Business Blitz: 6 Time-Management Tips From Accelerator Programs

Let’s jump right in this morning and look at the business headlines here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: 6 Time-Management Tips From Accelerator Programs, 3 Blogging Rules You Should Break, The Brilliant Content Strategy Everyone Gets Wrong and 3 Myths of Guest Writing for Big Websites … and 6 Tactics for Doing it Well.

Hot Business News For March 15, 2012

Time Management Tips


First up this morning: 6 Time-Management Tips From Accelerator Programs. Time management is a huge part of running a successful business but sometimes it can be really difficult to find time management tips that work for you. This article covers six time management techniques that could work for you including: Avoid the email time suck, Choose your most important goal each week and Know your productivity limits. ]

Also in news this morning: 3 Blogging Rules You Should Break. As a blogger there are plenty of blogging rules around that we’re supposed to stick by but not all of those blogging rules are rules that you should be stuck to. This article covers three blogging rules that you should break as a blogger including: Make posts scannable, Stay on topic and Be an authority.

Next up this morning: The Brilliant Content Strategy Everyone Gets Wrong. There are plenty of strategies out there for being good at producing content but all too often users get those strategies wrong. This article covers one strategy that users get wrong all too often: Reusing content.

Finally this morning: 3 Myths of Guest Writing for Big Websites … and 6 Tactics for Doing it Well. Guest writing for blogs is a great way to get your name out there as an expert in your particular field, this article covers a number of myths about guest writing including: not having to have a well established blog and not being able to write well enough. This article also includes six tactics for successful guest post writing including: Research your target site carefully and Develop your idea.

Parting Shots

My favorite article from this morning by far is the article on guest posting. I allow a large number of guest writers to post here on my blog because I am always interested in what they have to say, this piece covers some great tips on helping you to create a good guest post.

Your Turn

Have you been a guest writer on someone else’s blog? What tips did you find helpful? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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