Business Blitz: Organizing Your Business And Improving Readership

It’s time once again here at Extreme John to begin the day with a little business news in the Business Blitz feature. Today’s business blitz post has some great tips to make work and personal life a little more organized as well as a key to gaining new readers to your blog.

Hot Business News For May 20th, 2011

First up this morning in business news Barnes and Noble may no longer be up for grabs. Many of us were already aware that the Borders bookstores were struggling but Liberty Media, the company that is famous for its ownership of Encore, Starz and the Atlanta Braves has made a bid to take over another popular bookstore tat admitted to financial woes earlier this year. Interestingly while the future of bookstores is still up in the air for many people who believe that e-readers are destroying the need for books, the billion dollar takeover bid sent the booksellers stock prices skyrocketing over $2 per share after hours. Why is this story significant? Aside from adding to the success of already successful Liberty Media chairman John C. Malone, this bid goes to show that just because a percentage of the population believe something to be true, does not necessarily mean that it is. With Malone behind it this book selling giant is looking to become even more influential than it already is in the book selling market.

Next up this morning a practical app that helps everyone to save time and money by allowing them to book doctors appointments through a mobile application. Rather than spending time on hold and flipping through calendars, allows for people from all walks of life who have access to an internet connection to log on and schedule their own doctors appointments in select cities. Zocdoc is currently available to New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C and is looking to expand in the near future. The aim of this application is to bring better access to health care through allowing patients to schedule their own appointments by using the time saving application.

Next up this morning is one of my favorite articles from The Franchise King Blog. I have a love – hate relationship with my e-mail inbox, I love to get great e-mails but I hate to wade through hundreds of e-mails every morning in an effort to determine which require my immediate attention. This article entitled “3 Products That Will Turn Your Overworked Email Inbox Into a Magical Place” offers three e-mail add on’s that are intended to help anyone but particularly the small business owner, in organizing their email inboxes! Check it out and see if these tools can help you to cope with your morning inbox!

Last up this morning Copyblogger had an article that I just couldn’t resist sharing entitled “How to Captivate New Readers in 5 Seconds or Less.” Sure this is more like a marketing type article than it is a news type article but it deserved sharing so here it is. Whose website couldn’t use more visitors? If you answered “mine” to this question then you are definitely in the wrong place and…well, an idiot. The more visitors read and stay on your blog the more exposure your business receives and more exposure leads to more clientele. Take a look at some of these tips and see if there is anything you can do to keep new readers on your blog or website now!

Parting Shots

This morning brought something of a grab bag in business news but I found each of the stories above interesting in their own right because they all play a part in the life of the small business owner.

Your Turn

Which of today’s business news headlines intrigued you the most? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Thank you so much for the mention.

It was “Extremely” cool.

The Franchise King®

My pleasure Joel, great articles are easy to share. :)

I have to admit that what I read will probably bore most people to death, as it is mostly industry relevant information and try to stay away from news :-)

I find it quite depressing and seems like media follows the path of the worst news to the top to get more readers.

No doubt about it, this article isn’t meant for “most people”. It has a very specific target.

Although most email products are geared towards users of gmail or outlook, which I am not, I’ll still see what I can glean from the 3-products.

You know what John! I don’t pay attention to the news or what’s happening that particular day. I guess it’s because the news as I know it is always so depressing. Plus my Mom will call me with anything interesting to share.

Now online is a different matter only because I’ll get the latest news every morning when I open my browser and then as I visit other blogs they usually have some of the latest stuff they have written about. Never a dull moment my friend.

You did share with me some stuff that I didn’t know so there you have it! Never completely in the know and always still a work in progress.

Thanks John.


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