Business Blitz: What Good Bosses Do With Bad Apples

Good morning out there all of you early risers, it’s time to check out the business headlines here at Extreme John!  Today I’ll cover a number of small business tips which include: What Good Bosses Do With Bad Apples , 10 Funniest QR Code Fails, 48 New Digital Media Resources You Might Have Missed and 10 Thrills We Newbies Experience That the Top Earners Have Forgotten.

Hot Business News For March 5, 2012

How to stay connected using social media

First up this morning: What Good Bosses Do With Bad Apples . Dealing with “bad apples” is something that most bosses have to do on occasion and that is why this article caught my eye. Just what is it that good bosses do when they come across a bad apple? They take it out and according to this article it isn’t just the “bad apples” that should be taken out either, in fact anything that raises question in terms of productivity should be eliminated in order to improve overall job performance.

Also in news this morning: 10 Funniest QR Code Fails. Okay, I may have included this one because it’s Monday and who can’t use a laugh on a Monday morning? I think it’s actually pretty amazing to see what companies come up with and of course how stupid those ideas can sometimes be!

Next up this morning: 48 New Digital Media Resources You Might Have Missed. When it comes to digital media you just can’t have enough resources to go to for information – at least not if you’re me which is why I featured this article this morning. This is actually a round up type of article for the last week of media news but it has some really great pieces worth checking out.

Finally this morning: 10 Thrills We Newbies Experience That the Top Earners Have Forgotten. Whether you are a newbie or not this article is worth reading because if you are a top earner you should know what you could be missing out on. This article includes some great thrills for newcomers including: Breaking the 2M Alexa rank, the first follower and the day the blog finally paid for itself.

Parting Shots

My favorite article this morning is the last article that I featured because it brought back some great memories of when I was a newbie to social media!

Your Turn

What simple pleasures do you have now that you’re a more seasoned business operator? Leave a comment below and share your favorites!

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Good articles, enjoyed reading them. The bad apples one really shows how well you have to toe the line. Don’t even take the slightest chance of rubbing the wrong way someone higher up.

Also like the newbie thrils article. There is nothing like the first time anyway, no matter what it is in life, lol.


Very interesting and informative post! Helpful to all those newbies in social media. Good job! Thanks for sharing this..

I like this list of funniest QR codes! :) So far I have seen only few places where these codes are used perfectly and where people are really interested to check what these codes does.
This year I got calendar from one of my clients and each month has it’s QR codes and each month they leave a message in the site, so calendar don’t get old but it can be up-to-date even after 11-12 months or so.

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