Business Blitz: Social Media For Customer Service And More

God morning EJ readers, it’s time to check out the Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: 4 Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves, Social Media For Customer Service, Facebook Ads: 5 Tips for Success and Amazon’s Upcoming Tablet.

Hot Business News For August 30, 2011

First up this morning: 4 Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves. The title of this article caught my attention and I just had to take a look and see what these four lies were all about. After checking out this article I have to say that it was a pretty interesting article. Some of the things included in this article include: not having to worry about competition because the product is unique and the belief that business will return back to normal once the economy begins to get back to normal. Take a look over this article and see what you think.

Next up this morning: Social Media For Customer Service. As always anything social media gets my attention and I had to take a look and see what this article was all about. Included in this article are some tips on how social media plays a role in customer service for small businesses including using Twitter to get customer feedback and using social media as a way to meet other small business owners.

Also in news this morning: Facebook Ads: 5 Tips for Success. Facebook ads are a great way to get traffic for your small business website and this article includes some tips on how you can make Facebook ads work for you. Included in these tips: Setting goals and planning accordingly and getting creative and planning.

Last up this morning: Analyst: Amazon Tablet Will Be iPad’s Top Competitor. As a fan of the iPad I was interested in this article to see just Amazon had in store. I don’t know that I believe that this new tablet is going to prove to be much in terms of competition for the iPad but there is no telling just yet! Check out this article and see what you think!

Parting Shots

I had a couple of favorite article from this morning but my favorite of them all has to be the article about Facebook ads because i think that Facebook ads are such a good way to monetize your business and your website.

Your Turn

Which of this morning’s articles did you find most interesting? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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I’ve been wanting to try some highly, demographic based targeted ads on FB and I’m glad to see the link about the 5 Tips. That was a great read. Thanks!

Hi John,

To me, this is the best business blitz yet. Social Media, iPad and Facebook Ads. It’s perfect for me :)

I have been doing a lot of customer service on Facebook lately, and it has exploded on the Facebook Page of the college where I work. It’s a brilliant way for our students to get in touch with us.


Hey John, Great article about facebook ads. I’ve been meaning to use facebook ads for a while now but just haven’t got to it. After reading the article with the 5 tips ws great and should help me get off to the right start. thanks

4 Lies:
>The unfortunate truth is that vendors drop customers. Even a great rapport among buyers and sales representatives. . .

As a traveling sales representative for many years, I was the face of the companies I worked for. I had great relationships with my customers. Most of my customers didn’t realize that just because WE had a good relationship didn’t mean the company viewed them as important or a good customer.

First I read the article about social media, because I’ve always thought them as a resource for customer service.
Then I chose the article that talks about advertising on facebook, because I consider it an excellent resource that I know little and I would like to learn more

4 Lies Business Owners Tell Themselves was a priceless article…:)

When things return to normal, our business will start growing again?

I mean honestly…we all have to blaze a trail regardless of the conditions or environment…this is a lesson I learned within the last 12 months.

Keep em comin’ big brother…:)


iPad and Amazon Tablet war should be interesting.

I’m curious to see how this will turn out in the long run. I think Apple’s doing a good job of keeping the pedal pressed to the floor with iPad development.

As always anything social media gets my attention and I had to take a look and see what this article was all about. and i love to go back here and read more post.

Sounds great, look forward to you coming back.

Haha.. I really enjoyed the article about the Lies that business owners tell themselves.. It starts with the positive then it goes on to tell you about the sad truth! pretty good article read there..

Probably one of my favorite articles of the week.

I have to say.. the article about the lies of businessmen is the best one for me, it was funny to read encouragement at first and get the sad truth later.. lol.. I also enjoyed social media customer service article too, I always want to learn more from the business as usual.. thanks for sharing!

In article “Social Media For Customer Service” the writer Cecilia Camps has beautifully explained the importance and advantage of twitter and facebook.Thanks for sharing such a good news.

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