Business Blitz: Klout News, Marketing on a Limited Budget and More

The end of the week is coming up fast and it’s time again for some business headlines in the Business Blitz here at Extreme John ! Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: Klout now takes Foursquare check-in’s in to account, tips for marketing your business on a shoestring budget, thinking small, and five thinking traps you should avoid.

Hot Business News For July 14, 2011

First up this morning, Klout is now factoring in Foursquare check-in’s in to your Klout score. This news carries heavy weight for many small business owners who are just getting started using Klout but who have been utilizing Foursquare for a while as a way to promote their small business. In order to get your Foursquare check-in’s counted towards your Klout score all you have to do is go to your Klout dashboard and click on the grayed-out Foursquare button!

Next up this morning “Tips to Marketing Your Business On a Shoestring – But Not Have it Look Low Budget.” Posted by Anita Campbell, this article addresses Campbell’s need to become successful in marketing and her upcoming Webinar to address questions that many small business owners have in regards to marketing their own business. This webinar is scheduled for today so if you’re interested you better push back that schedule a little bit and make some room!

Also in business news this morning an article from the Franchise King titled  “Thinking Small Can Be Big.” The title of this article alone caught my attention and I couldn’t help but click on through and read more. At first I wasn’t quite sure what I would find when I clicked through the article but the advice I found inside was actually pretty refreshing – changing the small things in your business can make a big difference. As a small business owner I know how easy it can be to focus on the big things that need changing but seldom do we give thought to the little changes that we can make that can really make all the difference!

Last up this morning “Five ‘Thinking Traps’ Entrepreneurs Should Avoid.” This article contains some refreshing ideas to help you to refocus on your business and make yourself successful. Some of the ideas in this article that caught my attention include: Overcoming loss aversion and overcoming recency bias.

Parting Shots

Of today’s articles the one that appeals to me the most is definitely the last article because of the new spin and refreshing information it presents. Some days business headlines can seem a little stale but this one really woke me up.

Your Turn

Which of today’s articles appealed to you the most and why? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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