Business Blitz: 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

We’re half way through the week and it’s time to check out the business headlines here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: You Know you’ve Been Blogging too Long When… #BloggingTooLong, 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly, 7 Steps To Getting Paid More And Promoted Faster and 7 Hot Apps to Watch at SXSW 2012.

Hot Business News For March 7, 2012


First up this morning: #BloggingTooLong" href="">You Know you’ve Been Blogging too Long When… #BloggingTooLong. I’ve been blogging for goodness knows how long and I just had to share this article because it gave me a good laugh. Some of the pieces in this article that made me laugh include: You Know You’ve been blogging too long when… you have to pause a conversation with a friend to take notes for a blog post idea, You know you’ve been blogging too long when a family member asks for parenting advice and you write a 10 Point Answer, start brainstorming catchy titles and considering adding images and further reading and You Know You’ve been blogging too long when… you are overheard sleep talking about Brian Clark and Chris Brogan.

Also in news this morning: 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly. I have to admit that grammar is not, nor has it ever been, one of my strong points so I figured this would be a good piece to read and pass on. Some of the goofs covered in this piece include: your versus you’re, its versus it’s, there versus they’re versus their and affect versus effect.

Next up this morning: 7 Steps To Getting Paid More And Promoted Faster. If you are working for someone else then there is no doubt that this piece is going to attract your attention. So just what are the seven steps? They include: Find a High-Growth Industry, Select the Right Boss and Develop a Positive Attitude.

Finally this morning: 7 Hot Apps to Watch at SXSW 2012. Apps just make life easier and you can bet that any article focused on apps is going to be one that I have to share with you. Apps included in this article are: Highlight, Pixable, Localmind and Sonar.

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is definitely the article on apps because I am always looking for new apps to make my life easier!

Your Turn

What is your favorite app and why? Leave a comment below and share your favorites!

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Jumping over to say hi because I have missed you on G+ – hope this means you are crazy busy doing business :) As always, you got some great stuff. Grammar…ugh, like I said on the Brain Clark’s post – I wish I had an editor in my house!

Thanks for the grammar article! I know this is a pet peeve for a lot of people, so I try to use it correctly.

Favorites apps have got to be Informat and GO Launcher for the Android!

Great minds think alike, John…I also read and shared the first two articles on this list! Both were excellent. I love these rundowns! :)

Great article John! Using bad grammar can actually turn someone away from your business, i know when i go to craigslist, some people actually write business ads using all caps and it turns me away from using them!

Thanks for grammar article, this will surely help in correcting my own grammar!!!!!!

Ahahaha… It certainly give me a good laugh, but goodness, I am sometimes using wrong grammar for the sentence…. ; – )
Your post is definitely a grammar call for those (like me) who take right grammar usage for granted…. Is my grammar right?? :-)

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