Business Blitz: Find Fans’ and Followers’ Pain Points in 5 Simple Steps

Welcome to another week Extreme John readers! Today we’re getting in to some great business tips in the Business Blitz feature. Today’s articles include: Find Fans’ and Followers’ Pain Points in 5 Simple Steps, Top 10 Fixes for Life’s Daily Annoyances, 6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss and To Thine Own Brand Be True.

Hot Business News For June 11, 2012


First up this morning: Find Fans’ and Followers’ Pain Points in 5 Simple Steps. Pain points are issues that fans and followers are actively looking for solutions for. This article covers how you can find your fans and followers pain points and address them in order to improve your audience reach.

Also in news this morning: Top 10 Fixes for Life’s Daily Annoyances. This article isn’t business related for most of us but it caught my attention because I’m always looking for tips and tricks to make the annoying stuff easier to deal with. Some of the tips included in this piece include: defogging your bathroom mirror, reheat fried foods without them getting soggy and getting rid of a stitch in minutes.

Next up this morning: 6 Apps You Don’t Want To Miss. I love apps, I can’t tell you how many I have downloaded and tried out and how many turned out not to be so great. That’s why I always love checking out articles on the “must have apps.” Some of the apps included in this piece are: FourSquare, FixYa, and Thumb.

Finally this morning: To Thine Own Brand Be True. I really like this article because it covers a topic that few “business gurus” forget to cover when they are dispensing advice. The important lesson to be taken from this article is to be true to yourself, don’t go chasing anything other than what you set out to do.

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is the article on the 6 apps you don’t want to miss. I found a couple of really great apps that I’m going to have a lot of fun with!

Your Turn

Were there any apps that you haven’t heard of before? Leave a comment and share new apps to you.

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