Business Blitz: Building a Blog That Ranks in Alexa’s Top 10,000

by Extreme John on February 28, 2012

Let’s jump right in to the small business headlines this morning here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: Prosthetics Breakthrough Might Fuse Nerves With Fake Limbs, Facebook: The Wimps Will Inherit the Data Center, The Essential Ingredients for Building a Blog That Ranks in Alexa’s Top 10,000 and Never Fall In Love With the Medium.

Hot Business News For February 28, 2012

Creating Your New Blog

First up this morning: Prosthetics Breakthrough Might Fuse Nerves With Fake Limbs. While this article does not apply to my business…or many small businesses for that matter, I had to post it simply because it is amazing. To see just how far medical advancements have come over the years is simply mind blowing and this article just goes to show that there are some truly amazing things happening out there.

Also in news this morning: Facebook: The Wimps Will Inherit the Data Center. When it comes to the idea of powering data centers with ultra low power processors Google might shake its head and walk away, but Facebook thinks differently. This article covers just why Facebook believes that the wimps will inherit the data center and it’s a really good read.

Next up this morning: The Essential Ingredients for Building a Blog That Ranks in Alexa’s Top 10,000. Everyone always wants to know what it takes to be the biggest and the best in the blogging world but there are so many tricks and tips to be known that teaching them all is simply impossible. This article does however, cover some of the essential tips for getting your blog ranked in Alexa’s top 10,000. This is a HAVE TO READ article.

Finally this morning: Never Fall In Love With the Medium. This is a great article for any one who has become a little too attached to one social media medium. Falling in love with a social media medium not only pigeonholes you as far as the audience that you are reaching, but it also severely limits your reach as a blogger and small business owner.

Parting Shots

If there is one article that you read this week, make it the article on building a blog that ranks in Alexa’s Top 10,000. This is a great read and is packed with great tips on helping you to become a more successful blogger.

Your Turn

What tips do you have for bloggers that are just getting started? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Neil’s article that you linked to above was awesome! He always provides such great value.

As for my tip to new bloggers: start something and stick to it for at least 9 months SOLID. If it isn’t working, evolve or try something new!


Extreme John

That’s a killer tip. It’s along the lines of the advice I give most new bloggers, without specifically giving a time frame. Too many talented writers with potential fall off because of how long it can take to find the groove and get noticed.
Extreme John recently posted…Dark Obsession Tanning Lotion Bottle Design Prototype My Profile



Yeah – that Alexa Rank article was great. Just about to get started with ReTargeter….looking forward to measuring it’s effectiveness.
Cliff recently posted…Why I Love Social Media – A Story About Jeremy RoenickMy Profile


Danica Green

“Never Fall In Love With the Medium” is a perfect article for many people who are too obsess with one particular social media platform, for example, many people don’t want to switch to google+ because they are too in love with facebook.


Extreme John

I agree, excellent article. I’ve written a few like it myself. I think there’s something to be said for being prepared to be anywhere.


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