Business Blitz: Hot JavaScript Resources And More

I hope you all had a great July 4th weekend and are ready to get back in to the swing of a shortened business week. Today I will start, as usual, with some business headlines in today’s Business Blitz here at Extreme John ! Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: 7 Great JavaScript Resources, 15 Keyboard Shortcuts, SEO Keyword Use and more

Hot Business News For July 5, 2011

SEO Keyword Use

First up this morning “7 Great JavaScript Resources.” This article caught my eye because I am always looking for new resources for any number of online tools. I don’t have the strongest background when it comes to programming or implementing tools but despite that I find that looking over articles like these are a great way to find ideas for new tools to implement on my sites! So whether you are looking for a new Javascript to implement yourself or whether you are looking to get ideas for new elements to implement on your website these are some great resources to keep tucked away.

Next this morning, an article from Seth Godin’s blog entitled “The Overwhelming Fear of Being Wrong.” This article appealed to me because I don’t think there has ever been a time when a small business owner has not been afraid of being wrong. Being wrong means accepting the possible consequences and that can be scary. There is very little to offer in terms of advice when it comes to this article, other than to get over the fear and keep pushing forward if you ever want to be able to succeed.

Also up this morning “15 Keyboard Shortcuts to Enhance Your PC Productivity.” Reading this article I was amazed at how much time could be saved by using a single shortcut! Add up all those small moments and they soon add up to quite a lot! Just a few of the keyboard shortcuts mentioned in this article: moving the cursor through one word at a time, how to highlight entire words at one time and how to delete entire words at one tine.

Last up this morning “Do You Know How Many SEO Keywords To Use?” from Startup Nation. This article covers not why you should use SEO keywords but more of the specifics in using keywords correctly. Some of the topics covered under this article include: how many words to use, what SEO plug-ins to use and more.

Parting Shots

Of the articles presented this morning I have to go with the keyboard shortcuts as my favorite article of the day because I am always looking to save time!

Your Turn

Which of today’s articles was your favorite? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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John I have no words to say thanks to you, I have read the article “The overwhelming fear of being wrong” three time as psychology is my favorite topic and I have observed that fears throws a person in hell.

Thanks for the business tips you have provided us…It can really help a lot…

My pleasure Amanda,, thank you for taking the time to comment.

Thanks again John, for more great business tips. You alway have some really useful tips. thanks

My pleasure James, thanks for contributing I appreciate it.

I personally tend to stay away from JS if I can. It’s fancy but some people have scripting turned off and on some mobile phones, it’s also disabled. Mobile is where A LOT of traffic is coming from now-a-days. Maybe they’ll secure it a bit more and it will become part of the new standard soon with jquery blowing up but until then, I shy away if I can as I said.

As for the keyboard shortcuts, thanks a ton! I love shortcuts and try to teach anyone I know about them. LOL. It soudns weird but they help tremendously! My favorite is ctrl+t then ctrl+k. This brings up a new tab and puts me on the firefox search box in the top right. You can change the search options to load in a new window but sometimes I like to keep the same window open. :)

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