Business Blitz: Successful Foursquare Marketing Campaigns and More

What better way to start Friday than with some business headlines in the Business Blitz here at Extreme John ! Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: 6 successful Foursquare marketing campaigns, the 20x rule, when is it time to fire your kid and more.

Hot Business News For July 15, 2011

First up this morning an article that caught my interest namely because I know many of my readers are not only small business owners but are also family business owners. This article titled “When Is It Time To Fire Your Kid?” seems to be pretty fitting for owners of small family businesses because as much as we love our kids I think we can all say there are times when enough is enough…but how do you know when it is time to cut the ties and let your child go from the family business? This article contains some good tips on how to cope with a child who just is not thriving in the family business.

Next up this morning “Google Tops Estimates as CEO Page Expands Beyond Search Ads” caught my eye as do most things that focus on Google. This article focuses on the increased income that Google has been experiencing due to mobile traffic. What did I take away from this article? If you don’t have your website optimized for mobile access it’s about time to get on the bus!

Also in business news this morning “The 20X Rule” an article from Cubicle Nation that focuses on how entrepreneurship really compares to a marathon. I certainly appreciated this article because so many small business owners contact me now asking why their marketing efforts aren’t working when it turns out that they’ve only been promoting for a week. This article is a must read whether you have been promoting your small business for a week or for a year.

Last up this morning ” 6 Successful Marketing Campaigns to Learn From.” This article caught my attention with the mere mention of Foursquare because as I mentioned the other day it has been the focus of one of my own marketing campaigns lately. I always like to see examples of successful marketing campaigns and when they focus on social media you know that I am going to be even more interested!

Parting Shots

Of all of the articles this morning I have to admit that my favorite was the “When is it time to fire your kid” article, not because it applies to me at the moment but because I found it to be filled with the most useful information.

Your Turn

Do you run a family business? Are you having to work with family members who just haven’t taken to the business like you did? Leave a comment and share your story below.

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Lots of great articles in this post, I will be looking into several of them.

I don’t think I could ever have one of my children work for me. I love them to death but it just wouldn’t work.

Good friend of mine has his son working with him at a car dealership. Every week at the auto auctions, he comes home with some ridiculous car that he paid a ridiculous price for all because his son wanted it. He ends up taking a loss on them constantly. Maybe I should send him this article! 😀

My son drives me crazy, he’s been working for me within Extreme Tan and Smoothies for about 3 yrs off and on. He drives me bananas before work, never during or after and he always gets good feedback which is a plus, but how he looks and what he’s wearing and all of the little things since he’s in the teen stage drives me nuts.

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