Another English Bulldog Attack

I haven’t done a blog update on the puppies in a while and I figured it was time, or better yet before I had this topic I was thinking it was time to do an update or maybe post some new pictures. One of my previous blog posts was English Bulldog Attack Victim where I posted some video of the bite I received on my beak from Kennedy.

I am here with another Bulldog bite story for everyone to enjoy a laugh at my expense. In all honesty the puppies have been great, they havent chewed or destroyed anything which is probably the best thing ever. One of the issues we are having with a couple of the puppies is fighting, you would think at 16 weeks old the puppies wouldn’t really have anything to beef about. The two troubled bulldog puppies are Carter and Abe, out of no where they started having a sporadic few battles here and there. The first one was more of a shock the next one I used a quick cup of water to get them to stop and each one after that became more of a challenge.

On this particular morning it was raining outside, usually we let the puppies out first thing in the morning than join them on the Lanai for the morning wake up and ritual. With it raining we didn’t really feel like sitting outside, I was sitting on the couch holding Kennedy in my lap when Abe noticed it, he gets jealus of everything and since he runs the pack he usually tries to step in between any puppy time that doesn’t include him. Abe came towards the couch and as he got ready to kinda nip at Kennedy I decided to put her down, as I did that Carter watched Abe go for Kennedy and it sparked the battle, I saw it coming but it was going to happen regardless.

I was the only one in the room at the time, Lisa was in doing something with Alexa. Lisa came into the room and heard the fighting, trust me when I say fighting, sixteen week old English bulldog’s fight as if it’s the fight of their life, so when it’s on it’s on. Lisa quickly said, “Do you need me to do anything?” Even though I knew it wasn’t going to work I said grab a cup of water and throw it at them. At this point I had both of the eye hooks to their choker chains, usually they have leads attatched but it was so early in the morning we didn’t get the leads on them yet. As Lisa got the water, one of my hands slipped off of Carter’s eye hook at which point Carter lunged towards Abe, I went to push Carter back and my thumb got in the way of the lunge which made it nice and easy for Carter to make a meal out of my thumb.

Teeth marks

Teeth marks

The one on the tip of my thumb was the deepest, I felt that one go in and actually thought for second he might have ripped off my thumb nail. The place looked like a crime scene, Abe’s white ring of color around his neck was now blood red as was the floor, it was pretty funny because when Lisa came over to throw the water at the brawlers she said,”Oh there’s blood this time!” I let her know there was nothing to be worried about it as just mine 😉

Here’s a lesson for ya, don’t assume that because they are “Puppies” the bite wont do some damage.

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