A Day at Tampa International Airport

It’s that crappy time of year again when my son heads to New York for a few weeks out of the summer, most people would probably enjoy the break, I hate it which is why I say it’s crappy.

One of the positive things that comes out of this time of year is that usually we leave extra early for the airport and kinda make an event out of it. He likes to eat at Carrabbas, which they recently added to the Tampa International Airport shuttle level.

I figured I would go a little crazy and Tweet some pictures with [intlink id=”2236″ type=”post”]Uber Twitter[/intlink] through the different stages of our journey to the airport, I wasn’t able to tweet every picture I took so I decided to write a post about it and share some of the [intlink id=”25″ type=”category”]pictures[/intlink] here. Hope you enjoy my pictures from our day at Tampa International Airport (Airport Code: TIA).

I decided the first picture I would tweet would be a picture of my son and I in the Insane Limos custom Asanti Escalade Limo.

The Little Legend and Myself

People sometimes question why I wanted the name Insane Limos for our Limousine business, those people usually haven’t seen the limos. Oh yeah, you can bring luggage too. Picking someone special up from the Tampa International Airport? Surprise them with one of the most Elite Escalade Limos on the planet 727-584-8888. You can see the Insane Limos fleet in these TV Commercials.

Insane Limos Airport Run Tampa

We watched a little bit of Family Guy on the Apple TV, we usually don’t let our kids watch Family Guy but with my son getting older and him leaving I felt like doing something different, not to mention I like answering the questions he asks.

A silly picture but I wanted to take it

Here’s just one of the many reasons I can’t stand flying Southwest, and I certainly hate bringing anyone to the airport to fly Southwest. It’s great for Souhwest Airlines but it sucks for the customer.

Picture of a Southwest ticket counter

We had a quick lunch at Carrabbas, which by the way was the only place to provide excellent service the entire time we were at the Tampa International Airport. I could easily get into a story about the two slugs working he Nathans counter by the C Terminals at TIA but it wouldn’t even be worth it. Thanks Carrabbas for an excellent lunch and tremendous service.

Picture of Chicken Parmesan with Angel Hair and Meat Sauce from Carrabbas

After eating at Carrabbas we needed to stop and grab a new pair of headphones for my son’s iPod, I can’t remember the name of the store but it’s pretty convenient they have all entertainment type stuff that you can grab real quick before your flight. Anyways, here is a picture of a girl that has pins in her skin that she can screw diamonds or whatever other kind of body art onto, you really need to look at this picture.

Diamond Piercings through the skin

Another reason I hate Southwest…. Is it really that hard to just let customers pick their damn seats.

Picture of Southwest Airlines flight boarding

After the boarding it was time to head into what seemed like a ghost town, the Tampa International Airport flight arrivals pick up area.

Tampa Airport Arriving Flights Pick Up

Heading back over the Causeway back towards Clearwater, otherwise known as 60. It was overcast today, normally this picture would have been very bright with some pretty water behind it, not so much.

Florida Palm Trees

On the way back I had the limo stop so I could use the restroom real quick, those beers at Carrabbas kicked in if you know what I mean. I can’t just walk into a place and use the restroom and leave so I decided to do it (almost) old school with a 32, instead of a 40 since they don’t have those here. Sorry no Colt 45 here, as much as the InBev acquisition pisses me off I am still a Bud Light drinker.

Picture of a 32oz Bud Light

Hating the fact that the little guy is gone, we would have watched UFC 99 together this Saturday. :(

I hope you enjoyed the snippets from may day at the Tampa International Airport, if you would like to see more like this when it actually happends take a second to follow me on Twitter.

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The limo are really INSANE bro !
.-= Roseli A. Bakar´s last blog ..Five Tips to Help You Earn Online =-.

Cool pics man..That arm piercing is crazy but it looks really cool. I must say that is the first arm piercing I have seen. I must be sheltered up here in Philly.
.-= Tycoon Blogger @Promote your blog´s last blog ..What’s more important, money? or page rank? =-.

May the time you have w/o your son be productive and go quickly 😛

Wow John, your son is very handsome. Glad you guys had a good time before his departure.
.-= Christina Bledsoe´s last blog ..David Carradine Death Not The Result of Suicide =-.

A Day at Tampa International Airport | The Extreme John Blog…

Pictures from a well Tweeted journey to the Tampa International Airport in Tampa Florida….

Thank you Christina, he's getting big fast.

Haha thank you I'm sure it will, thank you for taking he time to comment.

Thank you. Yeah I have never seen it before either, she said it was a “simple process” that they did at some Microderm Abrasion place. She also added that it's a very new process hat is still in “testing” kinda scary.

Thank you Roseli I appreciate it.

Yeah John, The pictures are really cool, your son is also looking nice, I think this is the best time to enjoy…

I also hate Southwest due to some other reasons, but Now I got a outline of the journey there, The pictures are also nice, Thanks a lot.

That's some serious, but pretty, piecing, never seen one like that on the arm before, saying that I don't think I've ever seen one on the arm before. WOW!

Yeah I have def never seen anything like that before, it was wild.

Aww I love this post

Hi John, I think Tampa International Airport is far much better than the airports in Pakistan. We have a dream for one like this.

Hay, Some of my friends are saying very bad about this International airpost, anyway I like it, As it's used by lacs of peoples.

Haha glad you like it

Hello John, Your son is becoming bigger and bigger, I think you want to give him more freedom. It's only my suggestion.

Journey is one of my hobby, at that time I don't think who are there with me, but I will enjoy as much as I can.

Yeah, Your son is looking nice, mostly he is looking like you . except the fat body. Say my wishes to him.

I always like to see Family Guy in apple TV, but I don't like my son to see it. anyway Your son is grown up.

What's up John! I enjoyed this post and especially laughed at the picture of the line at the Southwest counter. CLASSIC.

I love the limo pics on the inside too.

Glad you liked the pics, the Southwest lines are easy to get because they always exist, I could easily write 10 Southwest Airlines rants.

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[…] A Day at Tampa International Airport Posted on Thursday, June 11th, 2009 in Life – Comments: (25) It’s that crappy time of year again when my son heads to New York for a few weeks out of the summer, most people would probably enjoy the break, I hate it which is why I say it’s crappy.One of the positive things that comes out of this time of year is that usually we leave extra early for the airport and kinda make an event out of it. […]

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