Business Blitz: Social Media As A Recruiting Tool And More

Is it me or do the weeks just keep getting shorter and shorter? It’s another Monday morning here at Extreme John and that means that it’s time for the Business Blitz where we cover a number of small business tips ranging from how to implement social media as a recruiting tool and boosting your businesses IQ.

Hot Business News For June 13th, 2011

First up this morning an article that piqued my interest because of the very mention of social media. “How To: Use Social Media for Recruiting” by Anna Lindow. You already know by now that I love to implement social media in all aspects of my small businesses and this article highlights just one of the reasons why. Sure, a lot of businesses already implement social media networks to promote their business but very few actually implement them to recruit new hires. This article offers a few really great tips to help you get started in using social networks for recruiting purposes.

Next up this morning an article from Businessweek that focuses on the difference between building a business vs. making a living. I found this article very interesting because over the years I have done both and when I meet people these days and they tell me that they are building a business but go on to explain a system that seems to be only conducive to making a living it makes me wonder. This article presents an interview with Karen E. Klein, a columnist who works on small business topics frequently and who clarifys the difference between building a business that will last and simply creating enough revenue to make ends meet. This is a must read for new and veteran business owners alike.

Another article that caught my eye this early Monday morning was an article by Donna Wells of Mindflash titled “5 Steps to Boosting Your Company IQ.” I admit that I wasn’t quite sure of what this article would bring to the table but within the first few sentences I was sucked in and I already knew what it was getting at. Wells clarifies the topic of her article by stating that “your company is only as sharp as your dullest employee” – true. As much as we may not want to believe it, this statement could not be any truer. The people that we hire as small business owners are representative of ourselves as well as our company and it is important to recognize how we can present ourselves in a much more professional manner by making just a few changes.

Last up this morning an article by Tim Berry from Bplans entitled “If You Should Have Done it Then, Do it Now.” I knew that I had to read this article as soon as I saw the title because it is so very “me.” I have very few regrets in my business life because I tend to do it now for just about everything, I don’t want to find myself twenty years down the road wishing that I had done something differently. With that said, I have a lot of small business owner friends who prefer to err on the side of caution and it is for them that I post this article today.

Parting Shots

This morning has seen some rather unusual articles but my favorite of the morning (although it was hard to choose this morning) was the article on building a business vs. making a living. I think that this is an article that so many people should read before stepping out in to the small business world – including me.

Your Turn

Which of today’s articles hit home for you? Why? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below.



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I liked ‘If You Should Have Done it Then, Do it Now.’ a great article, short and to the point. I think in business John you do have to take a few knocks. I doubt there is a business person alive who doesn’t wish they had closed that deal, or axed that project. The thing is, all these faults, really, just make us stronger and wiser for the future :-)

Good article John
Christopher – Technology Bloggers Admin Team

I really enjoyed that particular article too, it says it loud and clear. Learning is always nice though, regardless of the pains it gives us it makes us stronger.

Thank you. Social media is definitely something that can easily confuse us and using it correctly important if you expect any results from the efforts. I will have to read up a bit more.

So true Jason, thanks for taking the time to read and comment I appreciate it.

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