Business Blitz: The Truth About Making Money While You Sleep

Good Friday morning Extreme John readers, we’ve made it to the end of another productive week but before you sink in to weekend mode let’s take a look at some news headlines!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: 5 Effective Tricks to Create a Killer Call to Action, On the Elusive “Next Level” of Blogging, The Truth About Making Money While You Sleep and What Does it Take to Write a Billion-Dollar Marketing Story?

Hot Business News For May 18, 2012

Make Money While You Sleep

First up this morning: 5 Effective Tricks to Create a Killer Call to Action. Selling your product or selling your knowledge is all about having a good call to action…no not good, but killer. This article shares five tips to help make sure that you have a killer call to action including: get celebrity endorsement, create a tangible offer and create social proof through trusted sources.

Also in news this morning: On the Elusive “Next Level” of Blogging. Every blogger out there is talking about reaching the next level of blogging and that is exactly what this article tackles. Just what is that next level of blogging and how does one get there? What happens when you do get there? This is another great blog article by Darren and it’s worth the read if you have a few minutes this morning.

Next up this morning: The Truth About Making Money While You Sleep. This is one of my favorite articles in a while. We’ve all heard of those guys who can afford to do absolutely nothing all day while their businesses work on a fully automated system and keep cash rolling in. Well this article is written by one of those guys and it’s a damn good read. Check it out and then tell me it doesn’t motivate you to work your ass off.

Finally this morning: What Does it Take to Write a Billion-Dollar Marketing Story? This article covers a four step process that is designed to help you to create a story that sells, a story that makes you and your company the money you’ve been looking for. What are the four steps you ask? You’ll have to take a look at the article to know that!

Parting Shots

My favorite article by far this morning was the article on automation and making money while you sleep, it really got me motivated to get moving and get more done today!

Your Turn

What gets you motivated and keeps you motivated to work harder? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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Ok, that “truth about earning in your sleep” article kind of irks me a little bit. ‘Cuz I’ve been there, done that, and watched it all crash and burn from laziness.

Yeah, it takes a lot of work and sleepless night to get to that point, but if you really wander off and ignore the “machine” you’ve built, it is going to break down a whole lot quicker than it took to get it running. Some Penguin or another will come along, or your affiliate program will shut down, or someone will come up with some new way to trick Google and get the rankings… or actually, all of those will happen at once. In a short period of time. Right after you clear out your bank account to pay your taxes.

Ok. No more bitter, back to work 😉

Definitely liked the make money while you sleep article! There is so much to learn, it’s overwhelming!

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