Business Blitz: Tornado Victims, Failing Businesses And Foursquare

Hey all! It’s that time of the day again here at Extreme John and that means that it’s time for some business news in the daily Business Blitz! Today’s business blitz post is filled with a number of odds and ends for the everyday Joe and small business owners!

Hot Business News For May 25th, 2011

First up this morning a little news that everyone can benefit from – how you can help the victims of the most recent tornado situation in Joplin, Missouri! We have all experienced hard times before but unless you have ever been in the path of a natural disaster it can be hard to understand just how much the little things mean when they are most needed. There are a number of ways that you can help tornado victims as Angel posted about in the last community help post but this article highlights a few more!

Next in business news this morning, an article about why you should take care when using social media tools to promote your business or new products. Steve McKee highlights just how fast bad news travels when mistakes are made when using social networking to spread the word. Sure, it’s a great way to get the word out…as long as nothing goes wrong!

Also in business news this morning the “Top 5 Foursquare Mistakes Committed By Small Businesses” by Lauren Drell. This article caught my eye because I have always promoted the use of Foursquare by small businesses but this article highlights some of the mistakes that quite a few small businesses make when they are utilizing Foursquare with their small business. Are you committing any of these errors?

Last up this morning in small business news Dylan Love has an article titled “What to do when your Business Starts to Fail,” an article that I thought was particularly fitting at this point in our national economy. Love emphasizes finding out why your business is failing to begin with before attempting to rectify the cause of your business woes. What solutions are available? Check out the article and see for yourself.

Parting Shots

Today’s articles don’t necessarily highlight the positive aspects of business ownership; however, they do present a few options to identify problems before they become too much to handle!

Your Turn

Do you currently use Foursquare to promote your business? Leave a comment and share your experiences below!

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Hi John,
I have read about the tornado and have followed it in news and seriously speaking I feel very sad for the victims :(
If there is anything that you are starting for the victims like any relief campaign do let me know.
I will be happy to work with you :)

Truly devastating, I can’t even imagine what these poor families are feeling.

Our nation has faced many worst natural disasters than this.
Lets take an example of hurricane Katrina, the damage it did, but as a nation we all fought it together.
Now is the time to repeat history.
Lets help fellow Americans!!!!!!

Great way to look at it Jeremy, it’s the only way to move forward through tragedy like that.

McKee’s article was superb and it showed that how careful one should be when using social networking.
Bad news spreads like the fire in jungle so people like me who use social networking as a tool for publicity should be very careful and must go through Steve McKee’s article at least once.

United we rise alone we fall :)

Let us start helping our fellow country men in whatever way they need us.

While there is a crunch in the economic state of our country which indeed has created bundles of problems for people like myself who have small business.
Dylan Love’s article was of a good help in such a time :)
A must read for everyone and I would also like to thank John for searching out such helpful articles for people like me :)

I use the 4square app on a regular basis personally and receive special deals from some merchants. As a merchant, it is very difficult to accomplish anything on their site. I have put in requests for specials to me posted to my store but 4square never applies them. WTF. So I have given up trying as a merchant.
Tornadoes BAD :( How about re-allocating the funds (3 billion) for Pakistan and keeping the $$ in the USA.

Have you lost your mind Dave? Logical thinking has no place at the top.

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