BufferApp a Tool for Scheduling Tweets on Twitter

If you don’t know already how much I love to utilize Twitter for my small businesses the you really should. Twitter is a particularly useful tool for attracting and maintaining an audience for your small business as well as connecting with other Tweeters and when it comes to Twitter apps you know that I am always interested.

What Is BufferApp And How Can It Help Your Business?

BufferApp is one of my new favorite Twitter tools because it’s not only easy to use but it’s also a no hassle way to schedule tweets. How does it work? Buffer works as an application that allows you to schedule tweets at one time. BufferApp takes all of the work out of logging on all day to drop Tweets, rather, it allows you to fill up your application with all the tweets you have lined up and the application schedules them for you. All you have to do to keep the BufferApp tweeting is to keep those tweets topped up in the application! What do I like the most about BufferApp besides the fact that it saves so much time throughout the day? I love how easy it is to use and how efficient its creators are at keeping in touch with news and updates so I never have to worry about not having the most recent updates.

Parting Shots

BufferApp offers a free version of their application but if you are looking to use the professional version it’ll only set you back $5 a month, the premium version only $30 a month. Check out the free version of this application and see just how easy tweeting can be!

Your Turn

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Hi John,

I used bufferapp and really love the way it works. Its great to auto schedule my tweets and fire them when it matters most.

One issue however, stops me using it for other’s blog. When i comment and tweet a post I’d like to let the blog author know that I’ve tweeted. If I use buffer, I need to manually look for author’s twitter username to paste on tweet message. Its much harder than clicking on the tweet button on page that instantly throws it away.

Anyway, its great to schedule your personal tweets.

Thanks For Letting Me Know One More New Twitter Tools. I Am Going To Try This Tool Very Soon… Before Knowing This I uses Tweetdeck And Hotsuit For Maintaining My Multiple Twitter Account…

Sounds easy and interesting, but don’t you think that automating your tweets somewhat lacks this sense of engaging with your audience, I mean in the sense that when you are tweeting there is more warmth, ‘humanity’ and personal touch in the tweets as opposed to scheduling to be posted at a later time?

Hi Wez.

Actually no, because I don’t use buffer for the simple “automation” factor, I use it for the “scheduling” factor. Meaning that any time I like an article I retweet it, sounds great however if I read multiple articles and RT them in a short period of time it can become annoying for my followers. In order to avoid tweet bombing my followers BufferApp allows me to space out my RT’s, that way I still show some luv to the people I RT and do it without pissing off my Twitter followers in the process.

I am not much into too many automated services, mainly because I haven’t found many that work well for me… might have to check this one out.

BufferApp serves a purpose, I typically use HootSuite for everything, but physically scheduling with BufferApp is faster when I’m ripping through 600 articles like I have to catch up on some time today. Timely is another one I am currently testing, it was out before BufferApp and offers some excellent features.

John, thanks for a fantastic review.

I really like the usecase you described below in Keith’s comments. Instead of scheduling each one individually you can simply throw them in your Buffer.

Thanks and Buffered this one for sure! :)

Hey Leo thanks for stopping by to check out the BufferApp review, good system you have going there. I look forward to see some of the changes that come as time moves forward. Would love to see FB pages integrated as well as LinkedIn.

Tried the free version and yep now i am totally in love with it.

I liked the concept because it is a possible solution to share more tweets by spacing them out instead of cramming up the streams with huge list of tweets

Am I the only one still not using this cool new toy? lol I’ll get on the stick one of these days. šŸ˜‰

Dennis Edell@Direct Sales MarketingĀ“s last blog..100 Down Thousands to Go!

It saves time and what else one wants :)
A must use application if you are busy person. Else kill your precious time by sitting all day and scheduling.

BufferApp saves me a lot of time that’s for sure. I still def. want some Facebook Page integration.

Thanks John,
Your articles are always very helpful for people like me :)
I would also suggest that people who run small business like me should try it because its worth trying it :)

It’s my pleasure, not to mention you never know unless you try something if you’re going to like it or not.

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