Business Blitz: Twitter Releases Their Own Web Analytics Tool

Well it’s midweek and it’s time to hit the Business Blitz here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: Microsoft Launches Windows 8, Twitter Releases Web Analytics Tool, 5 Ways to Grow Your Business Despite the Economic Crisis And Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter.

Hot Business News For September 14, 2011

Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter

First up this morning: Microsoft Launches Windows 8. You guys know by know that I’m an Apple kind of guy buy I also know that a lot of the people who work in my indoor tanning salons are PC kind of people so I was been hearing about this news all day yesterday. According to news Windows 8 only takes 210MB of RAM to run at base level and is set to begin on tablets first. Want to find out more info about Windows 8? Check out this article.

Next up this morning: Twitter Releases Web Analytics Tool. Announced yesterday, Twitter Analytics provides Twitter users with information on Twitter traffic including: how well Tweet buttons are performing, how much of their content is being shared on Twitter and how much of their traffic is coming from Twitter. The Twitter analytics tool is free for right now and is expected to be made available to all website owners in a couple of weeks.

Also in news this morning: 5 Ways To Grow Your Business Despite The Economic Crisis. As a small business owner there really is nothing as important in maintaining business growth. Even when times are tough growth must continue in order to maintain a stable business; however, in the current economic climate that can seem like a huge feat. This article covers five ways that you can grow your business in the current economic climate including: seeking more business from profitable clients, using education based marketing and using your website to capture more leads.

Lastly this morning: Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter. Lately I have been covering a number of reasons why social networking is so crucial to small business growth but often I tend to overlook other methods of marketing your small business including your small business website. This article covers a number of reasons why your website still matters including: branding, content and analytics.

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is “Five Reasons Why Websites Still Matter.” I like this article because it ties in to an article I posted yesterday on social media and makes sure that all bases are covered.

Your Turn

What is one reason that you keep up with your small business website? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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I usually update my site with new content which attracts my visitors and make them to visit it again & again, and seeds for new visitors.

The article about Windows 8 looks very good. To be honest, it looks much better than windows 7 but it will take some time until i will replace windows 7.
And regarding your question, money keeps me going.

The Twitter news is great. I am a big lover of analyzing data. This news should not surprise me either. A while back they changed the way they used shortened links so that it would be clearer that the traffic is coming from Twitter.

This should help people get a better grasp on the real ROI of Social Media

I’m a little surprised they got it out as fast as they did, but once they locked up the integration of all shortening all urls with it they didn’t have much else to do but flip the switch on the dashboard for the analytics.

In my opinion the number 1 reason to keep your website is that it is *your* website!

That means the traffic is yours, the ad revenue is yours, the users are yours, the data is yours. If you send all of these things to Facebook, sure, it’s easy and social and fun, but it’s also all under Facebook’s control!

I think the most effective way to do it is use social sites to direct people to your own website, use Facebook and Twitter to post “teasers” or samples of your content, and then link to your page that way.

I would have to agree, I couldn’t imagine selling my website or closing it in favor of a social networking site that can be ashes to ashes and dust to dust in no time. Ala’ MySpace.

Finally some changes on Twitter, it’s pathetic how they can’t turn a real profit from it and then Facebook is worth almost $80 billion.

Finally, not a day too soon. This has been a frustrating thing ever since I started using Twitter. Youtube has it, Blogger and WordPress have it. What took them so long?

They needed to get control of their api’s and work their shortened url’s in to the mix in order for it to work and be accurate. If only they had thought about that first, but that’s what growing’s all about I guess.

That’s really good step takne by Twitter, Twitter analytics tools will certainly help webmaster and online marketers, they can know much thoroughly how their twitter campaign is working and how they can improve it for more enhanced result.

Maybe I am old school, but I never see social media replacing a web site. My web site is the 2nd most important generator of leads for our Tampa Roof Cleaning Business. Number one is past customers that you get after nearly 20 years in business,and referrals from them.

Having a website for your brand is mucho importante’

This tool is good way to create attraction for twitter. For windows 8 many users of windows 7 were waiting for this release.

Hi there John. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t know about this. I haven’t heard it yet. So thank you for updating this news.

Always on the brink my friend. Thanks Andrew

windows 8, already its seems like windows 7 was only realsease noty long ago. By the time I update they will probably release windows 9 lol. The Twitter Web Analytics Tool will be good, it would make it easier to know how well tweet buttons are performing. Nice post john.

Seems technology and software made that turn right around the time of the VCR…. Something new every second.

The twitter analytics looks very promising. It will certainly help us to measure our progress in social media promotions. Even though there are some analytics services out there I never felt that their datas are not so accurate. Hope twitter will role out their analytics to all website owners soon.

We’re big fans of using Twitter ‘on the go’ – i.e. on the iPhone and iPad, look forward to seeing how the analytics tool will look for that…

Waaaaaaah! that was really shocking for Windows 8 only 210 MB of RAM to run in base mode that was definitely compact then. I hope the installation folder itself would also reduce same with XP less than 1 GB of file, and can be installed with the option to remove unnecessary files.

Man, I got excited when I saw the Windows 8 launch news… but after reading more I don’t think we’ll even get a Release Candidate for months.

I’d be very interested in using a Twitter analytics tool similar to Google analytics

Wow! At last I got a weblog from where I know how to actually get useful data concerning my study and knowledge.

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