Britney Spears Concert Pictures

Ok just the other day I wrote my Britney Spears Concert Pictures and Review post where I spent most of the time talking about the Pussycat Dolls and how their performance was, I also wrote about how I felt Britney Spears could have done a better overall job of just about everything. I also told you I would be posting some more pictures and information about the Britney Spears Concert at the St. Pete Times in Tampa on March 8th so here they are. I have a pretty sweet quality video of the Pussycat Dolls performing “When I Grow Up” but I was having a few issues uploading it to, if I get that video uploaded I will post that on Friday, it’s a short video but it gives you a good idea of just how hard they Danced, it also will show you that they actually sang at the concert unlike Britney Spears.

Picture of the Pussycat Dolls

I had to post the picture above it came out pretty good and it has all of the Pussycat Dolls in it as well. Now I will get into posting a few different Britney Spears pictures posted which will also support a few of my feelings about how Britney looked during her performance, to be honest most of her outfits were a disaster for her body and it’s current form. Im not saying that she has a terrible body or that she’s in terrible shape, I am saying that FOR BRITNEY SPEARS she certainly left a lot to be desired in regards to costume selection (which is probably her wardrobe people’s fault). The fact of the matter is that through most of the show Britney Spears was put into some pretty revealing and beyond tight outfits, none of which did her any justice or any good for that matter. At one point while wearing the costume pictured below Britney Spears could be heard saying, “My P*ssy is falling out of my shorts!”, she didn’t realize her microphone was left on and that someone somewhere would hear what she said and get Britney Spears Wardrobe Malfunction video and pictures all over the internet.

I hate to say it buuuuttt.. Britney Spears cameltoe in effect in this picture

Like I said the above picture of Britney Spears cameltoe misshap was heard on the microphone as she got ready to perform another set and went to adjust the problem. Again Britney Spears fans I am not bashing the pop princess I am simply pointing out some major issues with some of the people that surround her and set this crap up for her. I have another picture below that shows Britney Spears dressed as a geanie or whatever and you can clearly see it is not the most flattering costume for Britney Spears to be trotting around stage in.

Here is another terrible costume choice for Britney Spears at Sundays Concert

Now I am not sure who the wardrobe people in charge of dressing Britney but the ones that dressed her in the outfits above should be hit with a crowbar. As the concert got ready to head towards it’s end Britney had another costume change and this one was certainly for the better, it kept her in black which covered up the ugly bruise on her left leg, and it also did a good job of making Britneys legs look thinner. You will also notice that the shimmer pants are not tight on her which doesn’t cause any Britney Spears Muffin Top situations. These are probably the wardrobe people that should be taking the place of the psychos that blind dressed Britney above.

Britney Spears Concert Pictures

Britney Spears at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa

I will be posting the rest of the pictures from the Britney Spears concert THIS Friday so be sure to bookmark or follow me on twitter to get updated as soon as I post them.

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God, she’s such a filthy ho-bag.

Ok now let’s wait a second… Ho Bag?? How so? I don’t think I have heard anything about Britney dating anyone, Im not sure the ho bag line is one that fits. More like Media Puppet meaning that everyone running the show for her has her in some bad situations.

Yeah, Lace, come on man, she’s not a “ho-bag” as you say. She’s totally a puppet and I feel bad for her. Her life is scrutinized by the media. Why do you think she had a breakdown dude?

On another note, I enjoyed the video and laughed about her “p*ssy” comment. Opps, Britney, my dear, your mic is still on…

Aubrey O’Day’s is expanding her career to movies now…check it out
It actually looks really funny.

don’t think I have heard anything about Britney dating anyone, Im not sure the ho bag line is one that fits

Blech…say what you please.

LUCKY!!!!!!! i wanted to go to that concert so badly!!!!! lol
~Nathan~ from clearwater North

You should have gone they had all kinds of tickets available right on Ticketmaster, which shocked me but hey they were available :)

Haha! I can’t believe she said that!
She hasn’t got the best wardrobe by the looks of it. How much are tickets?

@Steve yeah she has gone on to say some other funny things throughout a few other shows as well, at one point during her D.C concert she wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Issues.

can you tell me what the ringside stools are like?

Makes you wonder doesn’t it!

I always like to see all the videos of Britney Spears, I like everything with you, Her body and actions are looking great.

Thanks for giving nice pictures and reviews about Britney Spears, I think she is a great Artist with natural talent.

I love Britney, I think she is an amazing person. She goes through hell and on top of it has the whole world watching and critisizing her. Good for her. Beautiful, talented, and strong!

These are some great pics you posted here of Britney. Always like to see her in action.

Britney Spears is really a global star, she is as great as Mj. I like her because she had faced lots of problem in last few years. Yours collection of the Britney Spears Concert Pictures was really great. Anyways keep it up and keep continue.

I too like Britney, she made a phenomenal come back to say the least. Any one person who endured all that she has endured gets my vote! I think once she got “K-Fed” out of her system, she was able to make a successful come back…though her level of fame might not be the same as before? ❓
.-= Dee @ Brazilian Hair´s last blog ..Brazilian Hair Straightening =-.

@Dee @ Brazilian Hair, she really has turned things around and she even looks pretty hot again which is a nice plus.

Go Britney! Glad her career is back on track again. 8) I used to be a huge fan of her during my teenage years, and still am. Thanx for the pics + article, John.
.-= Slade@Latex Mattress Topper´s last blog ..Latex Mattress Topper – SAVE Big On Latex Mattress Toppers =-.

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