Business Blitz: The New Net Neutrality Rules Are Made Official

Another week means a whole new set of business headlines to cover in the  Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: New Net Neutrality Rules Become Official, How to Use Social Media to Build a Following — And a Business, 5 Blogging Mistakes And A State of Wonder and Do Entrepreneurs Need to Be Crazy?

Hot Business News For September 26, 2011

New Net Neutrality Rules Come In To Effect

First up this morning: New Net Neutrality Rules Become Official. The new FCC rules that were approved in December have officially been entered in to the Federal register and will go in to effect on November 20th. What do these new rules mean? Well one thing that they will do is prevent fixed broadband providers from blocking access to specific sites and applications. What does this mean for you? Nothing if you’re a customer to a wireless provider but if you use cable, fiber or DSL it means that you will now have access to all lawful content.

Also in news this morning: How to Use Social Media to Build a Following — And a Business. You know that I am all about social media so seeing this article caught my attention particularly since it focuses on building a following rather than how to hit social media. This article covers a specific example of a business that built itself through the use of social media. Are you using social media to its fullest extent?

Next up this morning: 5 Blogging Mistakes And A State of Wonder. This article caught my attention because I am always interested to see what other bloggers have to say in terms of how they define “mistakes.” So just what are the mistakes defined in this article? “It’s not just content, it’s writing,” “all people love stories” and “lighten up and read for more fun.”

Last up this morning: Do Entrepreneurs Need to Be Crazy? If you didn’t already know from my all too popular straight jacket image I can be a little crazy, so when I saw the title of this article I had to check it out. This article covers three “disorders” that are believed to popularly plague entrepreneurs including: hypomania, delusions of grandeur and narcissism. Okay, so this article wasn’t quite what I expected but I have to say it was pretty interesting regardless. I’m not sure I agree completely but it did make for a good read.

Parting Shots

So what was my favorite article from this morning? 5 Blogging Mistakes And A State of Wonder. Why? Not only was it a well written piece but it also included some great points.

Your Turn

What did you find the most interesting in the 5 Blogging Mistakes article? Leave a comment and share your thoughts below.

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I found the part about well-chosen details to be interesting. This is not just true for traditional writing, but also for advertising. I’m not talking about just in print either. Pay attention to ads on the radio and you can notice them trying to paint a picture sometimes.

Same as with music, tell a story.

LOL I liked the ‘do entrepreneurs need to be crazy’ post. I’ve found entrepreneurs to typically be a little erratic – that’s why I can resonate with your straight jacket pic!

In that article, I think I’m a HypoMania! Arrrggggg

Haha Sandip, it’s good to see you’re a little off the wall too. I would imagine everyone is, just business people might be a little next level. Guess my straight jacket says it all.

Yep, Gotta be a little crazy to run your own business!
With everything that’s involved in the day to day of it, if you are not crazy yet, it will probably get you there either way…LOL
Would not have it any other way !

I’m starting to think at this point in this country you have to be completely out of your mind to run your own business. The idiots running the country should be kissing our ass for hanging on while they plow through each day as clueless as the last.

Was that a mini-rant?

That is true for every country John. The politicians worry too much about big business not realizing that us small guys are way more productive and combined probably employ more staff.

I find interesting the 5 Blogging Mistakes article too.
I was really glad to read it,but I never heard about Tim Berry till now!

OK John, I went on over and read that post, twice actually, and it sort of had me scratching my head. In the end I decided he wasn’t really highlighting actual mistakes but was instead giving us tips as to how to improve out blogs. An interesting twist on the normal post, that’s for sure.

I read it twice myself Sire, after reading it the second time it set in. I thought maybe my age was catching up to me.. Well it probably still is.

The news on net neutrality is awesome. I was always afraid internet providers would make some kind of ladder system where we would have to pay huge amounts to get high downloading speeds, good to know this is not the case. I currently am in college so I have super duper fast internet, more worried about the future as a poor college grad.

Thanks John. I hope Comcast hear’s about this. They were taken to court a few years ago for their censorship policies. Of course, they were also ordered to stop using their Sandvine filters to break people’s connections. Hopefully this changes things up a bit.

Hi Kalen, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I think it was a little over a year or so ago that a reader wrote a guest post for my blog ranting about Comcast, hopefully these changes make things a little more enjoyable for Comcast customers.

My favorite one is “5 Blogging Mistakes And A State of Wonder”. Its like a reality check for many writers out there. Who lost the passion for writing and write only for the sake of meeting their deadlines or just to publish content.

Thanks for bringing these blogging mistakes. i must keep these mistakes in my mind to improve my blogging. thanks John and Berry. keep up the right and great work.

Some people are saying that the wording isn’t totally clear on what mobile carriers are being allowed or not allowed to do… But it should be noted that it clearly says “No Blocking:” and “mobile” is included beyond that colon in the same rule. It clearly states that there shall be “no blocking” by broadband or mobile carriers, and then lists a few examples of things they might want to block. I believe that the dreaded “tiered” internet service for wireless will not come to fruition under the new rules.

5 blogging mistakes, very useful info there, Article Title defintely makes a huge difference.

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