3 “Always Locked” Office or Storeroom Door Knob Options for Small Businesses

A couple of weeks ago there was another cash theft at one of my indoor tanning salon locations. I wrote about it initially in, “Sticky Finger Sally Strikes Again” and followed it up with, “4 Screw-ups That Made It Easy for an Employee to Steal Cash“. As you can imagine I’ve been on a mission to secure all of the office and storeroom areas.

I know when I first started my small business ventures I had no idea about even the most basic things. I guess we only know what we know. I wanted to share a few of the items that I’m using to make things more secure in my small business and at my tanning salons. Hopefully some of the information I inclue will be useful to you in your new business or tanning salon.

Self Locking Schlage Door Knobs for Office and Storerooms

Schlage Office Locks


1. Schlage Orbit Satin Chrome Light Commercial Storeroom Knob (above)

This is the Schlage door knob that I use on all of the offices and storerooms at Extreme Tan and Smoothies. The price is right for a tanning salon business as well as any small business that requires an “always locked” door knob solution. This is available at Home Depot locations and Home Depot.com for $35.92

2. Schlage Orbit Commercial Satin Chrome Storeroom Knob

Schlage Auto-locking Door Knob

$90 at HomeDepot.com

Schlage Plymouth Satin Chrome Keyed Storeroom Knob

Schlage Office Lock

$104 at HomeDepot.com and Home Depot

Parting Shots

I’ve used Schlage self-locking office door knobs for about 5 years and never had a problem.

You’re Up

Do you have an office lock of preference that you use in your small business? Leave a comment and share your knowledge.

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We have the electronic ones with the combination on it. They work really well. There is a key backup if the combo does not work. But the combination ones work really well as if staff changes we just change the combination to the office and all is well again.

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