Business Blitz: Become Social Media Savvy and More

We’re rolling in to the end of the week again and being that the sun has just come up that can only mean that it’s time for the Business Blitz here at Extreme John ! Today it’s time to cover a number of small business tips which today include:  improving your social media savviness, negotiating commercial property leases, customizing Facebook fan pages and America’s most promising social engineers of 2011.

Hot Business News For June 22nd, 2011

First up this morning an article from Mashable that focuses on the use of Klout score to create personalized Facebook pages. You might remember not too long ago I had Angel post an article about using Klout, well this is where it comes in handy. I’m not too sure how I feel about the whole personalization of Facebook pages based on Klout score, however, because I’m pretty sure that it’s going to lead to overwhelming masses of information clogging up Klout and making it less useful for those of us who actually benefit from it for the right reasons.

Next up this morning, an article that of course captured my attention with a title like “6 Ways to be Social Media Savvy.” I decided to share this article because a lot of people seem to have a similar dilemma in that they don’t understand how to strike a balance between productive time investment in to social media promotion. This article has a few tips on how to strike that balance between running your business and creating the social media hype that is so important these days in business promotion.

Also this morning another article that small business owners who require commercial property need to glance over at least once: “Negotiate Property Leases Like a Pro.” Whether you already have a commercial property that has come up for lease renewal or whether you are beginning the search for commercial property this article has some valuable tips on getting the most for your money out of your commercial property lease.

Last up this morning “America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs 2011” is just a good read to start off the morning. This article highlights twenty five companies  run by entrepreneurs who are determined to make a change in social ills by creating their own ventures. There is actually a vote going on through until July 12th that allows you to give your support to the social entrepreneur of your choosing. Take a look through these company profiles and see which social entrepreneur receives your support!

Parting Shots

While this morning was filled with quite a lot of interesting news I have to say that the last article was a great pick me up this morning. I always love to see entrepreneurs breaking out of the mold and doing something for the good of the community.

Your Turn

Which of the social media entrepreneurs listed in the last article gets your vote and why? Leave a comment and share your favorite!

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No doubt social media is very important in business promotion these days…its a must read article as it provides us with great information..thanks for sharing it.

Thats something different about Facebook however will check out this Klout very soon…

I was planning of Commercial property lease renewal.Yes it provides us with great tips regarding getting the most out of commercial property helped me a lot .

I really like it when you share new stuff regarding Facebook as it is the only website i use for social networking..I will give it a look in a couple of days..:)

Thanks Ashley I appreciate the feedback, hopefully I can continue to deliver more Facebook stuff that you’ll find interesting.

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