6 Best Apps for Young Entrepreneurs

In today’s business world, young entrepreneurs strive to balance the personal and professional demands of daily life. Luckily, technology has developed right along side the demands of these people and provided us all with technology to help manage this. In 2014, you might find it easy to fall behind on productivity. Don’t let this happen to you. Check out the following list of apps to help make managing your life that much easier.

Best Mobile Apps for Young Entrepreneurs

Apps for Entrepreneurs


Wunderlist takes its idea from Remember the Milk, an app widely used as a digital to-do list manager. Wunderlist, like Remember the Milk, provides a similar service with the same amount of customization and flexibility. RTM, though, lacks in the area of visual appeal. With the importance of visual stimulation these days, Wunderlist sticks out. You’ll consistently find it as a favorite on people’s list of to-do list apps, as it looks good and allows you to easily and quickly navigate through the app.


It seems like this app comes up on a lot of “top app” lists — and it’s no surprise. Dropbox provides the most well-known and comprehensive cloud service to date. It has a pretty well-established value, though even those who have the device installed on their laptop or phone don’t always use it to its full potential. Fortunately, Macworld has an article that you can check out, providing you with 62 different things that you can do with Dropbox. You’ll never under-utilize this app again. Dropbox works best with a fast connection to help you download files faster, so make sure you have a reliable data plan on a network such as T-Mobile 4G.


Yast offers something a lot of people won’t admit they need — but probably do. But, more than anybody, young people trying to run an entire business on their own should benefit from a time-tracking program. Whether you want to use such a tool to report billable hours to customers, or just to measure the amount of hours spent working, Yast gives you one of the easiest solutions for time management. To start keeping track of time on one account, just press the Play button.

It’s free for your own personal time tracking, and if you want to use it to track your entire business team you can get a business account starting at $14 per user per month.


One of the greatest uses of Internet browsing — if not the most useful — is coming across fantastic articles. Although, even if a great article can provide some great information, you probably don’t want to spend all your time reading them when you’re supposed to work (for entrepreneurs, you might practically be working at all times).

If you don’t want to end up spending all your time at work reading articles, but you don’t want to forget about the fantastic article you’ve just come across, you can save them to your Instapaper account. The web pages you select automatically save to the program for later browsing, displaying in a friendly format. All of this comes free if you download the app to your computer, tablet, or phone.


Evernote, like Dropbox, constantly appears on the top app lists because of its versatility and convenience. Evernote can essentially become whatever you want it to. If you just want a simple app that stores notes and tracks your thoughts as they happen, Evernote can do that. If you want to set up a totally organized, fancy to-do list environment, Evernote can do that for you as well. If you want to see how you can use Evernote in such a fancy way, check this out.


If you’re running or starting a company, you’ll quickly begin to notice how many numbers and passwords you need to keep track of. We live in an age where digital security doesn’t always pass the test, so we have to keep coming up with trickier numbers and passwords to keep our information safe. The trickier these passwords, the harder it becomes to remember them.

Lastpass helps you generate, store, and automatically recall strong passwords for each of your accounts. It’s free online, but costs $12 annually to have on a mobile device — a good price.

So don’t wait any longer and download these apps to help improve your productivity. There’s no need to do it all on your own; let technology help.

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I keep seeing Wunderlist mentioned as to-do list app, I must say it’s becoming increasingly tempting for me to try it out. I’ve been with Nirvana HQ for a while now, it follows the typical GTD-method as according to the “bible” on the subject, from David Allen.

Guess I better go google for some “Nirvana vs Wunderlist” blog posts and see how they compare :)

Definitely check it out!

First off Teddy, let me thank you for another excellent contribution. I appreciate the time and effort you take to put together quality content to contribute.

Excellent list of apps that young entrepreneurs can benefit from while they embark on their entrepreneurship journey. Most of these are great for existing small business owners who have been in the game a while.

I really like the concept of the Wunderlist, I will be putting this on my phones.
Lastpass ??? Not to sure if I am comfortable with a Free app holding all my
security codes. If Target’s getting hacked why should I trust this free app to store
all my important passcodes?

Great point Dave, and my immediate thought would be… You shouldn’t 😉

Evernote is a really good app which can help you organize your daily mess. I have been using it for quite some time.

i think passwords must be keep’d local, encrypted, not on a shared server.

I’ve been using Evernote, so far so good.. Some of the apps is new to me, thanks for sharing..

I use Evernote all the time, Tina. Glad you think you like it and thanks for reading!

For young-entrepreneurs I want to add another app in this list i.e Proofhub. Simple and powerful.

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