I grew up in Patchogue a small town on Long Island and went to Patchgoue-Medford high school. After barely escaping high school for whatever reason I ended up on some high horse to take some kind of Criminal Justice class at Suffolk County Community College. That college stint only lasted the 6 weeks of cutting class it took me to realize that school just wasn’t my thing.


Home Depot

By the time I was done blowing it in college I had easily plowed through about 12 jobs and somehow ended up getting a job pushing carts at the Home Depot in Patchogue, I believe it was Store #1205 (which is gone now btw) department 96!!!! Sorry, we had a killer team back then, maybe the best “Lot Guys” to ever dawn a Home Depot apron and push carts, Lot Guys are department 96 by the way. Very tight group.

While at Home Depot I truly had the best mentors I could possibly have for the time frame I spent at the Depot. I worked for Home Depot for 10 years in 3 different states, at 10 different stores. As I traveled that journey I moved from position to position, covering everything from Lot Attendant, Killer Be, Department Manager, Assistant Store Manager, to Loss Prevention Supervisor (LPS).

My highlight at Home Depot was probably when I put together a team of merchandisers known as the “SMART Team”, I hated the name but it stood for “Strategic Merchandising and Research Team”. This team was built out of the Westbury Home Depot under K. Morrow and K. Williams, two Store Managers that were awesome mentors. Anyway, the SMART Team focused on creating high GMROI display and caps in areas you wouldn’t typically consider merchandising.


At some point in 1999 I started to get pretty bored with what I had been doing at Home Depot, they were going through some crazy changes and obviously I was too. I decided to start building little websites, then I started to generate traffic at which point I started putting text link and banner ads on my websites.

I made some pretty sweet cash back in the day as an affiliate marketer for other people’s products, that began to change about a year after getting that venture going and it wasn’t changing for the good. Many affiliate programs stopped paying or had crazy conversions, it bothered me enough to start my own membership areas in order to sell memberships online. That quickly became a new adventure into having affiliates via an affiliate marketing program.

I’ve founded and operated 3 separate, and major affiliate programs. All built in-house with the concepts of my associates and myself. Together these 3 affiliate marketing programs paid out over $2 million a year in affiliate commissions combined and generated over $4 million in revenue yearly. All of which was built on pennies, well actually the last of my Home Depot stocks and vacation pay to be precise.

Small Business Owner

Wow time flies, coming up on about 7 years now since I sold off the two affiliate programs to a private buyer. Craziness.

Extreme Tan and Smoothies

Anyway, after selling off the two affiliate programs and dissolving the third into one of the other two existing programs I felt the need to go back to my Home Depot roots I guess. In the mist of my years of affiliate mayhem and madness my wife and I managed to build a couple of indoor tanning salons, something I considered selling a while back as well. I never really saw myself as a tanning salon owner to be honest, somehow it just happened.

Extreme John in Extreme Tan and Smoothies TV Commercial

Tanning Salon TV Commercial

Needless to say, Extreme Tan and Smoothies is now a chain of six indoor tanning salon locations in the Tampa Bay area. Extreme Tan and Smoothies is the leading provider of indoor tanning bed, sunless tanning and mobile airbrush tanning services in Pinellas County Florida with over 750,000 satisfied tanners.

Extreme Tan and Smoothies has been featured in or on the following: Clear Channel Outdoor, CBS Radio, Wild 94.1 (formerly Wild 98.7), 93.3 FLZ, 95.7 The Beat, TBT, Vehicle Wraps, TBT Two, Clipper Magazine, Val-Pak, Living Social, People’s Choice, Yellow Book, Ruth Eckard Hall, Island Sun Times, Tanning Trends and Smart Tan to name a few.

Extreme Tan and Smoothies Tan Naked Commercial

I Tan Naked Video

Insane Limos

I have a love addiction to cars, I love them and a big part of my addiction to cars can be seen in the limousine business that we founded and trademarked two years ago. Insane Limos, Inc. consisted of a massive 30 passenger Ford F-650 party limo, we called it “Andre“, a 16 passenger Barbie Pink Hummer H2, we chopped the roof off that and raised it 5″, and last but not least an incredible 16 passenger Cadillac Escalade.

Insane Limos TV Commercial featuring Extreme John

Extreme John TV Commercial

Less than 6 months ago we sold each of the limousines in the Insane Limos fleet to private buyers and other limousine companies. However, we still hold the Insane Limos trademark and I have all intentions of revisiting this business after we sell our chain of tanning salons and retire.

Insane Limos was sold to generate cash for the private labeling of Extreme Tan and Smoothies indoor tanning products and fund a new business we currently have underway.

Extreme Spay Tan

A little over six months ago we decided to move forward with a safe tanning, sunless spray tan salon concept that we’ve been working on for a while now. If things go as planned with Extreme Spray Tan we will have 3 dedicated spray tanning salons in the Tampa Bay area providing sunless tanning and skin rejuvenation services.

Extreme Spray Tan

Extreme Spray Tan was scheduled to open in September 2010.

Out the Door

Before I hit the door and end the longest About Me page ever created in history I want to touch on a few current things. Pretty much everything you see above is current, however I failed to include a section that explains my addiction to social media and social media marketing.

Social Media

As stated above, I am addicted to all forms of social media, social media marketing and using social media to connect with other small business owners, tanning salon owners and bloggers that are on the come-up, maybe even a few entrepreneurs as well.

You can catch me on Twitter with somewhere near 20,000 tweets and retweets, don’t hold back feel free to say “hey” or anything else @extremejohn. In addition to Twitter I can often be seen feilding questions or having giveaways on my personal Facebook Fan Page and the Extreme Tan and Smoothies Facebook Fan Page. If doing business privately  is more your thing you can always connect with me on LinkedIn or via my contact form.

Last but not least if you just feel like reading a few of the posts here from time to time consider taking a moment to subscribe to my RSS feed.

If you haven’t had enough yet you can always read “22 Things About Me That You May or May Not Know“.


I ran across your website and Thought i would ask you this question? I am considering opening a tanning salon in Lakewood, CO. I currently own one of the most well known Motocross tracks in America. But I want to diversify and I think my wife would do a great job running the salon. Is it wise to open a salon now?

Hi David thank you for writing in I appreciate it. Feel free to call me directly 727-475-6460, the answer to that is a little more involved than a yes or no answer, there is great opportunity in tanning. You just need to know where those opportunities are if that makes sense.

Hi, it is very inspiring to read how you got started and where you at today! I’m considering trying to start at home spray tan company from my house probabley a few years from now! And I was wondering if you could tell me in suggestions as to which tanning solution you use or if I can buy it from you:) or if you have any suggestions as to what machienes work best! I would greatly apperciate your time! Please email me at marystorts@hotmail.com I greatley apperciate it!

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Damn man! I decided to check out your “about me” to learn a bit about you after you made a couple of comments on my site.

What an awesome success story. I tell ya, I was enraptured!

Anyhow, congrats on all the success so far and a business that lets you hang out with girls in bikini’s.

Even if you are married.

Rock on!


This is great. I have never seen an about page like this, what an awesome idea! Man you have some serious versatility going, entreprenurial is an understatement, no wonder you couldn’t hang at Home Depot, much bigger things brewing. I’m a bit on that path myself. Moving towards being an entrepreneur rather than a hmmm, slave I guess lol.

Hey Extreme John lets do that interview brother call me 727-753-8718

Will do Frankie, I’ll call you this week. Have a great weekend.

interesting stuff there EJ.
hope the next big idea is a gold mine also.

John – love the site. Very unique and interesting. I am a former sr. marketing manager that worked on brands such as Hot Wheels, Campbell’s Soup, and Pepsi. I have launched a site of my own that talks about my tactical experiences but for small businesses. Please check it out at http://www.emarketingfreak.com


Haha this is great, have you seen the film ’30 seconds or less’ I watched that the other day and right at the end there is a commercial for the tanning salon the guys wanted to open, its a funny film if you havnt watched it yet John you really need it, its so funny.

Hello, very nice about me. I loved your video commercials and your success journey. I would like to talk to you personally may be on skype or chat so that i can share your story with my users. what u say, do u have skype?

I appreciate the kind words, thank you. I’m always on Skype, CEOEXTREMEJOHN

Inspirational stuff for me. I just landed on your blog and you know what I loved it.

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