Business Blitz: Take a New Road with Your Blog

Let’s get right in to the business news here at Extreme John !  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: A Woman’s Place, To put info together, work with others online, Take a New Road with Your Blog and 30 Minutes a Day.

Hot Business News For May 15, 2012


First up this morning: A Woman’s Place. This is an infographic article that I wanted to share because it’s a great piece centered on the female population. This diagram points out how different areas on the world treat women and shares areas where it is best to be a woman in terms of earning money, lifetime expectancy and years in school among other things.

Also in news this morning: To put info together, work with others online. This article takes a look at how working together can help to save time. This piece features a study done at Carnegie Mellon University and has some good tips that can help any small business owner speed up their average business day.

Next up this morning: Take a New Road with Your Blog. This is a great article that looks at what you can do to take your blog to a new level when your current blog just seems like a complete pain. No one likes having to write about something that feels like pulling teeth and this piece looks at how you can turn your blog in to something fun while maintaining your current blog audience.

Finally this morning: 30 Minutes a Day. This is a really great article that takes a look at how you can really change your life in just 30 minutes a day. If there is something you have been wanting to do but haven’t found the chance to get to it then this is a great article to get you started by investing just 30 minutes a day.

Final Thoughts

My favorite article this morning is the 30 minutes a day article because it’s something that not many people give thought to but really so much can be done in 30 minutes a day.

Your Turn

What is your “something” that you have been wanting to do but have never found time to do? Leave a comment below and share your dreams!

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Very good, very interesting, very complete. I really thank you for sharing this tips that, if some of them are well known, they are not as much respected as they should be.
Congratulations for this great post,John, and very nice to share it!

I believe that a friend is more reliable than reputed partner. I think friend can be trusted more as you already know them. Sometimes in order to gain reputation some fraud business men involve in ‘real’ business and we think that as they are reputed we can rely on them. But, for me it is a no as I would always deal with a person whom I know from a long time, someone who I already trust.

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