Business Blitz: Seven Essential Apps for Your Sales Team

Good morning out there Extreme John fans! It’s time once again to take a look at the business headlines in the Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: How to Win a Trademark Battle Against a Goliath, No. 1 Reason Acquisitions Fail, Don’t Let Your Brand Hold Back Your Content and Seven Essential Apps for Your Sales Team.

Hot Business News For December 8, 2011


First up this morning: How to Win a Trademark Battle Against a Goliath. Trademarks are a tricky business and unless you know just what you’re doing they can be a real headache, but this article covers how you can win a trademark battle against even the biggest companies out there. This piece covers some big trademark battles that include the likes of Apple and Blackberry.

Also in news this morning: No. 1 Reason Acquisitions Fail. As a small business owner you may find that at some point you are looking at an acquisition, this article covers the biggest reason why these moves fail for business owners. What is this reason? Overpaying for the acquisition because you are too blinded with the concept of expanding your small business. This article includes some great tips on how you can avoid falling in to this trap.

Next up this morning: Don’t Let Your Brand Hold Back Your Content. Creating a brand for yourself is one of the bigger challenges as a small business owner but often we let that brand creation hold back our content and that is exactly what this article covers. What I love the most about this article is that it covers the concept that you really need to explore topics before you step out in to microniche’ing yourself something that I see bloggers doing all too often.

Finally this morning: Seven Essential Apps for Your Sales Team. This article caught my eye because I am all about apps. Apps make my life as a small business owner much easier and if there are apps out there that can help my sales team to be more effective then I’m all for it! This article covers seven such apps that can help your small business sales team to really step it up a notch including: Salesforce or 37 Signals, Scan Biz Cards and Tout.

Parting Shots

My favorite article from this morning is the article on apps for your sales team, I am always looking for new apps and this article covers a ton of great apps that i’d never heard of before!

Your Turn

Have you used any of the apps listed in this article before? Leave us a comment and share your experience with any or all of the apps listed!

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As for me, then most of all I liked article “Don’t Let Your Brand Hold Back Your Content”. In my opinion, it is a real problem when people forget about the quality of products they offer and about content in general

I have been using grasshopper for the past three years now since I am traveling all the time. It is a really affordable service and costs me $14.99 per month for 100 minutes of inbound calls. I like the fact that when you get a voice mail it emails you the audio file, and for no additional charge I can also receive faxes on the same number which get emailed to me in PDF format. This, coupled with Skype is all I need.

Hi Frank! Thanks a lot for the app heads up, it sounds like you have a winning combo going. Thank you for sharing.

“Try writing a rant, try writing about what you see is wrong with the world, try writing for the audience you really want. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries…You might turn some people off, but you’ll equally turn other people on. That’s how you create true fans instead of lukewarm visitors.”

-An excerpt from Don’t Let Your Brand Hold Back Your Content

We have to be true to our audience and to ourselves. Remember that no matter what we do we can never please everybody.

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