Business Blitz: How to Create a Website and Sell it for $200,000

Good morning and welcome to another week here at Extreme John let’s jump right in to the business headlines!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: Nine ideas in search of a blog post, What You Need to Know Before You Start a WordPress Blog, How to Create a Website and Sell it for $200,000 and Getting More Profit for Your Business.

Hot Business News For April 2, 2012


First up this morning: Nine ideas in search of a blog post. This is another post from Seth Godin, it caught my attention for two reasons: I love Seth’s blog and it’s a damn good topic. As always with Seth it’s short and sweet but well worth checking out.

Also in news this morning: What You Need to Know Before You Start a WordPress Blog. Everyone and their brother wants to start their own WordPress blog and everyone thinks that they can do it overnight. The truth of the matter is that if it were so easy then there would be no reason why everyone would not be rich. No, there is plenty of information that needs to be known before starting a WordPress blog and this article covers some of that information.

Next up this morning: How to Create a Website and Sell it for $200,000. The next thing that everyone thinks they can do without much work at all is create a website and sell it fast and easy for a crazy amount of profit…it’s not that easy. This article covers a few tips on how you can start towards creating your website to sell for a profit. I can’t say that it’s just that easy but it’s worth checking out.

Finally this morning: Getting More Profit for Your Business. Regardless whether you’re looking to get rich overnight with a website or whether you’re looking to put in the hard work that most of us do, everyone is looking to get more profit. This article covers some tips on how you can increase your business’s profit and includes tips such as: Aim to buy ever lower and sell ever higher and Know your numbers, then work up the vital numbers.

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is the article on what you need to know to start a WordPress blog, I think this piece is definitely something that WordPress bloggers to be need to take a look at before getting started.

Your Turn

What would you tell those following in your footsteps to help them become successful in the blogging world? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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All I can say is that is not easy to sell at $200,000 unless you make at least $5000/month from your site

hmm, I would have to say that posting regular content is key. Posting once a week is fine, posting once a day is a lot better but no everyone has the time to blog everyday. Also writing detailed in-depth content will encourage comments and conversation which will in turn help create a community. I guess because there are a lot of things to consider and work on, persistence is important, most people fail because they give up before they get a chance to succeed.

Good point but the most important thing to consider is for us to display patience and proper time management for the business.

Be consistent. Figure out what your schedule will be and stick to it as much as possible.

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