Business Blitz: The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes

It’s time to start another week and hit the business news headlines with the Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes, Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success, 10 Huge Branding Mistakes and 7 Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs.

Hot Business News For October 17, 2011

10 Huge Branding Mistakes

First up this morning: The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes. Mobile marketing is something that every small business owner should be in tune with, unfortunately there are far too many “guru’s” out there who claim to have the best advice and this often results in big mistakes. This article covers the five most popular mistakes made in mobile marketing including: Mismatching content with mobile messaging, Building an app without a plan for promoting it and Too much targeting.

Also in news this morning: Steve Jobs and the Seven Rules of Success. When it comes to Steve Jobs the man knew a lot about a lot of things and whether you are a fan of his or not there is no debating that the man knew a thing or two about success. This article covers Steve Job’s seven rules of success which include: do what you love, put a dent in the universe and make connections.

Next up this morning: 10 Huge Branding Mistakes. Branding is difficult and there have been plenty of business branding mistakes made in the past but if you’re looking to learn from some of the biggies you can find them listed in this article! Included in the ten biggest branding mistakes: the Netflix/Quikster ordeal, the Burger King King and the new Coke.

Lastly this morning: 7 Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs. As a small business owner there is no commodity that is more precious than time and when it comes to time saving tips you better believe that I am willing to try them all! This article covers 7 great time saving techniques including: Focus on the hardest tasks first in the morning, Turn the e-mail client on later and Disconnect while you work on your tasks.

Parting Shots

So which article did I like the most this morning? They were actually all pretty interesting but I think my favorite has to be the article on 7 time saving tips because it gave me some great new ideas to help my own employees to save time throughout the day!

Your Turn

What is one time saving tip mentioned in the article above that could help you to save time? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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Time saving tip? Focus on the hardest tasks first in the morning surely!!
The lost time to think about having to do something, often becomes greater than the time to be used to accomplish the goal

Hi John, The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes was a pretty interesting read. I was reading another article yesterday (I can’t remember where) that QR Codes have pretty much been a flop so far. Most mobile users still don’t know what they are, and for those that do never use them.

I loved the 10 Huge Branding Mistakes article on Business Pundit, especially the “Got Milk?” pic, I mean campaign. lol

Saving time. I’m guilty of not scheduling blocks of time for daily tasks. I’ll start on my blog rounds and the next thing I know it’s midnight and I planned on posting to my blog. There are several great tips in that post.

Hey Brian, how’s everything going? I’ve seen articles in regards to QRCodes being a big fail, but I’ve also seen an awful lot of success stories. I read one yesterday that I RT’d it was a killer article, had like 5 business examples of small business success using QRCodes during testing. Enough so that these particular small business owners opted to throw more $ at more QRCode based campaigns. Also in that article was how a coffee company captured like 8 gillion email subscribers with a QRCode campaign. Pretty bad ass.

I’m sure that much like anything else, some will have tremendous success where others might see terrible results. Here’s a quick example, or at least my initial thoughts on it.

If we were to put a QRCode on our Spray Tan Can with text above it that said, “Scan with your mobile phone for tanning tips” , shorten it up, make it sexy or whatever… it would have excellent results. I know that without even doing it, enough so that I intend to do that very thing with that particular product on my next label order. Now take that same QRCode and similar text and throw it on one of my Exfoliators and the results would be a snooze fest. One variable alone is the fact that my Spray Tan Can is an A selling item, Exfoliators D selling item. One is more widely used so much to the point it would be easy to assume that the successful results would always be the case. I would imagine knowing the product, situation and target audience plays a big part in using QRCodes effectively.

Thank you as always for getting in the conversation Brian, it’s always a pleasure to see you come through, and thanks for the RT.

The 7 Time Saving Tips for Entrepreneurs looks interesting. I agree that focusing in the hard task first must be the priority. Many people tend to avoid doing the hard task first. And that will only delay your work because it will only bother you through out your day.

Prioritizing is key all throughout your day, rather work or at home. Definitely helps run through your lists a hell of a lot faster.

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