9 Blogs I Found on Blog Engage

I was sitting around watching a Family Guy marathon when I decided I wanted to surf through Blog Engage to see what new blogs I might be able to network with, than I figured I might as well share my experience with you. I am going to write this post as I surf through the Blog Engage Upcoming Posts and the Blog Engage Best Blogs of the Week.

My gameplan as I get ready to go into this little project is to surf through the various areas of Blog Engage for blog posts that interest me, when I find a blog post that interests me I plan on checking out the blog that posted it. Once I visit the original blog post I will make my decision to vote the article up, comment on the blog, retweet it or all of the above.

After I am done voting up and sharing the post on social media and social networking sites I will than give some link juice to the webmaster that wrote the post by sharing the link to their article in this post, my blog is a Do Follow blog with a Google Page Rank 4 so it should give some nice juice. Let’s go.


1. 61 Easy And Free Ways To Drive Massive Quality Traffic To Your Blog
Notes: I have seen a lot of lists of ways to increase traffic to your blog, but this was one huge list I couldn’t pass up on. I voted this up, retweeted it

2. Beaten to the Tweet: Twitter Cybersquatters Have Hijacked Brands
Notes: Being a business owner I was pretty interested in seeing which large companies have been hit by Cybersquaters, you would be surprised by this list of companies. I voted this up on Blog Engage (11th voter) and also retweeted it on Twitter (10th retweet).

3. 10 Icon Search Engines
Notes: In addition to being addicted to business, blogging, WordPress plugins, SEO and customizing Thesis I am also addicted to checking out various icon packs, this will come in handy one day. I retweeted this post as well as voted it up on Blog Engage and left a comment on the blog.

4. How to Make Google Love Your Blog
Notes: I am constantly on the hut for learning news SEO tips and information, I couldn’t pass up on ways to make Google love my blog :) I retweeted this post as well as voted it up on Blog Engage and left a comment.


5. 10 Things You Need to Stop Tweeting About
Notes: Being a pretty heavy duty Twitter user myself I just couldn’t pass up on seeing what annoying things I do on Twitter that I should probably stop. It’s safe to say I just need to stop using Twitter all together, this was a funny post. Voted up and retweeted, comments were not open.

6. Blog Checklist Part I
Notes: I have a tremendous amount of readers on a daily basis that come through my blog looking for blogging tips, a lot of these bloggers newbie bloggers looking for basic getting started tips for new bloggers. I wanted to include this article because it’s put together simple and clean on a very nice blog, btw. I left a comment and voted it up on BE, there was no Twitter button so no retweet on this one.

7. The Most Common Things People Steal
Notes: I think it’s important as a blogger to take a break from your normal everyday reads and take in something new, as I was going through BE it was nice to come across something not so much “blog related”. I was RT number 9 as well as BE vote number 9 and I left the 21st comment.

8. List of RSS Directories to Submit Your Blog Feed
Notes: If it deals with getting potential traffic chances are I am going to wanna consider giving it a shot. This post received the triple treat.

9. 100 Top WordPress Tips
Notes: My addiction to WordPress and customizing WordPress so I can learn some new things and share them here makes it impossible for me to pass up a post like this. This is one of the biggest list of WordPress tips that I have seen in a very long time and the list is put together nicely with graphics as well as details about each plugin and tip. BE and commented on.

I ended up going through about 15 pages of the Blog Engage blog directory and had no problem finding blog posts that interested me enough to leave a comment, retweet and of course vote up on BE. I also ended up adding a few of the blogs above to my feed reader so I can stay in tune to what they have going on, I hope you found what I had going on somewhat useful. If you did take a moment to subscribe to my rss feed or become a fan on my Facebook Fan Page.

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Thank you for sharing these nice post. I haven’t read them yet, but two of these title grab my attention. By sharing these articles your blog will sound like a social media network soon, just kidding.
.-= Benjamin Cip´s last blog ..Why You Should Have a World Class Business =-.

@Benjamin Cip, your probably right Benjamin, I am trying to commit at least one post a day to blogging tips, social media or SEO in addition to the normal crap we throw on here.

Might as well try to help others out somewhere along the way.

9 Blogs I Found on Blog Engage…

9 posts found on Blog Engage by Extreme John….

RSS Directory list came very handy, was just looking for something like that. Very useful links all around, you are like Mashable with an edge.
.-= Extreme videos = Me´s last blog ..Base jump from Torre Mayor =-.

@Extreme videos = Me, haha I appreciate the kind words Im not sure anyone has ever compared EJ to Mashable, but thats great company to be in thats for sure.
Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment I appreciate it.

@Extreme videos = Me, I personally thought that was pretty wild. I still haven’t gotten around to taking advantage of it but it’s on my list thats for sure.

100 Top WordPress tips! Is this true? I might fall asleep at number 21.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..What’s Hot on YouTube =-.

@ZXT, what if Tip 27 was the best ever?

@Extreme John,

Yeah I never thought of that though…but its 100 for crying out loud. Can we just pick 20 instead?
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..Be My Guest Blogger =-.

@ZXT, not in a day and age when everyone LOVES list posts.

john, I am glad that you have enjoyed my article and learned from it. Thanks a lot for the Link, appreciated!

Btw, the other articles are so cool as well! Loved them, good choice

.-= Firas Steitiyeh´s last blog ..Just Do It =-.

@Firas Steitiyeh, it was all my pleasure you write some great material, I should share it :)

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

I’m really glad you actually took the time and posted your experience John. Many bloggers don’t know how to truly take advantage of our community and this is for sure one of the most productive ways.

This allows you to build relationships while at the same time increase your content within your rss feeder. Believe it or not but this is the exact method I sued to create blogengage and the community. I would comment on all the blogs submitted and then follow other links people left on their comments.

Don’t get me wrong it’s time consuming but the return on investment is simply amazing! It’s a must do for anyone looking to increase their blog traffic and readership.

This was a great article idea!
.-= bbrian017´s last blog ..Blog Engage contest news and updates =-.

@bbrian017, thank you Brian. You really can’t complain about something if your not willing to see what you can do with it.

wow great lsit I`m going now to check on them 😀
.-= Bill´s last blog ..Easy Way Creating Your Own HOT Online Store =-.

Hey there John, as if I haven’t got enough to read already, you come up even more interesting blog posts to read 😆 😉
.-= Karen @ Blazing Minds´s last blog ..Orange UK Now Offering SMS and MMS on Twitter! =-.

Great post john, I love Blog engage and I just heard that you can make money from your submissions! what a nice day!
.-= Hesham @ FamousBloggers´s last blog ..How to Make Money from Blog Engage AdSense Revenue Share Program? =-.

@Hesham @ FamousBloggers,

Yeah Brian is sharing his wealth with us. Really great move.
.-= ZXT´s last blog ..Be My Guest Blogger =-.

@ZXT, would have to agree def a nice heads up on Brian’s part.

Damn!! Looks like again you hit the jackpot by compiling a good series of read for us. I started hanging out at Blog engage forum lately because of the material it provides for Blogging and finding the like minded blog is always a good read…
.-= Blogspot to WordPress´s last blog ..Quickly Interlink Your WordPress Blog post With Insights plugin =-.

@Blogspot to WordPress, thank you for the kind words, I hope if nothing else it helps people grow their blogs in the same fashion it’s grown mine.

I need to get back over there tonight actually.

That’s a great list John! I’ve read the 100 wordpress tips, very interesting and helpful, I’ve dropped a comment too. Another is the 61 ways to drive traffic, quite common tips but interesting to read. All of them spent quite some times to collect the list, nice one. 😀
.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..MyBlog2Day Featured On New Straight Times =-.

@Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online, oh my goodness I couldn’t even begin to imagine the amount of time to put together a post like that. It’s unreal.

@Extreme John, yea I’ve actually collected a list like this before, it spent me hours to complete, it was scary.

So I totally appreciate their works and effort in collecting the list. 😀
.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..MyBlog2Day Featured On New Straight Times =-.

Once again, I commend you for spreading the link love and giving credit to other hard-working bloggers with no expectations of getting anything in return :)
.-= Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

@Hard Rocking South African@Music Judge, I agree with you, we should always tie with the concept “Give before you want to receive something in return.”. :high:
.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Make Money Online´s last blog ..Make Money Online With Twitter – Ad.ly =-.

I am leaving this post with a new task: explore Blog Engage.

Actually, some more tasks – like reading some of these posts you linked to.

Do you really think I have the time for all of these extra tasks?? 😉
.-= Anne @ b6s.net´s last blog ..Automatic Backlink Building Software Hype =-.

Great list. I read and voted on some of these already and I’ll try to get to them all very soon.

Maybe you can give me some pointers so that one of my posts will make it to your list one day (catchier titles perhaps).

Thanks this has been fun, I enjoy reading your blog.
.-= ileane´s last blog ..Top 5 Blog Topics =-.

Great post. I particularly like the Twitter blog as its such as new social media that its sometime difficult to know the best way to use it. Also, twitter can be what the people make it which is another reason for that blog being particularly useful.

hey john, its satrap from blogstash with the 61 traffic list, just wanted to thank you for linking to my post. i hope the list will help your readers in someway or another. anyhow thanks again .
.-= satrap´s last blog ..99 High Paying Keywords Paying From $2 Up To $100 Per Click! =-.

@satrap, you don’t have to thank me bro it was my pleasure. It was an excellent piece and I am happy to share it.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.

Thanks for the link! Great to be included with such great posts.
.-= Kevin´s last blog ..How to Become a Professional Black Friday Shopper =-.

@Kevin, thanks for stopping by Kevin and taking the time to leave a comment.

You can be sure I will be coming back through your site :)

You always keep them coming don’t you. This is like a roundup and one that is provides awesome posts. I will definitely make time to read all of them as I honestly believe you will not endorse any of this unless they are worth being mentioned here in your blog. Off I go… and Rt before that:)
.-= DiTesco´s last blog ..Make Money With Google – Increase Your Earning Potential With Ad Planner =-.

@DiTesco, I try man. With missing out on my Sunday Smash I felt guilty like I should be more involved in the community. BAM!

Nice one. I read most of those, I really liked the twitter cybersquatting post. I just added the vote plugin to my blog and am making more of an effort to make Blog Engage a primary part of my blog promotion. The more you write about the more it helps us all.. 😛
.-= Tycoon Blogger@promote your blog´s last blog ..Check out my shiny new blog engage vote button =-.

@Tycoon Blogger@promote your blog, it won’t be long before that Cybersquatting shit on Twitter gets stomped.

will also share this link to some of my friends who’s starting to blog… This is a great help for us… My weekend will be busy… :)
.-= sernan´s last blog ..34th.. =-.

@sernan, sounds like a great idea. Sharing is caring they say.

The Rss Feed Directory list is great.
.-= Steve´s last blog ..How to Block Caller ID When Calling Someone =-.

Thank you john for sharing some nice posts. Hope that it will help them as well to get more exposure.
.-= Ricky ´s last blog ..Alexa Introduces New Changes With Alexa Ranking =-.

Hi John,

wow, deciding to do a little reading tonight is going to keep me busy all week. I followed a link on Kristi’s blog over to your post, only to discover that you’ve got a bunch more links I might want/need to click on. And to top it all off, I’ve never heard of Blog Engage, but I’m always looking for good stuff to read … lol, if I only liked to write as much as read I’d be one successful blogger :-)
.-= Todd ´s last blog ..Premium WordPress Theme Clubs – Where’s The Best Value? =-.

Great list of posts. It took a while to read them all. Most all were very worth the time. I really learned on the Making Google Love You Post. I hope they will love me.

The conversation on the Twitter/Brands post was really interesting, too. I think the brands who were asleep deserve to be left out. Let them get an id like Coke-Brand or something equally as lame.

Late again (about a year behind the pack) but thank you — never heard of blog engage (still in Beta after all this time) but looks like it will be useful. Now reading through your list of posts (looks like my reading list is headed towards infinity). Sean

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