3 Best Twitter Apps for Droid

As many of you know I recently picked myself up one of those heavily advertised Motorola Droid smart phones from the local Verizon peeps, with all of the crazy apps out there it didn’t take me long to write “15 of My First Motorola Droid Apps” and a quick Motorola Droid review. One of the best things about having a blog with no real niche is that I get to write about whatever I want, now don’t get me wrong this hardly means that I am any kind of authority on these things and I’m definitely no guru on apps for Droid phones either.

Being a multiple small business owner and having a complete addiction to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook I am constantly looking for the best Twitter apps for Droid or that perfect Facebook app that might offer more options geared towards small business power users like myself. Like many other Motorola Android owners I instantly headed to the App Market to find a few applications that might make tweeting, sending tweets and picture tweets simple while I am on the go. Here’s a quick list of what I felt were the 3 best Twitter apps for Droid.

Best Twitter Apps for Droid

1. Seesmic

It really shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone that I would have listed Seesmic Twitter for Android as my favorite mobile Twitter client, up until just recently when I started using Hootsuite as my Twitter manager I used Seesmic. One of my favorite features about Seesmic is that it handles multiple accounts flawlessly and makes switching between those accounts and managing multiple twitter accounts a snap, retweeting and sending picture tweets…. also easy as pie.

Seesmic Droid App

2. Tweetcaster Pro

Tweetcaster Pro is a pretty sweet looking Twitter app for Droid, it keeps things pretty simple and it has a really nice display for those of you that want to have a spiffy looking Twitter app for your Android phone. I prefer banner free apps which is the main reason for going with the paid Tweetcaster Pro for $4.99 vs the free Tweetcaster which will display banner ads.

Tweetcaster Pro Android App

3. Twitroid Pro for Twitter

This was the very first Droid app that I purchased when I first scooped up my Android, it didn’t last very long as I found sending a tweet to be a pain while in horizontal touch screen mode. I can’t really fault the app too much as I mentioned earlier I am a Twitter power and have somewhere near 15,000 tweets on Twitter, many of the tweets I send are in a hurry or at red lights when I don’t have time to carefully click the exact spot that sends the tweet.

Twitter for Android

Overall I think I’ve tried something like nine different twitter apps for Droid before I settled in on these three as the ones I like the most, I would have to tip my hat to Seesmic for a very nice Twitter app for Droid. Especially since I wasn’t super excited when I did my Seesmic Blackberry app Review. Check out Seesmic for Droid if you haven’t already, the Seesmic team really did a nice job on Seesmic.

Now that we have all this Twitter talk out of the walk take second to connect with me on Twitter @extremejohn, if your on Facebook you can connect with me via my Facebook Fan Page.

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I also like Seesmic. Greg Ellison
.-= Greg Ellison´s last blog ..Learn About Affiliate Marketing from a Pro =-.

I love Seesmic for the Droid, not so much for my computer. And I’m the same way about Twidroid. The user interface just isn’t that great. Haven’t tried the other, but I’ll pass.
.-= Mike @DailyShotOfCoffee´s last blog ..Single Origin Peaberry From Doi Chaang Coffee Review =-.

hi John,
FYI: I found your comment in my akismet folder. Maybe it was a bit too “extreme”? Anyway, I “unspammed” it. Thanks for stopping by.
As to these “smart phones” I haven’t gotten one yet. I don’t know if I am “smart” enough to figure them out. :) I wouldn’t be surprised if my kids get them before I do… Cheers! Steve
.-= steve´s last blog ..Trade Show Outboarding =-.

@steve, I get hit with the spam thing a lot. I usually give a blogger a few chances to find my comment in spam, than at some point I give up and just retweet instead.

I’m using Seesmic now, but have also been away from Twitter for a little. Don’t know why, but I’m not liking it that much. Anyway, speaking of the Droid again, the 2.1 update better increase performance or I’m going to be pretty mad. It’s been slower than downloading bad movies on a 56k modem. The companies wonder why people root their phones. Hmm gee wonder.

@Anthony @ Jumpness, I agree Anthony I would like to see Droid speed up about 300%.

@Extreme John, that is why my phone is now rooted and running at 3x it’s default processing speed. Works nicely now.

Man your making me want to pull the trigger and get the Droid now..lol

How you like it?
.-= John Paul Aguiar´s last blog ..Want To Make Money Blogging? Then Stop Using Entrecard =-.

@John Paul Aguiar, I had a Blackberry for a long time and decided to switch to the Droid. I can do everything faster on the Droid now that I am used to it. Give yourself a couple days to get used to it and you will love it.

I hear alot people having freezing issues, and app fail?

@John Paul Aguiar, I haven’t had any freezing problems. A few apps force close and don’t know why. The 2.1 update is coming any day now and should fix a lot of bugs. It will also add features. Mine started to run slow and I rooted it so I can overclock the cpu. Runs like a champ now.

@Anthony @ Jumpness,

Very cool.. it’s down to the Droid and the Devour, just waiting on Devour release.
.-= John Paul Aguiar´s last blog ..Is Sponsored Tweets The Beginning Of The End Of Twitter? =-.

Isn’t there a version of Tweetdeck available for Droid? I’m probably going to get an iphone soon (well, It’ll probably go to my husband, as I work from home). I saw Tweetdeck on iPhone and it looked good.
.-= Anne Moss´s last blog ..Are You a Blogger or Webmaster? =-.

I guess seesmic is the best twitter application I have ever seen. Never tried twidroid but I guess it is same like seesmic only.

@Ricky, no doubt. Seesmic crushes the Twidroid app.

Looks like, I should get one Android Phone. Tweeting from phone will save a lot of time, I hope I will get one in one or two months.

Looks like you are having fun with the new android powered phone
.-= Gautam Hans´s last blog ..Collecta, Google, and the Future of Real Time Search =-.

Seesmic sounds like an app for monitoring quakes :)
.-= ZXT@MMA Pound for Pound´s last blog ..Sunday’s Babes of the Week =-.

I know a lot of people do not read comments on comments very often so I thought I’d share my experience with the Droid now that I rooted it. MUCH faster. Feels like a new computer all over again. I know it voids the warranty, but you can always switch it back and it’s very simple. I recommend it if you are debating about throwing your phone at something because it is running extremely slow.

I think I should buy an Android Phone 😀 to use these tools
.-= Mobile news´s last blog ..Tiger Text iPhone App: Deletes Texts After Sending =-.

hay jhon , very nice blog. And read many comments on different blogs. And many thanks for sharing all the twitter droid application had a tools which handle the multiple accounts for the pc but yours is for the Mobiles.

John ~ LOL loved it when I googled “Best Twitter App for Droid” that I happened across your post!

I just got my Droid X yesterday and ..well, hence the search! Will have to check out your other post mentioned as well as I’m on the app hunt!

BTW, I’m down in FL now ~ Whew, so glad to have the move behind me. Now if ONLY I can get my property sold back in WI, I’ll be golden!

Hope you’ve been doing well!

[…] – I chose Seesmic based on what I read over at Extreme John’s post on 3 Best Twitter Apps for Droid. Bonus for me: the keyboard has the smiley face emoticon on […]

good, that’s great application for my Motorola Milestone.

[…] – I chose Seesmic based on what I read over at Extreme John’s post on 3 Best Twitter Apps for Droid. Bonus for me: the keyboard has the smiley face emoticon on […]

Seesmic is awesome, thanks for the post!

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