5 Attitudes of Bloggers Who Make Money Online

Your attitude can either bring success your way, or repel it.  
Did you realize that pro bloggers who make six figure incomes online all have similar attitudes?

Of course, nothing is set on stone but there is a pattern of behavior that can enhance a business or mar it.

I’m not here to tell you what you must not do – because I assume you already know how to live your life.

This post would do one thing – re-position your thoughts so that you can reach out to your target audience, monetize like a savvy entrepreneur and start cashing in.

Quickly, let’s explore the five attitudes of bloggers who make money online. Enjoy and take action right away:

1.      They’re good teachers

The world is looking for good teachers – and that’s been the winning strategy of successful bloggers. There are more beginners than experts in the world – so teaching definitely sells and if you can teach using a step by step guide, you’d make more money online.

When I started teaching, my blog started to attract the right sets of people who want to learn. If you’re not a good teacher, it’d be difficult to attract potential customers. You need responsive readers – and you can get thousands of lovely people by teaching.

With all the experience you’ve acquired in your business as a blogger, you can’t afford to hoard it. Start teaching today and you’d make more money.

2.      They don’t push sales down our neck

Successful bloggers who make a living off their blogs are salespersons, but they don’t push sales down our necks.

Yes, I’m an avid reader of their blogs, at least 10 A-list blogs. One thing I’ve discovered is that the products they recommend are valuable. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting on your blog – it could be women’s perfume, fragrance, cologne, digital camera or e-book, make sure it’s valuable.

In the same vein, they (successful bloggers) must have used the product or service in the past, or currently use it. Pro bloggers are very careful with their reputation online. Since they’re building a system that can produce results when they’re away, hype and B.S. would create tension and destroy their good image.

Do you want to make more money from blogging, stop pushing sales like a desperate real estate agent? Money is the byproduct of solved problems. Never forget that.

3.      They work backwards

Haven’t you heard that successful people work backwards?

I didn’t quite understand this concept until my mentor explained it to me. You see, when you set a goal for your blogging career, it means that you’re seeing success already. Even if you’re yet to actualize the goals or reach the 10k monthly income status, what matters is that you can see clearly now.

Blogging millionaires would focus on that end goal and work backwards. No, they don’t work towards their goals – like beginners do.

They simply create products that can help them achieve that ultimate goal. That is why their products are topnotch and evergreen. Because they see the future of their business – Isn’t it a great attitude?

4.      They use the 80/20 rule every day

Most beginners to blogging world don’t obey this rule. I know a lot of people who believe that blogging is all about hard work – which is partly true.

But come to think of it, people who make the real money don’t work that much. They usually travel the world. Spend quality time with lovely spouse and kids or their friends.

They also attend conferences and workshops organized across the world, not just in the United States. The only difference is that they work smart. They invest 20% of the precious time on tasks that can bring good results.

They would rather write a blog post and syndicate it across social media platforms, than leave comments or gossip with friends. Start working smart today and your efforts would pay off greatly.

5.      They produce quality content

No matter your niche, quality content is still king on the internet. If you don’t research your topic before writing, you’d produce articles that bore the hell out of your readers. I like this attitude that money making bloggers put up – emulate them today.

Get to know what your target audience is desperately looking for. As a blogger, it’s a challenge to produce good, readable and valuable content on a continual basis, but you can make it happen.

I’ve an online store where I refer potential buyers to women’s top perfume online, fragrance, cologne and other body products, I’d review the products first – give good tips, then, call for action.

Take this home

Effective customer service is a great attitude of 6-figure bloggers. You need to treat your readers, potential buyers and repeat customers like Kings – because truly, they’re lovely kings. Without them, you’d be out in the city looking for 9-5 job. Does it still exist?

Take action on these tips today because, you’re a bundle of success and I believe in you. Leave a comment below. See you ahead!

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