Almost there?

The theater room construction and audio video cabinet re-wire that A Sound Decision has been doing is coming to a close on it’s eighth week of construction. Things finally seem to be really coming along and I know the guys have worked had as hell trying to get everything finished, especially Bobby who was handling the cabinet re-wire (which looks incredible) as well as the custom programming of all of the control panels and remotes in the house.

There have been a few things which have caused this project to go way over on time, problems ranging from remote memory issues to components needing to be shipped back to the manufacturer, add in some area’s for improvement on the overall planning and the fact that I constantly throw in new changes that A Sound Decision has done an excellent job of accommodating along the way. I thought for sure that everything would have been 100% by Wednesday of this week but that target was missed as well, once Wednesday passed by I figured at the very latest today would be the final day. By the looks of things it’s safe to say that the work will continue on Monday and I wouldn’t be surprised if it went into even Tuesday or Wednesday.

A few of the things needing to be done at this point are, Curtains needs to be ordered which should have been done  few weeks ago, remotes still need some error checking and programming, one of the TV’s on the Lanai need to be lowered and all three TV’s need more of a tilt on their current mounts along with some painting and other fine tunning adjustments. As much as I would like to see this stuff done on Monday I don’t think that’s realistic, but I can tell you that my anticipation of the end of this project is growing more with every second, I am looking forward to having the house back in order and having the ability to use everything that has been put into the house over the last 8 weeks.

Here are a couple of photos of some of the holes made in a few of the walls today to put in a Ethernet Port that was missed on the initial wiring along with an audio cord both which are part of the game port that is in the theater room for laptop and game system hook ups. These holes were patched by the time I made this thread, now I just need to find someone to come in and paint all of the area’s of repair.

Lanai construction
Picture of the TV mount and drywall repair on the Lanai

Guest Bathroom construction

Picture of one of the hole’s made in the guest bathroom wall to run the Ethernet and Audio cable for the Game Port in the Theater Room.

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