are free. I will have to try some of these. I must say a bunch list here seem very interesting an new to me. Will have to give some of them a try.
.-= Jared P Little´s last blog ..How to Prepare for Some Time off from your Blog =-.

@Jared P Little, thats one of the great things about WordPress you can try things out and dump them if you don’t like them.

I have been looking for the Twitter linker every since I saw it on TwitTip. Wondering why your blog stopped running this plugin?
.-= Steve @ Single Online Dating´s last blog ..How to Meet Single Christians Online for Dating =-.

Great round up John. WordPress Thumbie looks cool and certainly helps to give a visual incentive for your visitors to click through to older posts.


.-= Karl Foxley@SEO Company´s last blog ..13 Ways To Encourage Blog Comments =-.

@Karl Foxley@SEO Company, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment Carl and Im happy you found something useful in the list.

This is what I am talking about. I have been less active lately due to, err. can’t think on a lame excuse, but this list is definitely one that I was waiting for:) I ilke #2, #7 and #20 the best. Echo bound John. Hope all is well with you. Have to go and install those plugins ( on my other blog). Cool
.-= DiTesco´s last blog ..DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #11 =-.

@DiTesco, thanks for stopping by bro and Im happy you found something you like.

Another long list 😯 you give us too much good stuff, John!
.-= Anne @ b6s.net´s last blog ..Lists on Your Blog – Five Things to Consider =-.

@Anne @ b6s.net, I try to keep you girls and guys busy :)

Just found some awesome new plugins here, thanks a bunch!
.-= Awesome Software, Webapps and Sites!´s last blog ..CoolAppSite is now Officially DoFollow! =-.

@Awesome Software, Webapps and Sites!, thats great news. Stop back and let us know which ones you cared for and didn’t care for.

[…] I was checking out the Extreme John blog, like I do every day and came across an awesome post called 25 WordPress Plugins you might dig . One of the 25 that he mentioned really caught my attention and I decided to install it and give it […]


Thanks for putting this great list up.. I would however like to share that WordPress Threaded Comments is no longer required for being able to reply to others’ comments in nested format.. WordPress has this feature in-built since quite some time now.. To enable threaded comments in WordPress, you must log in to your WordPress Dashboard and place a check against Enable threaded (nested) comments in Settings » Discussion.. you can also specify how many levels deep the comments are allowed to nest..

I hope you find this bit of information useful…

Abhinav Sood
Lead Developer, Designer & Social Media Expert
.-= CSSJockey@Unique Custom WordPress Themes and Plugins´s last blog ..Free Twitter Background – Download (PSD) =-.

@CSSJockey@Unique Custom WordPress Themes and Plugins, wow I learned something new today thank you! Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment I appreciate that.

I’m using about 1/4 of those plug ins.

If I may ask John, how do you change the fonts? I like your fonts, not big and not small too, just right.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..What’s Hot on YouTube =-.

@ZXT, I adjust my fonts through the Thesis admin panel based on whatever font options they have there.

@Extreme John,

Okay got it, I will take a look at my theme options.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..Be My Guest Blogger =-.

Okay, read it as promised. I use a fair number of the same ones and will be adding some new ones that you have listed.

I’ll still do mine too as I’ve got some funky ones that aren’t on your list!

BTW, I don’t see the option to enter my Twitter name here, is that plug-in not installed on this site?

Michelle @mmangen
Social Media Virtual Assistant
.-= Michelle Mangen@Your Virtual Assistant´s last blog ..Alex Mandossian’s business card suggestion results in Social Media encounter =-.

I thought Alinks wasn’t supported anymore, good to see it back. Nice list John.
.-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..Are You Thankful For Your Blogging Community? =-.

I see lots of great ones in this list. I see I have my weekend tasks already cut out for me!
.-= Ms. Freeman´s last blog ..Do You Have Permission To Use That Photo? =-.

Oh I see that you have the new Keyword plugin in action. Let me give it a try right now…

Will I have to enter this info everytime or will it save it. I guess I’ll have to just do it and see. :)
.-= Ms. Freeman@Baby Steps of an Internet Entreprenuer ´s last blog ..Do You Have Permission To Use That Photo? =-.

It seems I know some top 9 you mention above. But the number 2, I never know before. It look like the plugin used in wiki. It is useful for inbound linking.
.-= Ruri @ Free article submission´s last blog ..Relax Away the Day in Bondi =-.

[…] New Plugins I am trying out based on other’s recommendations (mainly ones that Extreme John mentioned on his recent 25 WordPress Plugins You Might Dig) […]

Thanks for the list man. I use commentluv and keywordluv, and I think the plugin twiffy looks very interesting. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

Thanks for a great list. I just set up a new blog (all critics welcome) and I’m running Thesis. Do you have a list more specific to thesis? I noticed you’ve said you could eliminate a bunch with Thesis and I’ve been trying to learn and figure out everything thesis can do. I’m new so it’s tough. Thanks again.
.-= CJ Bowker´s last blog ..Is Advertising Catching Up To Sales? =-.

Thanks John. I was searching for WordPress Threaded Comments.
.-= Rose (Bloggertalk)´s last blog ..Body jewelry- Bejeweled Plugs for your Willie =-.

@Rose (Bloggertalk), my pleasure happy I was able to help you locate it :) Thank you for taking the time to say, “Thank you” :)

Hey John, just wanted to say thanks for this post (I know its a bit late….). I’ve finally got round to adding some of these features on my site. Especially like the commentluv and twitter plug ins.
.-= warriorsofmma´s last blog ..WEC 45 Fight Reviews =-.

Thanks I’ll checkout a few of these. Thumbie looks like the most interesting. I use Disqus on my sites so all of the comment related plugins won’t work for me.
.-= benwaynet´s last blog ..Uncle Kracker in Grand Rapids on New Years Eve =-.

i think i’ve found good thing’s here.. u did a good job John, esspecially for me, got many interesting stuff right here..
Keep good post 😀

Hi there, first of all, I want to say it’s a fantastic website you have got here. However, I haven’t found out the way to include your blog rss or atom in my rss reader, where is the link to your feed? Thanks

@Bernie Vangoff, upper right hand corner. Flashing orange RSS icon :)

I’m late to this party; thanks for the list — have you tried SexyBookmarks; that’s one I’m enjoying now on WordPress and may take the space of some of the plugins you have listed.

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