Bulldog Puppy Play Fighting Pictures

I have really been slacking on updates and pictures of my English Bulldog puppies that are now a little over a year old. To catch a few of you up on my Bulldog story, basically we had four English Bulldog puppies and a few of them just could not get along, now we have two. Our male bulldog is named Reagen and he weighs in around 60lbs, than we have Kennedy our female english bulldog puppy who tips the scales around 65lbs which gives her the title of being the big one of the group.

Reagan and Kennedy Play Fighting

I really need to get my video camera fired up again, this series of bulldog pictures would have been much more exciting as a video. Kennedy and Reagan spend most of their days play fighting with each other, sometimes this gets a little hairy and you have to break them up. The pictures below show the bulldogs laying on their backs and basically biting each others face and mouth, they make some crazy noise when they put this little show on and have done so since they were puppies. It’s actually pretty cute when you get to witness it in person, the pictures below might look a little scary to some people but trust me it’s pretty funny.

Bulldog Puppies Play Fighting
Reagan has his face tugged on by Kennedy

You can see the rest of the pictures in this album here and you can check out my English Bulldog videos here.

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@Joan thank you very much for taking the time to comment. It an be hard for people to say Bulldogs are cute if they don’t really appreciate the breed of dog. Im going to head over and check out your site now.

I definitely agree that bulldogs are a very cute breed. The one thing I don’t think I could get over though is the slobber. It’s a good thing you have hard floors because you can see the pool forming between the 2 dogs in the first picture 😉
.-= Craig@Dog Doors´s last blog ..Magnetic Dog Door =-.

gzz,before i don’t like bulldog because they look dirty but after look a few minute at picture…
they look cute… 💡

love your site. i own bulldogs myself and breed them. I cant believe one of the comments on here that said they thought the dogs looked dirty, lol
obviously not a dog lover hahahaha

@cindy @ locksmiths addington, I would have to agree Cindy def not a dog lover and certainly not someone that understands bulldogs. Their personalities alone make their appearance better.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Holy crap, those are puppies? They look big already.

.-= Paul Piotrowski @ Paulymath.com´s last blog ..Sponsor My Puppy Zoe =-.

Bulldog Puppy Play Fighting 😉 Your puppies are cool. How I wish I’m gonna get them.

Bulldog’s are a great breed. great size puppies.

John your puppies are very healthy and very loving.Their play is their love as pair completes itself with love.

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