5 Favorite Places to Eat in Tampa

I have been dieing to write a post very similar to this for the restaurant’s that I frequent locally, but it looks like that post is going to have to wait for me to get my favorite places in #Tampa Florida to eat posted. I recently reached 1000 blog posts here on my blog and decided to ask my daily readers what they thought my 1000th post should be about, now I am writing posts based on each suggestion made.

My good friend George Serradinho suggested that I write a post that featured what I thought were the best restaurants in Tampa Florida, or at least which restaurants were my favorite restaurants in #Tampabay. Thank you George for the great post idea, if you stop by Serradinho be sure to tell George that Extreme John sent you.

Here’s my 5 favorite places to eat in Tampa.

5 Favorite Restaurants in Tampa

1. The Palm Restaurant

I’m sure that other people can name their favorite restaurants in Tampa and The Palm won’t be on the list, that’s just fine with me because the service and food at The Palms nails them to the top of my list. Alfredo always provides the best service each and every time I visit The Palm, regardless if it’s for business or pleasure.

I can easily go on all day about the customer service of The Palms because it is ALWAYS that good great, from the private kitchen tours to the lobster showings and last minute reservation accommodations it’s always great. See, again with the service. No worries, the food here easily matches the service of The Palm Restaurant in Tampa Florida, if I used a rating system here that had star ratings The Palm Restaurant would be the highest possible rating in every category.

Give The Palm in Tampa a call and tell them Extreme John sent ya, this isn’t a paid review it’s just the review of someone that’s been to The Palm about 30 times and I can’t wait to go back again soon.

2. Ruth’s Chris Steak House

I love steak and Ruth’s Chris makes steak just the way I like it, full of butter and all of the other amazing things that makes a steak perfect. All though I have not been to Ruth’s Chris as many times as I’ve been to The Palm in Tampa I can say that the food is always consistent and beyond insanely amazing, excellent service tops off a great night at Ruth’s Chris in Tampa Florida.

3. Maggiano’s Little Italy

When it comes to Italian food nothing is like the homemade stuff that you grew up with as a kid, when I don’t want the mess and work of a great Italian dinner at home Maggiano’s is the spot. Massive portions to stuff the tummy like Ma use to and a great setting for a night away from home in that little Italian restaurant style spot that you crave from time to time.

Tampa Restaurants

Tampa Limo Service

Restaurants pictured: Mitchele’s Seafood Market, The Palm and Maggianos.

More Tampa Restaurant pictures

4. P.F. Chang’s China Bistro

Here is one little fun fact about 3 of my top 5 restaurants in Tampa, they are all located within the same 100′ of each other at the West Shore Mall. I always have a great time whenever we go to P.F Chang’s, it can be a little rough getting a reservation there but the lettuce wraps make up for it. When your ready to take the fast out of Chinese food and looking to put some quality into your Chinese food cravings, P.F Chang’s is the way to go.

5. Remington’s Steakhouse

I have to be honest here, I haven’t been to Remington’s in a very… VERY long time and I don’t head over to places in Tampa all that often to head out to dinner, without a doubt I’m sure a Bern’s Steak House or Mitchells Fish Market could easily slide into this spot. Until I get over to Bern’s Steak House or check out the Fish Market it looks like Remington’s will hang on to the 5th spot with it’s decent service and decent food it’s not a bad place for a steak and throwing peanuts on the floor.

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Well there we have it, if your visiting Tampa Bay anytime soon and your looking to head out for a great dinner check out one of my favorite restaurants then stop back and leave a comment, share your experience.

Until next time when I do some of my favorite restaurants in Pinellas County Florida please consider taking a moment to subscribe to my rss feed or connect with me via my Facebook Fan page.

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They all sound great!
I always love a great steak or a fine meal.
How about a top Five that won’t take my whole paycheck.
I’m not talking Chic-Fil-a but where do you eat when you are not taking a limo and dropping a bunch-o-benjamin on dinner.
.-= SafariDave´s last blog ..Molly, Pet of the Month =-.

Great post; PF Changs definitely ranks right up there on my list of favorite places to chow down!


@SafariDave, no sweat it will be coming at you live from Palm Pinellas County Florida my man. Plenty of spots in P County that make it happen and for less.

PF Changs was awesome last time I was in Tampa.

John next time I am in West Palm, I’ll vist you in Tampa, dinner on me, Limo with hotties on you..lol
.-= John Paul@How To Make Money With A Blog´s last blog ..Google Says – A Strong Twitter Community Will Get Your Tweets Ranked On First Page =-.

@John Paul@How To Make Money With A Blog, sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Haha, I haven’t been to PF Changs in a while, I’m due.

Yes sir.. Good deal to me to..lol

I love the list…minus three. Not a big fan of there. And number five, I’ll have to try soon. Have you ever been to Charlie’s? I think that I’m going there pretty soon.
.-= Mike @DailyShotOfCoffee´s last blog ..Kahve Koffee Venezia Review =-.

@Mike @DailyShotOfCoffee, Charlie’s Steakhouse right off of 275? That place has great steak, they butcher their own dead cow right on site I believe. Last time I went there I had a massive cut of fresh Tuna cooked Med Rare, Yuuuummmm.
They also have a sister restaurant, its a scaled down version of Charlies in St Pete. ( Texas Cattle Co. ). Similar menu but Charlies is def. better.
Bring back my weekly shot of coffee.
.-= SafariDave´s last blog ..Molly, Pet of the Month =-.

@SafariDave, no doubt, Charlie’s is WWWAAAYYY better then the Texas Cattle Company. Not even close.

@Mike @DailyShotOfCoffee, really? What do you usually get when you go there? I’m usually pretty happy when I leave Maggiano’s.

Yo while you Fat cats are dining I will trying to evacuate this hell hole :)
They have a Palm and Ruth’s here in San Antonio.
I need to get back to Key West that’s all I’m saying :)
Nice post
And if we ever do meet we will have a great time trust that :)
.-= John Sullivan@The Blog that Obama Reads :)´s last blog ..Are you a product of your environment ? =-.

@John Sullivan@The Blog that Obama Reads :),

Very original 😉 Good luck with the next article.

I ate at the Ruth’s Chris here in Atlanta and it really didn’t impress me. If you are ever in Atlanta and want a good steak, try Chops in Buckhead.
.-= Atlanta Georgia Real Estate´s last blog ..The Perfect Storm for Home-Buyers =-.

PF Changs is awesome and I go there as much as I can afford. I wanted to go there this weekend, but spent a little too much on web development. Also, that limo monster in the picture is insane. I haven’t seen one like that in the Michigan area. Probably since nobody really rents them except for prom around here.

Dude, a little off-topic, but I’m ready to debate and argue with people about Anderson Silva and the waste-of-time main event from UFC 112. LOL. I couldn’t wait for you to publish your summary post, bro. My vote – put him on the undercard moving forward. I can’t wait to hear what you and MMA Punk have to say about it. We’ll talk more I’m sure.

@The Constant Complainer.com, man I am so pissed about it I haven’t even brought myself to the point where I can write about it without sounding like an idiot.

P.S. I absolutely LOVE P.F. Chang’s. The lettuce wraps rule!
.-= The Constant Complainer.com´s last blog ..Moron of the Week Award #16 =-.

@The Constant Complainer.com, I love those friggin Lettuce Wraps, if I could I would make them NIGHTLY, bet it would trim off some of the fat too. haha

P.F. Changs is the bomb dude. Tampa has so many good places to wine, dine and party. Charley’s Steakhouse is one of my favorites.
.-= Alex´s last blog ..Fred Smith aka The Shipping Genius =-.

I’ve been there at Palm Restaurant once…

I’m going to go check out Munchies which isn’t that very far away from Tampa, I believe St. Pete.

Looks really awesome.

Next time I’m in Tampa I’ll have to hit these up.

My name is Natascha and I am from the Tampa Bay area. I am a person who loves going out for lunch or dinner. I have to agree with the first one – The Palm Restaurant is an awsome spot. Your other places I haven’t heared about. Maybe, because I am a sushi junkie and I can’t see a japanese restaurant in your list :-)
But thank you for sharing. I am always looking for new restaurants in the area. Have a great day.

Maggiano’s and Ruth Chris Steakhouse are a sure bet for a great meal in any city.. so far in my travels, I haven’t met one that didn’t do a fantastic job.

Also, I just wanted to add an additional restaurant to this list – Grass Roots is an organic restaurant in Tampa that is vegan / vegetarian friendly for those not looking for a meaty meal.

The greatest point in this post is that you have really a wide palace in your heart for your friends.

My cousin has good experience of Maggiano’s Little Italy but I do not know when dream of taking meal at Maggiano’s Little Italy will come true.

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