Business Blitz: Facebook Gets Sneaky, Twitter Expands And More

It’s another early morning and it’s time once again to cover some business headlines in today’s Business Blitz here at Extreme John ! Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: Facebook blocking friend exports, Twitter acquires BackType, Building a website on a budget and more!

Hot Business News For July 6, 2011

First up in news this morning, Facebook blocks a friend exporter plugin. The plugin was developed for use with Google Chrome and allows Facebook users to export their Facebook friends in to other social networks; however, the idea of losing business left Facebook so aggravated that they are now blocking the plugin. According to some the plugin is against the Facebook terms of service anyway but according to the plugin developer he is working on a new version of the plugin that will be functional with Facebook…at least for a while.

Next up this morning, Twitter acquires the social analytics company, BackType. Just how much the social network paid for the analytics company hasn’t been disclosed. Originally the BackType program was intended to help Twitter users understand conversion statistics within Twitter; however, the future of the program is now uncertain. Twitter claims that free users with current accounts will still be able to access their accounts, but new accounts are no longer being accepted. Speculations are that some form of BackType will be built in to future versions of Twitter but at the moment no one can be sure.

Also in news this morning, “10 Signs You’re a Micromanager – And How to Reform.” This article made me laugh a little because I have known some of the world’s worst micro-managers in my time. After reading through this article I have a feeling that a few of my employees might peg me as a micro-manager too but it is a particularly difficult balance to keep between being involved as a manager and being a micro-manager! So, I may be guilty of a few of these micro-managing “skills” but if you are a textbook micro-manager then it’s definitely time to take heed of a few of the tips in this article!

Lastly in this morning’s business headline news, an article for those of you who are currently looking at building your business’s website. “5 Services for building Websites on a Budget” covers five easy to use services that can help you to put together your business website in no time at all. While many of us would prefer to have a website that is customized to every little thing that we want, this can be costly and time consuming. Utilizing an easy to use service like the five listed in this article is a great way to get a business site up fast so that you can begin to grow your business.

Parting Shots

Even though I always tend towards customized websites and designs I have to say that the last article of the morning this morning appealed to me. I have never heard of some of the services mentioned in the article and I always love to hear about new websites !

Your Turn

Which of today’s articles did you like the most? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below!

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>> Facebook blocks a friend exporter plugin.

Interesting. I disagree with their view that this is somehow hurting Facebook or losing them business… I think if anything it would encourage users to keep up with their Facebook friends. I’m sure it was a tiny % of users actually employing the plugin.

Semi-related to that, they now have aggregate software where you can view streams that collect all your friends Facebook posts, Twitter posts, RSS blog posts, etc, in single feeds for you to read.. I don’t have the name handy but it should be find-able by a little Googling.

I agree, but Facebook doesn’t have that same sense of “let’s get along” that Google seems to bring with it’s products, it’s always seemed a little immature in nature.

Facebook is loosing its popularity. In different online news I have read that facebook has lost a lot of users but the news “Facebook blocks a friend exporter plugin” proved that management of facebook is in obscure fear.

Of the 10 signs I am guilty of 1,2 and 7. That doesn’t seem to bad. Of course that’s probably because I only have 1 employee. :-)

John it seems that your site is becoming news site but most of the news are related to business and online business promotion.

It may seem that way now but it will continue to grow in the areas of social media for business and business blogging, etc.

I didn’t know the competition was this hard for social networks, facebook really did that ? wow.. they might be over reacting or something? for me.. they don’t need to that.. they should just relax.. I’m a facebook fan.. 😀

I think it shows concern on their part personally. Losing money is losing money and I’m sure that Google+ will dent the Facebook wallet substantially.

competition! surprising what these internet giants would do next.. I hope the winner is still us (the subscribers) though.. 😀

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