Business Blitz: Recognizing The Five Stages of Small Business Growth

by Extreme John on September 19, 2011

It’s Monday and a brand new week, let’s see what you’ve been missing over the weekend with the Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: In MasterCard’s Future, You Can Buy Things by Waving at Your TV, 5 Content Lessons for Non-Profits on Tumblr, How to Run Your Business When You’re Sick and Recognize And Manage The 5 Stages Of Small Business Growth.

Hot Business News For September 19, 2011

Small Business Growth

First up this morning: In MasterCard’s Future, You Can Buy Things by Waving at Your TV. It sounds like something out of Back to the Future but since “Back to the Future” shoes have just been released it’s not surprising. According to this article it won’t be long until you can wave your Mastercard at the television and make a purchase through Xbox Kinect. On Thursday of last week Mastercard announced this as one of their newer methods of payment acceptance that is coming soon to a home near you!

Also in news this morning: 5 Content Lessons for Non-Profits on Tumblr.Small for profit businesses are not the only entities that can benefit from the use of social networking and this article covers a number of ways that non-profit businesses can take advantage of Tumblr. Some of the tips included in this article: drawing in outsiders, have some personality and using cool visuals.

Next up this morning: How to Run Your Business When You’re Sick. Running a small business is difficult anyway but running a small business when you’re sick presents even more of a challenge. For most small business owners work doesn’t stop just because sickness has decided to show its face and for the most part small business owners try to muddle through work regardless of a fever. According to this article; however, business owners should treat themselves just like employees and take a day off when sickness hits.

Last up this morning: Recognize And Manage The 5 Stages Of Small Business Growth. Small business growth doesn’t just happen all at once, according to this article there are five notable steps in small business growth: the existence stage, survival stage, success stage, takeoff stage and the maturity stage.

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is definitely “How to Run Your Business When You’re Sick.” I have a handful of “pet peeves” but one of them is people showing up to work sick – business owners included.

Your Turn

What is your favorite article from this morning? Leave a comment and share which article you liked the most and why.

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My favorite article is my latest ;-) (in the commentluv below).

Honestly I don’t subscribe to Mashable because they put out way too much content for me, so I love these because if I see a catchy title I can click over to it (or from another site as well)… Have a great week John!
Keith recently posted…How I Used Twitter To Build My Offline BizMy Profile


David Josh

I second that, better to visit the site once a day and choose the news piece you want to read !
David Josh recently posted…The Great Existing Building ChallengeMy Profile



I enjoyed the how to run your business while sick article – mainly because I haven’t been in tip top condition lately :S
Sandip recently posted…Site Built ItMy Profile



Hello John. James’ advice is the best advice I’ve heard in a long time. Do yourself and your cleints a favor – rest and get better. This of course will be difficult if you have a deadline you have to meet. I had a 100 article in a month job once. Was sick to death inbetween. I delivered it a week late and got stiffed too!
Ivin recently posted…New User? The 411 on Blog EngageMy Profile



“How to Run Your Business When You’re Sick.” This article is so interesting… I Think I should read about this.
Vilma recently posted…Difficulty Getting PregnantMy Profile



“Recognize And Manage The 5 Stages Of Small Business Growth” is a master piece as i always love read every article related to Small Business.



I am interested with this article “Recognize And Manage The 5 Stages Of Small Business Growth” having a small business, this article gives me ideas and inspire me to continue pursue for success.
Yvonne recently posted…Ways To Boost FertilityMy Profile


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