Airbrush Tanning Pictures

Usually at this point in my day I am in a heavy panic because it’s Friday which means I should be making a post featuring a new [intlink id=”1156″ type=”category”]Throwback Series[/intlink] picture post of hot pictures from the past. Last week’s [intlink id=”2219″ type=”post”]throwback series post [/intlink]somewhat ties into this weeks non-throwback series picture post, last week’s post had people voting on three different bikini clad butts one of which was Kandra who was wearing the black thong in the limo.

It just so happends that I had Kandra scheduled to do a sample video of how Mobile Airbrush Tanning works, for those of you not aware of Mobile Airbrush Tanning or why I would be talking about it just [intlink id=”1815″ type=”post”]read this article[/intlink]. I had initially planned on only doing one example video to show people how our Mobile Airbrush Tanning services for Extreme Tan and Smoothies works, after filming the first video and releasing this set of [intlink id=”1860″ type=”post”]spray tanning pictures[/intlink] featuring Nicole I realized we needed more.

When we originally filmed the first spray tanning pictures and spray tanning video I wasn’t really very happy with how the video turned out so I never released it, the video is the most essential part of really showing the airbrush tanning process. This time it’s a different sorry, the pictures came out excellent and show the results of spray tanning instantly, the video is also excellent and I have it on deck to be posted in a few days.

Kandra wore a black and white leopard print bikini for her mobile spray tanning session, she also opted not to have her face sprayed during the prcoess which is an excellent thing to point out when it comes to spray tanning, you can choose your areas of coverage as well as your attire during the airbrush. Many airbrush tanning clients prefer tanning nude or tanning in either a bikini, thong panties, full back panties, or of course tan naked, either way it is completely up to the customer. For this example Kandra tanned in a bikini and the results were excellent, enjoy the pics and if your looking for Mobile Airbrush Tanning or Mobile Spray Tanning please call 727-385-8885.

Article Updated July 13, 2009
Click here for this Spray Tanning Video

Kandra showing her before tanning results

Kandra shows before pictures of her back and butt

Jamie begins to spray Kandra with our all Natural private label no “orange” guarantee spray tanning solution, once I post the video you will see that this process took just under a total of six minutes to apply.

Kandra begins the airbrush tanning process

The entire airbrush process for this sample picture and video set was just over 10 minutes long, results from the spray tan began to show after just 5 minutes of applying the uvfree tanning solution. Please note that your spray tan will be darkest at four days and will last anywhere from 7-12 days depending on skin type and skin care practices.

Kandra shows her bikini tan lines

Kandra shows her bikini tan lines on her hips

Close up of Kandras tan lines on her lower back

Airbrush Tanning Pictures
Kandra after her airbrush tan

I really should take a few more pictures of Kandra, I am sure that her spray tan has progressed over the last 24 hours and will continue to do so over the course of the next 7 days. If you didn’t get enough of Kandra’s mobile airbrush tanning pictures you can see the rest of them [intlink id=”157″ type=”page”]here[/intlink]. Please leave a comment and let Kandra and Jamie know what you think about [intlink id=”157″ type=”page”]the pictures[/intlink] and results, both of the girls read Extreme



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Article Updated July 13, 2009:
Airbrush Tanning Video

I finally finished editing the spray tanning video that we filmed while doing this mobile airbrush tan example, this video will show you a spray tan in session. The Extreme Tan and Smoothies Mobile Airbrush Video will also show the results of an airbrush tan, it seems as if there are a lot of people that want more information on spray tanning and how the airbrush tanning process works, this video should answer all of those questions.

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Oh, She is so lucky to get such great looking body parts, Anyway I like her “Everything”, Thanks for sharing the Pictures.

Oh, She is so lucky to get such great looking body parts, Anyway I like her “Everything”, Thanks for sharing the Pictures.
Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

Kandra Spray Tan Pictures…

Pictures of Kandra getting a spray tan in a small leopard print bikini. Excellent before and after pictures of an airbrush tan….

[…] Airbrush Tanning Pictures […]

Yes, sheโ€™s really beautiful and I think youโ€™ve got a lot of visitors coming back, havenโ€™t you?

@Grocery Bags we have done almost 5,000 airbrush tans over the last few years, our customers seem to love it spray tanning.

[…] released our second mobile airbrush tanning example […]

i just want it to even out my tanlines and just give me a sunkissed glow. how much do they usually cost and what do you wear? if you do naked is it embarassing standing there naked and having someone spray you? i live in west virginia, so are there any tanning salons that offer airbrush tanning?
.-= home goods´s last blog ..Custom home is in trend =-.

@Home Goods Spray tanning is a great way to get rid of tan lines. As far as tanning naked when you have an airbrush tan and it being uncomfortable that is completley based on how you would feel being airbrush tanned nude at that time. It’s very common for customers looking to achieve a deep dark sunless tan to tan in the nude, however tanning in a bra and panties or tanning in a bikini are always available options. It really is up to the client.

I am not too familiar with West Virginia indoor tanning salons, I know that sunless airbrush tanning in Florida is pretty popular and can be found in many of the salons out here.

[…] Tan and Smoothies, Inc. is the leading provider of indoor tanning, spray tanning and mobile spray tanning services in the Tampa Bay area and is quickly approaching some very […]

We have used this system and it works great as long as the tech doesn’t overdue it. If they put to much on the skin will look blotchy. Otherwise it kicks ass!


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LOL, it seems like Kandra is the “Extreme John Arianny Celeste”
Of all the girls I have seen on here, she has that “something special” about her.
I think she is very pretty.

Thank you Chris, haha, but that definitely would not be Kandra’s title. If anything, that title would belong to Melissa, hands down.

John, can you please post a link to a pic of Melissa ?
I know you are also a big UFC and MMA Fan, so you know who Arianne Celeste is .
I am more into pale looking white girls myself, but I have to admit, Arianny has that something special about her, that makes you want to look at her.
The UFC has that white girl Brittany, she is a blonde, but she just don;t have that something special quality that Arianne has.
Did u know Arianne got arrested at her home in Vegas recently for domestic violence ?

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